August 2020





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August 21st, 2020

[info]meangirl in [info]repose

log/thread: mars & eames; high class happy hour in the city

Who: Mars and Eames
What: Meeting. Drinking. Talking. Ambiance. Began as a log, continuing as a thread.
Where: A bar in the Capital.
When: Current-ish, like everything I do.
Warnings: None.

She looked like Red Riding Hood, silk-red hair instead of a cloak, tiptoeing into the wolf-den. If a wolf-den denuded of its capitalist sharks presently, had teeth or bite, darling. )

[info]reposeanon in [info]repose

Morning News 21 August

On Friday morning, news reports emerge that there was some sort of gang fight in the Theater District overnight. Capital police are reviewing security footage and trying to determine whether there are any links to other recent crimes in the Capital. No arrests have been made yet.

Perhaps strangely, there is no social media footage of the assumed gang fight, though there is some mild damage to some of the storefronts around the Majestic.

Anyone who gains access to the footage will learn that there is little actual evidence that a gang fight occurred other than the physical damage. In fact, there's little security footage of anything having happened there at all. A short sequence around the bars closing with some shadowy figures seems to have caused all the trouble.

[info]bequesting in [info]repose

Locked to Ren

If you're not sitting down when you read this, sit down.

I went to dinner in the Capital last night and parked near the Majestic. Not with your parents, with friends from uni. When I was coming back to pick up the car, I was jumped by Snakes. I got away from them and got home; I don't think they know which one was my car because it was clean; and I know there's no evidence of me on area security cameras.

I'm home safe, resting up a bit, and thinking I need to practice with staff and sword. Let me know you're safe and OK.

[info]xolotl in [info]repose

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
Know those back rubs you’re always offering me? Can I take you up on one tonight?