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December 29th, 2016

[info]steles in [info]repose

Frank C, Cris M, PJ R

[Locked to Frank C]
Got a message. You're interested in the Carriage House?

[Locked to Cris M]
Found somewhere. Thanks for letting me stay. Thanks for coming. Anyone else I should thank? Hitting PJ up now.

[Locked to PJ R]
Save me any Oreos?

[info]divided in [info]repose



Bookstore's open. Could use some new inventory.

Bring in some used books you want to trade in. Get credit. Get 50% off whatever books you want to take home.

Give these old books home. There's some good things in there. Promise.

[info]endnoted in [info]repose

Cat C

[Cat C]

[Not expecting a response, given Russia.]

My office looks like technology ate all journalism.

[info]sylvan in [info]repose

Sheriff Simms, Connie G

[Report: Sheriff Simms]
[He leaves the report on her desk, with a TL;DR note paper-clipped on.]

Caroline Janice Broadside. Lived the next county over. We found a truck near the body. Ran it, and it belonged to her husband. He passed from a massive heart attack. When I called to ask about the truck, they said she dropped the kids off and took the truck. She was depressed, apparently. Pulled her ID. Definitely her. Looks like she was squatting in an abandoned house nearby. She's off for cause of death, but it's going to be strangulation. Was definitely involved with someone before, probably the caller, but nothing looks weird. Sent off some samples. Will let you know what I get back.

[Locked to Connie G]
[From upstairs.]

Last box, Sis. Hey, there's something here with my name. Webster's handwriting. What do you think? Tinker toy? Flux Capacitor? A manifesto about squib sons? [He includes a picture of a dusty, old, wooden box. It has a piece of curled up and yellowing tape on it. And, yep, it's Webster's handwriting.]

[info]whitherwander in [info]repose

[residents of 'clary house']

[In the end, Michael disappears quickly, all at once. It's not like him, which means, no doubt, that it wasn't optional. It also means that he's going to need to pick up and move, and out of the country, no less, which will make being a landlord to his friends/tenants...complicated.

So he puts the building on the market and someone snaps it up in no time flat. Pretty soon, a new landlord will take over the building - he'll even be moving in. Thankfully, they work in the same place, so Michael's able to ensure he's not a total nutjob (probably).

Each of the residents gets a message in their forum inbox.

Gotta go. Assignment outside the country, no time to waste, etc. etc. I can't help you guys out anymore when a pipe breaks or you find black mold (there is no black mold, not yet anyway, be good) so I figured it was better if I made sure someone would actually be here for you all if anything went wrong. I sold it to somebody I know, and she's giving it to a guy she knows named Matt. I hear he's handy, and he seems alright.

Sorry to up and leave on such short notice. This wasn't part of the plan. If I'm ever back in this town again, you're totally clear to shove me really hard on the shoulder, only. No touching the face.

If the new guy gives you any trouble, call me. I have a gentleman's agreement with the lady who bought it, and I can always get on her case. Nobody can evict you, it was part of the agreement, so you can stay in the house rent-free as long as you feel like. It's yours as much as anybody's. Hope it does you some good.


P.S: Don't touch my comics, Carver, they're in that safe in the closet for a reason.