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December 5th, 2017

[info]bigmaoth in [info]repose


Everyone implying the weirdness of Repose is a bad thing is fucked in the head. Since it came back this place has been very entertaining. Pretty sure there was a ghost in my room the other night. That or someone was casing the joint to rob me. Either way, excitement to be had.

In other news, one of these dancers is my spirit animal. I'll leave you to guess which one.

[info]reposeverse in [info]repose

[Plot: Secret Santa]

[Tuesday, Secret Santa assignments are sent to all residents of Repose possessing forum accounts. Somehow, the assignments find residents wherever they are. Also included is information for an anonymous holiday account to be used in order to find out what recipients most desire this holiday seasons. Additional instructions are very simple. They indicate that there is no spending limit for this gift, and that anonymity is to be maintained until the 23rd of December, at which time gifts will be delivered from Town Hall to recipients (for security and privacy, physical addresses of recipients are not given.)]

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[Connie G]

What do you want to ask Santa for for Christmas?

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[Jack P]

What's it going to be?

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[leena b]

'ey bb, come and tell Santa what you want.

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[jason w.]

Heyo. Christmas Fairy here. What's good?

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

Nalia A-K.

Hit me with your best shot.

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

misha b. & damian w.

[Locked to Misha B.]

Is there something you would like for Christmas?

[Locked to Damian W.]

This may not be the proper way to go about it, but I am Misha's Secret Santa. You're closest to him, what may be something he would enjoy for Christmas that he might not ask for himself?

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

Adrian M

How may I make your holidays bright?

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[Steve M]

Sorry ahead of time.

[info]head in [info]repose

Melody B

I realize I haven't checked in recently. How are you, Melody?

[info]bene_placito in [info]repose

[Newt P. & Sam M.]

[Newt P.]

A word?

[Call to Sam.]


[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

Dawn L.

[Dawn L.]

And who are you, little mystery?

[info]glittertribe in [info]repose

Log: Beau and Oliver

Who: Spaceman and Stardust
What: Reveals!
Where: Carousel, Mansion on the lake
When: Backdated to just after plot
Warnings/Rating: Low.

Ground control to Major Tom. Good morning, spacemen. )

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[PJ Ramsey]

So. Nice or naughty list?

[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

[Manning Thorsen]

What's on your Christmas list?

[info]carry in [info]repose

Abe W; Damian W; Cat C

[The messages come shortly after sunrise. There is a rather large commotion in the manor from the room she was kept in, a skirmish of 'catch-me-if-you-can' through the halls, and then Sasha disappears into one of the closets.]

[Abe W]

[Damian W]
Those nurses are going to need hazard pay.

[Cat C]
Did I miss the sleepover?

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose

[Call: Patrick G]

[To be honest, Marta was feeling worse than shit. She'd woken up in the hospital, freaked out and coming off an overdose, not understanding where she was or what was going on (or even, in some moments, who she was). It had taken a while for her confusion to calm enough to follow what the doctors and nurses were telling her, and that was when the social worker came to see her.

They could say that she was given a choice, but in her mind (when it was clear enough), there didn't seem to be much of a choice between prison and rehab. There was a place? For girls like her? She couldn't recall anymore what she'd been told, but she knew she'd signed some papers and then she was moved.

A day into her stay, the withdrawal had started. The facility was lenient about some things, and black-and-white about others, so there wasn't anything at first to mitigate the come-down. She... couldn't remember a lot of that first day. Most of it. Her new roommate told her afterwards that she'd hit the ground shaking, and the nurses had come in. All she had to show for it was a scrape on her cheek where she'd grazed the edge of her bed on the way down.

By a few days in, she was hard into the worst part of it (so she'd been told by... someone), tremors in her hands, shivering even though she was sweating, her head feeling like it was about to crack open. But in the middle of it, she was told that she could make one (observed) phone call. It took a while for her to decide, but she only really knew how to get a hold of one person.

The call comes late morning to the ranger station, and caller ID shows it as Aurora Village.]


[info]reposeholiday in [info]repose

F. Eames

The one-initial thing sounds like you belong on the naughty list.