September 2019





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September 7th, 2019

[info]nightglow in [info]repose

public from harlow j

[Well after moonrise.]

What's there to do at night in a small town like this??

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose


[The police show up at her recovery center. It's not anything she'd been expecting, and when she walks into her doctor's office for her normal appointment to see two cops standing there waiting for her, she immediately wonders if Seven wasn't able to pull the strings to get her out of her release arrangement. She wonders if they're there to relocate her - recovery to lock-up. But no, they have her sit down and start to ask her questions about Destiny. The news hits her like a truck - Destiny disappearing - and the progress she's made with speaking quickly evaporates in the stress of the questioning. Her doctor stays to help her along, but there's not much she can tell the officers. She hadn't seen Destiny in far too long, but that had more to do with her own issues and actions before landing in rehab. And no, she had no idea where the other woman would've gone. Without phone, without her brother... she tries to make them understand that Destiny wouldn't have left Wyatt like that. But the questions seem clinical, only going through the motions, and once they finish and excuse themselves, Marta spends a good hour in the room, trying to talk through things with her doctor.

It's not until much later the next day that another thing they'd said ("your belongings are being held in storage until you're released") made her realize that without Destiny and the house, Marta had nowhere to go once she was out. Somehow not thinking to reach out to people she already knows - actual friends - she turns instead to the forum.]

[Typed carefully and posted publicly, using her actual name.]

Looking for room to rent in town. Beginning late September or early october. Will need to talk about rent. Serious messages only please.