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July 4th, 2020

[info]waysided in [info]repose

WHO: Sebastian Finegold + Eugenie Abler
WHEN: Today
WHERE: Some side street (~handwaves)
WHAT: Exes run into each other. Eugenie does a brief vanishing act.
WARNINGS: Brief discussion of pot chocolate, otherwise none.

For a brief moment, he actually considered climbing back in his car and pretending he was was getting ready to leave )

[info]off_the_cuff in [info]repose

I Scream Shoppe

Lately, I am not 100% into celebrating the grand old US of A but July is still a nostalgic month for me. Something that I remember so fondly, catching lightning bugs with sticky watermelon soaked hands, trying to write words with sparkles, staying in the pool for 10 hours at a time and being shivering with near hypthermia when I got out, sleeping on the porch and listening to the peepers sing love songs to one another across the pond.

if you want a sweet treat, always remember I Scream.

This month, the special menu for July is:

1. The Rafe Treaty - A soft cheesecake icecream, with a coating of smashed up Jax. This one's a special concoction I created for someone disbelieving. It's amazing.

2. Cherry Pie - A vanilla and cherry base icecream with buttery pie crust pieces.

3. Firecracker - a lemonade, watermelon, and blueberry sherbert with chocolate-covered candy rock pieces.

4. Dragon floss and cotton candy - a mash-up of two pulled sugar treats. [Vegan]

5. Chocolate Chile - When you like your ice cream a little hot. This one is actually really refreshing on a hot day.

6. Fried dough and powder sugar. - Yep. That carnival favorite but in a universe of ice cream.

Special this month from Katiewhittleart Cute and Affordable!

Paranormal club tomorrow. If you still intend to go reply to this with the snack offering of your choice. Sign up fast if you want to bring something easy.

What is everyone's favorite dip? What's your favorite thing to dip!

[info]deadman in [info]repose

Damian W

(warning: cute orange kittens).

fred & george )