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October 5th, 2017

[info]atrophy in [info]repose

Clary House, Hannah S, Melody B

[Locked to the Clary House: Matt D, Destiny S, Holly R, Patrick G?]
Hey, ex-housemates, did you all enjoy the party or what?

[Locked to Hannah S]
Uh, hi. Hey.

[Locked to Melody B]
Hey, Melody, did you, uh, go to the shindig?

[info]innumerable in [info]repose

Patrick G, Jack P, Cat C, Destiny S, Connie G, Raven P+Atticus M+Cisco D, Dahlia H, Daniel W

[Not too long after the party.]

[Locked to Patrick G]
All right, darling?

[Locked to Jack P]
Hello, Jack.

[Locked to Cat C]
I hope the party went well for you.

[Locked to Destiny S]
Hello, Destiny.

[Locked to Connie G]
Hello, Connie, did you attend the party?

[Locked to Raven P+Atticus M+Cisco D]

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Hello, Dahlia.

[Locked to Daniel W]
Hello, Daniel.

[Delivery, of a sort]
[Now that Connie's no longer working at the B&B, Newt takes over the responsibility of leaving out food for the hellhound on a nightly basis. He's not quite sure what such animals eat, but he does try.]

[info]reposeween in [info]repose


Tux? Did you get home okay?

[info]reposeween in [info]repose


Cigarette and whiskey?

[info]reposeween in [info]repose


Tuxedo Mask? Thank you for the nice night.

[info]meltingsnow in [info]repose

mary, dylan, patrick, dawn

[Dawn L.]
[After coming home to an empty apartment:]

I'm hoping you not being home yet is a good thing and I don't need to dig out the crossbow.

[Dylan M.]

Hey stormy. Enjoy the party?

[Patrick G.]

Did you leave the tower long enough to party down?


Tequila is also my drink of choice.

[info]hereshecomes in [info]repose

Public and Locked to Steve M, Matt D, Atticus M

Okay, okay, okay...Look. I was going to be a hockey player. Instead I went for the best costume ever and it barely even got appreciated by the masses because of town party things. RIDICULOUS.

I should have just been a hockey player because then I could have just been body checking people all night and eating cereal out of the Stanley Cup. Note to self: Save the coolest costume ever for actual Halloween. UGH

That being said where is my party friend at? come on party friend

[Lock: Steve M, Matt D, Atticus M]

Whooooo wants to go hang out with me at my property for a couple of hours so I don't get Craigslist murdered while I sell some junk to a junk collector? You three draw straws for the pleasure, I'll wait.

PS are you boys all in one piece after this go round?

Not like all in one piece as in one whole piece, that would be weird. Since there are three of you. Unless you are secretly lego pieces. Which, I think I'd know by now so don't try and pull one over on me.

[info]reposeween in [info]repose

Post Party: Crisp & Sick of Time

Who: crisp & sick of time
What: Waking up.
Where: Shoreline of the lake.
When: Morning after the party
Warnings/Rating: Not yet? Will update if/when needed.

'You matter,' he whispered to her as he drifted off, lulled by the sense of another next to him. )

[info]riddlethem in [info]repose


[Sasha J.]

How was it, sweetheart?

[Holly R.]


[Max K.]

Status report.

[Bruce W.]

You son of a bitch.

[info]reposeween in [info]repose


You got hurt on the stage when the curtains fell. I'm just trying to make sure you're okay out there.