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February 15th, 2016

[info]wants in [info]repose

[News: Repose Sheriff's Office]

[Throughout the onslaught of the strange, purpling mist, Repose's few deputies tend to the chaos as best they can. Everyone on hand, pulling long shifts, patrolling over Repose's large area in teams of two, they respond quickly to any calls and are swift to detain the men left behind by the as-of-yet-unknown vigilante. They work hard to maintain order, issuing statements to stay inside and off the roads, if possible, citing low visibility, along with unusual and unpredictable weather. Another anonymous hotline is opened for concerned citizens to call, to report anonymous tips of suspicious behavior, or just to ask questions, if they're worried about anything in particular.

For those already out and about when the mist rolls in, the Station opens its doors. The conference room is open, and citizens are allowed to spend the day inside, if they require refuge. There is coffee and some snacks, a few old books and WiFi, but not much else. It's all they can really do.]

[info]reposeanon in [info]repose

[News: Mist]

[The mist dissipates early Monday morning, though effects linger for some residents. Word from Town Hall is that the mist was nothing strange or supernatural, and that it was just the result of some old chemicals inadvertently released during an unsupervised house demolition in the town woods. A medical professional states that hallucinatory effects might linger for a time, but assures that there should be no permanent damages. As for legal recourse for crimes committed during the hallucination, these instances will be reviewed by the Sheriff on a case-by-case basis.]

[info]innumerable in [info]repose

[News: Webster's Vinyl]

[All throughout the duration of the mist, Webster's Vinyl remains closed, doors locked, lights off, and no note to signify when the store will reopen. As of the mist's dissipation, all is the same.]

[info]mariejohanson in [info]repose

Narrative: Motel

Who: Marie J
Where: her room at the Motel
What: Seeing things
When: Early hours of Monday morning
Ratings: violence, fear, fire

burning house )

[info]curandera in [info]repose

Eddie N, Sasha J, Jude C, Stephanie M, Emily G

[Individually locked: Eddie N, Sasha J, Jude C, Stephanie M, Emily G]
[Monday, once the mist has cleared.]


[info]strikethose in [info]repose

[news: antique store]

[Before the mist fades, another oddity of note occurs, this one at the antique store at the end of Main. It's quick enough that only someone closeby could have caught the short sequence of events in their entirety, and only if they watched at just the right moment.

Though it's dark out, a small dark bird circles the building for a few hours, without cry or song. Then, apropos of nothing, it dives through one of the upstairs windows, shattering the glass of the bottom pane. A few minutes later the building's windows pulse momentarily with light, bright enough to be seen from any building with a clear view of the west side of town.

There is no sound, and the light doesn't come on again. The next morning, the antique store is closed, and none of the upstairs windows are broken.]

[info]nobounds in [info]repose

[news: sherrif's office]

[The morning the mist dissipates, it reveals a dead man in the doorway of the sheriff's office.

No thoughtful stringing up, no note-leaving, no signature, no sign. )

[info]ladymacbeth in [info]repose


[Curiously, as she keeps track of police reports from her safe location within the facility.]

Can men that are tortured and left outside the police station still be arrested and/or convicted, or are they incapable of being prosecuted due to the manner in which they were apprehended? It kind of contaminates the chain of evidence super bad, doesn't it?