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June 17th, 2019

[info]thekidwhodies in [info]repose

tandy b, klaus h


hey dude are you gonna come pick up your stuff?


feel like i should check on you and make sure youre doin ok

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[update: facility]

[At 2:11 AM on Monday night, sirens begin to wail inside the facility outside of town. Outside, all is quiet - no horns are raised, and no lights blare. From a distance, in the dark, it's practically impossible for even a studied observer to tell what's happening. Only the very keen-eyed might see the doors wink out for a moment as they are swallowed whole by darkness.

Inside the facility, sirens blare and security scrambles as black clouds cell windows and doors. There is muffled screaming; there is gunfire.

There is a floor that no one goes to, and on that floor, there is the sound of an explosion. The emergency sirens switch from the red of danger to blue - something has broken containment protocols.

It is the better part of an hour of distant noises, muffled screeching, roaring like a tornado tearing through the bowels of a house, and then it all stops. The sirens cease.

The next morning, there is no sign from the outside that anything has happened at all, except a puddle of water, here and there, and behind the front desk, a faint scorch mark someone has failed to completely polish off.]

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Atticus M


So I did a thing.

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Hannah S

[Hannah S]


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Public, Mental: Holly W

[Immediately. During this. At first, he thinks it's a nightmare, but, no, no. He can't get a hold of Holly (by phone). He's tried. In a panic, he posts:]

What happened at the facility what's going on? Are they ok??? What happened?

[Mental: Holly W]
[Simultaneously, he pretty much freaks out and forces himself into Holly's mind amid the chaos. There're no words. It's just reaching, frantic and blind.]