August 2020





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August 3rd, 2020

[info]figmentations in [info]repose

Private to Shiloh F.

Did you get a clock piece? I haven't asked Heath yet!

[info]off_the_cuff in [info]repose

I have a light purple, lavender maybe, clock face.

Who's on the lavender team?

[info]creatiosanguis in [info]repose

And here I sit with a piece of the darkest blue.

Fitting really.

And I suppose this means there are others with this colour too?

[info]concerto in [info]repose


Kind of hoping this is an advertisement for a Salvador Dali themed pop-up bar.

[info]waysided in [info]repose

🪁 EABLER 003 (public + filters to sebastian and delyth)

Based on what people are saying, it seems like many of us are looking for the Belle Epoque Minute Repeater clock. Which is an ironic name if it really It seems like when assembled together, it will look like this, although I have seen some variants which are more this style.

There was a major Christie's auction last month. I don't know if it's necessarily connected to what we have here since our person seems more interested in dismantling and randomly sending off parts than bequeathing it for private collections, but yeah.

Did you get a clock piece?

What do you think of all this?

[Mari - after this]
Hi. Sorry to bother you, but are you the new owner of the antiques store?

[info]verbumdomini in [info]repose

News: Repose

[A new star appears over Repose tonight, bright and brilliant, a silent reveille to herald a return. Those that recognize certain presences can note that someone Holy (stronger for the Judeo-Christian types, less so for the heathens) has entered town. For the faithful, it is peaceful and secure, like an infant being swaddled into soft warmth before dozing off. Others may sense that a hunter has arrived by the sense of impending doom, a prickling chill down the spine that tells predators to humans they have now become prey. It does not last long, an uncomfortable few minutes, but the paranoia of being watched lasts until dawn for those that the Catholic Church would deem "Unholy".]

[info]banishedprince in [info]repose


Ivory? How bland.

[info]witchtrials in [info]repose

mars m


[info]werepanther in [info]repose

[Forum: Public]

So what happens if we make the clocks out of different colored parts? Nothing? I think they'd look cool with the colors mishmashed.

[info]revenir in [info]repose

Locked to Matilda M

I hear tell you're seeking a roommate.

[info]bequesting in [info]repose

Log: Rey & Del

Who: Rey Smith and Del Davies
What: Chatting and planning
When: One afternoon last week
Where: I Scream ice cream shop
Warnings: None

Everything in moderation, including moderation )