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Jul. 16th, 2018


postcard: simon & garfunkel

(On the back of a foreign postcard. The writing is quite ordinary, a very basic block print.)


I'll admit to never having heard of these two before I looked them up on YouTube.

Do you have a favorite song? I'm still trying to find mine.


Jul. 15th, 2018


postcards: Gilbert/Sullivan

[On the back of this. The writing is mostly even, with rounded curves and sharp lines.]


Are you a fan?



postcard: smoke & mirrors

[How about sepia toned to begin? In loopy script.]

Postcards are so woefully small, but I shall do my best, Mirrors. May I call you M? You may call me S, if you like.

I sometimes talk too much, so I may have to attach a page to this, I hope you do not mind. And, if you please, tell me something that you love.

Today, on my way to work, I saw the largest, most fragrant magnolia blossoms. They were beautiful and imagine that the whole neighborhood will smell of them by this afternoon.

Deeply curious,


[post card: abercrombie & fitch]

[The card is very glossy, and the red embellishments glitter.]


If we're meant to be the fashionable ones, I'm afraid that I will have to rely entirely upon your indubitably superior insights on the subject. We'll be up a creek if you tell me that you had designs of doing the same.

In pastel polos and leather flip flops,

Jul. 14th, 2018


Postcards: Kirk/Spock

[Very predictably the card is glossy, and the handwriting on the back is messy.]


I feel like I should have watched these movies and the shows much more closely now.

How are the ears?

Captain Kirk


[post card: sticks & stones]

[It's smaller than a standard postcard, and the surface is slick like an old photo. The ink on the reverse is a dark blue, nearly black.]

To Stones:

Which is worse, do you think? Sticks and stones or words?



postcards: war & peace

[The postcard comes with loopy, messy handwriting.]

Do you think dogs have opinions on being used in political cartoons?

- the war to your peace


[postcard: Sherlock & Watson]

[the postcard is small, discreet.]

The game is afoot.



[Postcard: Scarlett & Rhett]

[The postcard is actually just the front of a box carefully cut away into the shape of it's contents. The handwriting is old fashioned, but legible.]]

My dear,

Do you think we are all blessed with one great love in our lives? Or do you think one can love many times over? Can you only love one person at once? Is there shame in loving more than one person at a time?

Does the love of your life have to be the best sex you've ever had? Or can the love of your life be mediocre in bed?

Love is such a glorious, confusing, messy thing, yet it is so freely given, and so uncontrollable.

I think about it often.

Yours, Scarlett


[Postcard: Adam & Eve]

[The card bears handwriting that looks like it doesn't get to come out and play often. It's wobbly and slants to the left in blue ink. The strikeout is legible if you squint.]

I've been thinking about how to do this. I think three two truths and lie is a good way to go. I'll start. 1) I like pineapple on pizza. 2) I'm a robot. 3) I'm an only child, but a human one.

Or do you think it should be more thematic? Just some questions, maybe. Like... would you ever eat an apple and cause the downfall of man out of curiosity? Are apples THAT good? For a peach, I might do it. For a pineapple I was going to put on pizza, I would. For an apple though...?

Your faithful wife just casually eating an apple,


[postcard: barbie & ken]

[The card is standard size. The handwriting on the back is done in bright, pink ink signature to the sender's namesake.]

So what was the best accessory? The dream house had to be so much upkeep, so I'm thinking the dream car. Ideally, it could have been you, Ken, but the crotch situation is unfortunate. Although, now that I'm thinking it over, a dickless husband could be the ultimate accessory.

Yours in fake plastic love,

Jul. 13th, 2018


[ Postcard: Salt & Pepper ]

[It's a simple card but the text on the back is quite flowery. Lots of loops and embellishments in places]

A voice said, Look me in the stars
And tell me truly, men of earth,
If all the soul-and-body scars
Were not too much to pay for birth.


[Postcards: Silk/Satin]

[The postcard seems simple enough. The message is typed:]

Shall we live lavishly?

Jul. 14th, 2018


Goliath + David


Fact: there are no statues of Goliath. Are there many, of the villains? Medusa probably but that's cheating. Are you a hero, David?

Yours, Goliath

Jul. 13th, 2018


[postcard: samson & delilah]

[The card is hand-painted. It's a Cuno Amiet replica. The handwriting on the back is even and rigid, with sharp, but flowing edges to the letters, almost calligraphic.]

Why is Delilah's fate never discussed?


[Postcard: Bonnie & Clyde]

[The card comes in a plain envelope. The words written around the cut-out silhouette are jumbled and small.]

Dear Bonnie,

I don't much know what to write or how to begin, but one of us must take the first step, and I consider myself a brave man… usually. Anonymity is both exciting & terrifying, but I've never been a good keeper of secrets. How would you like to do this? Shall I tell you what I've been up to, what I do? Shall I ask you of philosophy? Something pithy, I think, but I've never been terribly pithy. I'll admit, I'm not much good with people. Are you? What would you say to a stranger on cardstock that you couldn't say elsewhere? 'Wish you were here'?

I feel I could keep talking, but I'll stop. I look forward to hearing from you.



[postcard: gin & tonic]

[It's a vintage photograph, rather than a proper postcard. The corners are slightly worn and there are a few creases bisecting the image. The writing is messy but legible, careless in a lazy spill of letters that slope downwards.]

Gin tends to turn me all warm and fuzzy. It's dangerous. I might treat you as a therapist, or fall asleep with my head in your lap. Metaphorically speaking.



[ postcard: night/day ]

[On the back of an old card, written in an imperfect and messy hand.]

I love stars, but I'm not really very night. I'm more of a sunshine kid. Do you want to trade?


[ postcard: Baskin/Robbins ]

[Written in small, deliberate letters on the back of a lake scene printed on matte card stock:]

At what point in the process of coming up with 31 flavors did the marketing team start phoning it in? Who needs three different varieties of lemon ice cream? They included burnt almond which I’m pretty sure is what cyanide tastes like, although I can’t personally verify that one.

I don’t even particularly like ice cream. If I was a flavor, I would be Apathetic. What would you be?

- Baskin


[Postcard: Hansel & Gretel]

[In a tidy, cursive scrawl on the back of the card.]

Have you ever run away from home? Would you blame the defiance of youth, or was it fear? Or were you tempted by bright colors and what tastes sweet?

I’m afraid the path I’m on has led me into a cage with cold iron bars, and all my breadcrumbs have disappeared.


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