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January 25th, 2019

[info]atrophy in [info]repose

Delivery: Hannah S, Destiny S, Mayers+, Public

[Delivery: Hannah S]
[Delivered to Hannah's trailer is just a CD. There's no case, no anything.]

[Locked to Destiny S]
hey, boss.

[Locked to Mayers+]
share whatever song you're listening to the most right now.

i'm looking for whoever i gave a deathdate to.

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For those of you who do not wish to participate in a masked Bacchanalia, come to The Chamberlain for some normal hedonism. Honestly. I should dedicate a room in the back for you buckets of

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News: Repose Crisis Center opening

[Mainchance, the crisis center, opens without fanfare. There are flyers placed here and there around town to announce that there is somewhere to go if people need help for whatever reason they may have. There are phone numbers for anonymous texting/calling, and forum contact for anonymous posting so anyone can reach out for any issue they need to discuss. Mainchance offers minor first aid treatment, assistance in seeking legal help, beds for those that have nowhere to sleep, food for those that are hungry. There are self-defense classes offered, counseling for those in need, and all of it is done for free. As this is Repose, there is an unsaid understanding that this particular crisis center is able to deal with the weirdness of the town better than FEMA, but matters of the supernatural are not able to be advertised quite so openly.]

[info]reposeverse in [info]repose

[Off the record: 1/25-2/15]

→ Weather in Repose has been unpredictable recently, with bitter colds followed by surprisingly temperate days. Ice lingers, and Spring does not yet seem inclined to show its face. After recent incidents there are still regular searches for wolves and snakes, and Town Hall assures residents that they will find the wolf (or wolves) responsible for the deaths in the Fall. There is also a small inquiry into the recent death of multiple prey animals in the woods, but there is no official statement, and the Wild Hunt is remembered as another oddity in Repose's long history of oddities.

→ The island in the middle of Repose's lake has always been a place of speculation. A wildlife preserve and historical site, local teens regularly attempt to sneak out to it and spend the night. They always return with tales of strange radios, and remembering past events. The ferry to the island never runs in winter... until, that is, this winter. The ferry begins running on the 25th of January, and it keeps running until the thaw. And, while no one can confirm whether or not the claims are true, those who remain on the island overnight say they have relived their youth. Teenage visitors, for once, report nothing, but older residents return with stories of a fountain of youth. Unfortunately, effects only seem to last while visitors are on the island.

→ In the Capital, The Hall Way is papered with fliers warning magic-possessing visitors to be cautious. Word is that the magical prison on the far side of the Capital, SuperMax, is strengthening its defenses, and there is talk of new wards that can hold any type of magical being indefinitely. There are weekly gatherings in The Hall Way's bars and shops to discuss the future of magic in the country, and deliberations about the possibility of training and locating magical beings.

→ In the Capital, the abandoned amusement park, The Jester's Court, is (once again) causing trouble. There are no official indicators of the amusement park re-opening, but it has reopened. On weekends until Spring thaws, the mid-century amusement park is in full swing. Once inside, the weather is balmy and warm, and the rides and games are all mid-century in nature and perfectly safe.

[Information on local places.]

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[In between: Sif and Hel]

Who: Sif/Iris and Hel/Nel
What: A dreamy meeting
Where: Dreams / a place in between
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: None. Will update if needed.

among it all, a woman moved )