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May 29th, 2017

[info]kayo in [info]repose

[Text: Patrick]

[Text: Patrick G]
[Whenever the reception ain't shit, Pat gets sent a few sets of photos of his sister and her throughout their absence. There's one with Connie and her aviator goggles sitting on the handlebars of the bike next to a cactus, one with Dahlia effortlessly carrying Connie on her shoulders in front of a pistachio nut the size of a house, one with them in front of an excellent mural. Etcetera, etcetera.

No text comes attached to them. Pictures say a thousand words or whatever, right? And these just say yo, we ain't been abducted yet. No response needed.

The last one, though, that comes solo, kinda. A two-parter, taken in rapid succession. Looks like just another selfie with them both in frame, Dahlia's arm slung 'round his sister's shoulders and grinning smug for the camera. Nothing special, really, not 'til the followup. In true photobooth style, the second captures her turning in a blur and pressing a kiss against Connie's temple, and catching Connie mid-laugh. Oh yeah, and it's totally obvious where they are: in the driveway of the Gunster abode.]

[info]meltingsnow in [info]repose


[Voice: Radio to Patrick's tower]

[Having no idea who's actually up there:] Lookout, think you can handle a group of girl scouts for me? Today is beyond crazy down here and we're running out of guides.


You know it's Memorial Day weekend because my first aid kit is almost completely used up. Pro tip to parents: don't stand behind your child while they fish.

[info]riddlethem in [info]repose


[Stephanie M.]

Spending time with the family today?


It's such a nice, sunny day. I think I'll spend it inside playing video games.

[info]deteriorate in [info]repose

Cat C

[Locked to Cat C]
How do you feel about steak? Eating it, especially.

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose


[Left in the mailbox of Sonrisa, three days after this, is a packet made of a folded-up piece of newspaper. The date on the paper is from the day before it's left in the mailbox, and it's about the size of a standard envelope. On the outside, in a relatively bare spot (in the middle of a picture) in ballpoint pen:]

For Cris - Thx

[Inside, when unfolded, is cash. Around the amount that was charged for the Uber, rounded up to the next dollar (with a few extra singles thrown in for 'guilt interest'). No matter the amount of the charge, there's only 1s and 5s in the stack of money.]