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February 20th, 2018

[info]sirenonstrings in [info]repose

Who: Sadie Marella and OPEN
What: Sadie takes a day to get back to her roots
Where: All around Repose, pick somewhere! Starts at the bus station, moves West.
When: Tuesday, February 20th, Late morning start, all day.
Rating: Assume PG, will update as needed
Status: Log, Open, In Progresss
Notes: Sorry this one has taken me forever to finish. I started it before Valentines day even. As always, subthreads are welcome!

Sometimes, you just needed something familiar. )

[info]e_tailfeathers in [info]repose

Who: Ezra & Nazareth
What: Appeasing the monster
When: February 12 - backdated
Where: Their home
Rating: High - NSFW (mentions of blood)
Status: Complete

... )

[info]foretold in [info]repose

Nilus D

[Mental: Nilus/Misha]
[Tap. Tap. Late at night.] Am I bothering, Nilus?

[info]caeteradesunt in [info]repose

[lock to patrick g]

Well that was fun.

[info]reposeverse in [info]repose

[Off the Record: 2/20 -3/15]

→ In the aftermath of the chaos caused by the maddened god, the Dream Center in the Capital makes a humanitarian offering: Buses tour the city offering 'shared dreams' via their patented Dream Device™ for 5 dollars. In these brief dreams, settings are fixed (cannot be changed by dreamers), random, and (in this instance) all positive. The Dream Center's usual offerings are more customizable, and all dreamers are given coupons for visits to the Dream Center in future months.

→ In Repose, the biting winter cold is moderated by town-wide activities! The orchards play host to a month-long scavenger hunt, and the list of items being hunted for is entirely mundane. However, local seekers know that these hunts always result in items being found that are not on the lists. Old town relics: bits of jewelry, of pottery, of writing. Small things, here and there, and some items are said to be magical.

→ Lastly, on Saturdays in February and March, a bonfire is lit by makeout point each evening. Different local merchants donate refreshments and foods, and some local vendors sell wares. The fires blaze high are kept burning late into the night, bringing warmth to everyone seated on the logs around them. As by tradition, older residents tell stories of the town's strange happenings. One old woman tells tales of mirrors that you can climb into like they're doorways, and she insists balls are held within every evening. Of course, no one really believes her, but various mirrors are reported to be broken after the first Saturday bonfire.

[info]bigmaoth in [info]repose


[Posted anonymously.]

Sayyyyy you've just found out you're part demon... Is there, like a procedure to follow or some shit? Like, is there a step by step self help brochure out there, 'So Your Mom Fucked the Devil' that'll tell me what's what? Help a brother out.