January 2020





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January 2nd, 2020

[info]xolotl in [info]repose

[Texts: Chris, Hector & Leena // Artemis — Delivery: Thank You Cards]

[Group Text: Leena B., Chris F., Hector Z.] I have an idea!!!!

[Text to: Artemis (from number 000-000-0000)] Shipment update. Documents updated. Hello - I.

[Delivery: Either through the post office, local teenager hired to track people down deliver some, Dante dropping it off at your work or other method— Thank You cards to everyone who came to the Zaragoza Christmas Party, the cards read in fancy typography]:
On behalf of the Zaragozas this holiday season, thank you for joining us for holiday festivities and we hope that you and yours have had a wonderful season. May your new year be filled with fun, enjoyment and love. From our family to yours we hope to see you and all you accomplish in the coming year!

Please consider this a tentative informal invite to future Zaragoza family hosted events.

[info]pesoleve in [info]repose

Dante Z.

[Private to Dante Z.]

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I am curious if you take mechanical commissions?

[info]solus in [info]repose

[jamie m.]


[info]thekidwhodies in [info]repose

Narrative: Gathering Shadows

Who: Alex White
What: Gathering shadows
Where: His bedroom
When: Late last night/early this morning
Warnings/Rating: None

He can feel it like a stalker's eyes, taking the measure of him from hiding )

[info]ladymacbeth in [info]repose

Mal R

[Images on Mal's video surveillance feeds]
[He hasn't found them all, but he knows where a fair few of Mal's surveillance cameras are. After receiving this, he goes and stands in front of every available camera, wearing the tie and not a stitch else, and then he leaves a Post It on Mal's kitchen counter:]

I prefer my $100 in small bills.

[info]thekidwhodies in [info]repose

Mal R, Holly NW, Noah NW

[Mal R]

so something weird happened

[Holly NW]

hey dude howre you doing?

[Noah NW]

hey you guys have a good christmas?