June 2020





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May 12th, 2020

[info]shyviolet in [info]repose

Narrative: 3:00 AM.

Who: Audrey Carpenter.
What: Narrative, May 12th.
Warnings: None, just a bit of disturbing imagery.

She sat up, tiny, in the queen sized bed. Covered in linens, covered in lace. Yet the dark stretched on and on and she could hear it. )

[info]maginus in [info]repose

Narrative / Text: Aubrey R.

[It's exactly 0300 hours when Rafe bolts upright in the bed, snapped out of a habitually light sleep by a sound that doesn't belong. Something alien and unwelcome, an intrusion on territory that is well and truly (and solely) his.

It's a low sound, a rolling rumble, like localised thunder. A growl. )

He is alone. And yet he is not. And it doesn't make a bit of sense.

His phone is on the nightstand and he's snatched it up in his hand without thinking, punching in and sending a text just as automatically and thoughtlessly. It's only after the delivery confirmation blinks up next to the message that he recognises what he has done and by then it's too late to take it back.]

You awake?

[Odds are if he wasn't before the message came through, he is now.]

[info]loud in [info]repose

Mini-log: Noah NW + Holly NW

Who: Noah Nicodemo-Webster & Holly Nicodemo-Webster
What: a bad dream
Where: their apartment
When: 3:30AM
Warnings/Rating: not really

Noah had had less nightmares since he'd left the B&B. Tonight, though, sucked. )

[info]loud in [info]repose

Ren S, Casey C, Holly NW

[After Hugh suggests he reach out.]

[Locked to Ren S]
Hey man weird q that ik that tech you aren't allowed to answer but did Audrey come in too work?

[Locked to Casey C]
Hey dude have you talked to Audrey today at all?

[Locked to Holly NW]

[info]nothingends in [info]repose

Audrey's house: Hugh & Rafe

WHO: Hugh & Rafe
WHEN: Mid-morning, following these conversations.
WHERE: Audrey & Hannah's House.
SUMMARY: Following Audrey's disappearance at Hugh's place; Hugh and Rafe go check to be sure she didn't just go home.
WARNINGS: Expect an X-Files vibe, ok.

Audrey would probably be halfway through some baking project and he'd feel stupid. )

[info]solus in [info]repose

Log: Ren & Adrian

WHO: Ren & Adrian
WHEN: Prior to the bumps in the night.
WHERE: Ren's place, then probably the Capital.
SUMMARY: Adrian and Ren get out of the suitcase and away from magic projects for a night.
WARNINGS: None currently, will update if that changes.

he should probably work on caring less. )