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September 5th, 2018

[info]kayo in [info]repose

[News: Repose]

[As chaos descends, a 911 call is patched through to local dispatch.

The recording goes like this: it's a young guy, asking for an ambulance at the highway overpass, up near the train tracks. Says he just witnessed a woman on a Harley going recklessly fast suddenly swerve and spin out on the on-ramp. As he climbs down into the deep roadside ditch, he goes through the details of the scene—lotta road rash, blood, the leg she fell on in bad shape but no, wait, she's moving, panicking, clawing at her helmet—the guy says hold on and calls out to the injured woman as he puts the phone down, jogs just out of range of the receiver. There's maybe a solid thirty seconds of relative silence. Nothing but the wind blowing.

Then, distantly, a roar.

By the time paramedics arrive, there's no woman. Just a pulled-over car, the battered bike, a helmet—and a body, the witness, torn up like confetti. Responders turn up blood and shreds of clothing in a nearby pond, fresh wolven prints nearby in the soft mud. However, any trail is quickly lost to the water and the woods.

With the military involved, maybe it's no surprise that the dispatch recording is scrubbed shortly thereafter. The motorcycle is quietly impounded. Though plates are run, no missing person report for the owner is filed. Not publicly, anyway.

And into the next evening, sightings of a very large, very aggressive black wolf (limping heavily on one hind leg) begin trickling in from the outskirts of town.]

[info]sonrisa in [info]repose

News, Atticus M, Janus A, Oliver K, Claire J, Cat D, Dahlia H

[News: The Mean-Eyed Cat]
[As things get more and more chaotic in town, the Mean-Eyed Cat, like many of the other local businesses, is closed until further notice.]

[Locked to Atticus M]
[After hearing about the wolf sighting.] Atticus, call or text me when you can.

[Locked to Janus A]
How are you hanging in there, kid?

[Locked to Oliver K]
Hey, Oliver.

[Locked to Claire J]
You didn't hit Kratos' post. Are you okay?

[Locked to Cat D]
Are you hearing this?

[Locked to Dahlia H]
[Also following the wolf sighting...] Dahlia, hey.

[info]adetunedradio in [info]repose


[After this and this Wren finally gets on the forums]

i dnt feel wel and somthin is here in my home and i am skared

[info]decorum_est in [info]repose

Archie & Wren: Milkshakes

Who: Archie Westcliffe + Wren Karavaev
What: Wren deserves a milkshake. And cuddles.
Where: On the edge of town, then somewhere else
When: Backdated to Sunday, 26th August
Rating: Low
Status: Ongoing

Milkshakes make the world seem less shitty )