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January 10th, 2019

[info]reposeverse in [info]repose

[Off the Record: 1/10-1/13]

→ Dusk comes to Repose's forests with a little something different the night of the 10th and several nights following. Two lit braziers appear deep in the forest and to those without any abilities or powers, they come with a sense of needing to be elsewhere. For others, there is a heavy sense of anticipation, like something in the forest is preparing. Right past the seeming entry, there's a wide clearing and the beginnings of a few fires within fire pits and barrels full of frothing ale scattered throughout.

When night falls, the anticipation ends with the blowing of a cattle horn, loud and clear like an invitation for all those that have not been driven out of the woods. The Hunt is on, with a tall blonde woman in the lead, standing in a chariot pulled by goats and armed with both bow and spear. The ale begins to pour and within moments, the first quarry of the night is felled, and prepared for roasting on one of the firepits.

The Hunt continues on for the whole night, with the sounds of baying dogs and howling laughter heard depending on how close one is to the hunting party. Those that get too close can hear snippets of conversation, some in English, some in a language much older.

For those within, there's drinking and feasting a-plenty, with a few brawls that are loudly betted on before they're broken up.

By the time dawn comes, it winds down, with a few less deer and boars in the forest, and the scent of roasting meat still hanging in the clearing.

[info]cyclical in [info]repose

Marta F

[Around midday.]

May I ask something of you?

[info]othala in [info]repose

Texted to Iris M

Can you manage the kids tonight?

[info]plagued in [info]repose

[Public, anon]

[When this begins. Anonymously.]

How enchanting.

[info]somesympathy in [info]repose

[Misha B]

[After several days, and after the knowledge coming to him that some Below had seen strangers in the Burning Fields. Through the forums, because he appreciates the thought of a layer of distance, and think Misha might as well. Without much hope of a positive outcome...]

Hello, Mishael.

[info]beyondsense in [info]repose

Narrative: Iris

Who: Iris (mostly)
What: A calling from the woods
Where: Outside Manning&Iris' house
When: The night of The Hunt
Warnings/Rating: None

She was not made to join the hunt... )