January 2020





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May 28th, 2017

[info]heir in [info]repose

Tim D, Batkid+ Lock, ETA: Cat C

[After seeing this.]

[Locked to Tim D]
Are you attempting to find Leena?

[Locked to Batchildren: Dick G, Stephanie M, Jason W, Tim D, Leena B(+Misha B)]
Father has gone to seek surgery for his back. He says it is 'high risk and high reward.' I do not know who he has told and who he has not, so consider this your notification, if he has not.

ETA: [Locked to Cat C]
I have hopefully told the rest of [...] us about Father. Whoever else there is, is your responsibility.

[info]volatile in [info]repose

Quicklog: Gwen R & Dylan M

[Cafeteria was noisy and his boots hurt. Fresh, leather wasn't broken in. Rubbed his ankle but didn't rub anything else to irritation, last fight had left him cleaned out, scoured off stains like bleach in the sink. He knew he looked like hell, last fight had split the skin over his cheekbone but lot of the men in regulation uniform looked the same way. Didn't look any different except for the tatt climbing out of the neck of regs cotton, blackish red. Picked up a tray, slid through a line of people that mixed army colors with lab coats. Kept to their tribes when they sat down. Dylan, he picked a bench that was open. Nobody sat there. Opened a series of salt packets and dredged his eggs with it.]

[info]tithe in [info]repose

Bruce W

[Locked to Bruce W]
Mr. Wainright, I wanted to let you know that if you needed anything while you're away, you can call. I don't mean pick up a phone, but I reckon I'll hear you, is what I mean. I can help with pain if needed, though I reckon you'll think that's weak and cheating. Damian, he would think it was weak and cheating. I guess what I'm saying is if you need anything I could assist with, you let me know. You done a lot for me when you didn't need to do anything at all, and I'm real aware of that fact, and I'm real grateful.

[info]endnoted in [info]repose

Destiny S

[Destiny S]