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March 3rd, 2018

[info]tithe in [info]repose

Claire J, Eddie N

[Locked to Claire J]
50 Shades was real awful, Claire.

[Locked to Eddie N]
Damian's doing better some. I reckoned you might want to know.

[info]technicality in [info]repose



There's half a dozen guys headed into the woods with firelighters, a six pack each, and a double for the guy getting married this weekend. That looks like trouble that isn't going to wait all that long to happen.

[info]hereshecomes in [info]repose

PJ narrative thingy thingy

Who: PJ and some Peripheral NPCs
Where: Repose, then Nebraska
When: Recent past to present - during and after this
What: A series of things that happen as a result of being flashy thinged by an amateur.
Warnings/Rating: Eh, language, some super mild mentions of wolfy face biting.

Did you just flashy thing me? )

[info]author in [info]repose

Delivery: Dietre A

[A box gets delivered on Saturday, with the promise of more to come every month for the next five months. Inside, there's a small notecard with the company's logo on one side, and a personalized note on the other:

Something for you and her to enjoy together.

I hope you both like it.


[info]erased in [info]repose

Delivery: Tethys Employes/Contacts (Past & Present)

[The letter comes hand-delivered by private courier. It's very official looking, this letter, the paper a heavy watermarked linen, cream colored. Official letterhead, mind. The contents, however, are a little on the sparse side, but the message gets across nonetheless.]

It would be in your best interests to be very prepared in the future.

I expect we will be seeing one another soon.

Best Regards,


The private courier gives no indication as to the sender of the letter or how it was given to them. Once the delivery is completed, they leave, vehicle untraceable.]

[info]revenir in [info]repose


[Posted anonymously.]

In the dour ages
Of drafty cells and draftier castles,
Of dragons breathing without the frame of fables,
Saint and king unfisted obstruction's knuckles
By no miracle or majestic means,

But by such abuses
As smack of spite and the overscrupulous
Twisting of thumbscrews: one soul tied in sinews,
One white horse drowned, and all the unconquered pinnacles
Of God's city and Babylon's

Must wait, while here Suso's
Hand hones his tack and needles,
Scouraging to sores his own red sluices
For the relish of heaven, relentless, dousing with prickles
Of horsehair and lice his horny loins;
While there irate Cyrus
Squanders a summer and the brawn of his heroes
To rebuke the horse-swallowing River Gyndes:
He split it into three hundred and sixty trickles
A girl could wade without wetting her shins.

Still, latter-day sages,
Smiling at this behavior, subjugating their enemies
Neatly, nicely, by disbelief or bridges,
Never grip, as the grandsires did, that devil who chuckles
From grain of the marrow and the river-bed grains.

[info]deteriorate in [info]repose

Cat C, Melody B, ETA: Hannah S

[Locked to Cat C]

[Locked Melody B]
So, what the hell?

ETA: [Locked to Hannah S]
Any weird internal anything at Tethys today that comes to mind?

[info]housebroken in [info]repose

log: reece & rory at the strip club

Who: Reece & Rory
What: Clandestine magic-eye meeting
Where: The strip club, Repose's Disneyland!
When: Evening, current
Warnings: Rory profanity. Minor sexual references due to location. Doubt it'll need locking unless things get violent.

Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. The courier couldn't have caught Rory at a worse time, as he was actually about to meet with some guy he didn't know to discuss the surgically-induced brain damage Tethys had inflicted upon him. The sleek car that rolled up on him as he was jaywalking his happy ass out of May's old house in the woods and onto the main road wasn't too alarming as the hand off was a quick one. Even the fancy stationary didn't give him pause because Rory figured that it was some invite, assignment, or declaration from the home office. Even Hell had their version of secretaries… although fancy paperwork wasn't really their style. Now, Janus had warned him about all things Down Below being eerily quiet, but Rory had long ago come to the conclusion that Janus was full of as much bullshit as every other demon he'd ever had the displeasure of encountering. Even so, nobody really wanted to get a letter from the home office… but when Rory actually opened the envelope and unveiled the Tethys letterhead on the page inside, this reality was so much worse.

Yeah, no. Fuck this. Rory immediately turned around and re-entered the cozy little woodland cottage to weaponize himself with a shoulder holster, his favorite handgun, and some extra clips of bullets. This meant putting on one of his black suit jackets over the Celtics jersey, which was certainly a look, but even in a fucked up town like Repose people weren't used to seeing a grown man walking down the street all open carry.

He headed for the strip club after that on foot, shooting a quick series of messages to Sparkles aka Holly. She promised to secure him a private room and also to sneak him in through the kitchen's back door. The more that Rory thought about the folded up Tethys letter in his back pocket, the more paranoid he became. He was not walking through any front entrances tonight. Fuck that. In fact, he probably should have said Fuck That to this whole meeting, but Rory trusted Hannah… and if she said this Reece guy could be trusted as well, he was going to take her word for it. Holly, too, he knew could be trusted. And not just because he gave her two hundred bucks upon being smuggled in through the club's back door. He told her not to ask any questions and chatty little Holly surprisingly complied, this too probably had to do with the money. Still, it didn't take a whole lot of imagination to figure out why somebody armed like Rory would want to sneak in through the back, away from the front door bouncers who tended to frisk the incoming down on crowded weekend evenings like this one. Rory was feeling paranoid after reading the letter, he wanted the sentimental comfort of a gun. It was his version of a teddy bear.

He was a little early for the meeting, but that was alright. And even though he had no idea what this Reece guy was going to look like, Rory angled his chair toward the front door to catch a glimpse of anybody new that was coming in. With his jacket unbuttoned, the bright green Celtics jersey was visible from beneath even as the holster and its wonderfully deadly accessories remained tucked away hidden. Immediately, Rory ordered a beer and a shot from a passing waitress in a fishnet bodysuit. The girl on stage didn't have his attention, the front door did, but Rory threw a few ones onto the stage out of distracted respect anyway.

[info]head in [info]repose

Melody B

[Phone call to Melody]

Ring, ring!

[info]solus in [info]repose

locked: reece e

Reece E

I'm Ren.

Hannah had mentioned you might want to chat.