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December 28th, 2015

[info]whitherwander in [info]repose

[locked to clem m]

[After his Christmas present is returned.]

You know you don't need to sign, right? You don't even need to show. I just thought you'd want to be in the loop.

[info]arty_kyle in [info]repose

[Locked to Ethan S.]

Thank you for the presents - I can always count on you to have good taste. I hope you had a magical Christmas with your family.

Ammon (finally landed on a name) and I had a lovely time, though I think you may have been right that whoever gave him to me is a little odd. I had another present - a bag of cat toys and some yarn. And a note that just says 'I miss you'.

...There's nobody in town that I don't not see enough for them to miss me.

[info]stripes in [info]repose

[Public, Cat & Owen.]

[Cat C.]

[He sends her copies of what he received from Owen. (Thank you, Repose High School, for your contribution of a photocopier to the anti-assassin league.)]

What do you think?

[Matt D.]

[Using the chosen name purposely.] I am thinking I will name the dog Owen to confuse the situation further.


Does anyone know anyone else that has actually gone to this party?

[info]raging_waters in [info]repose

The Simple Joys of Gaming and Gorging

Who: TJ and Yuki
Where: Their Abandoned House, then the Arcade and the Diner
When: The Day after Christmas
Warnings: None

You are more than a pet. )

[info]verbumdomini in [info]repose

News: Music Store

[As the sun sets this evening, there is a shift in the air around the Music Store. Any demons/half-demon people? The music store? Entirely off-limits. Being within 50 yards instills a feeling of dread and a promise of a fate worse than death. Should you get closer there is nausea and pain that only the most holy of beings can cause to those of demonic blood. Should you continue and actually cross the threshold of the building from any entrance? The mind-blowing pain increases and the demonic power is sapped from your body, leaving you quite vulnerable to whatever has chosen to protect this area.

Anyone else that gets within range? Oh, that music store feels safe. Like a sanctuary. Nothing can hurt you there.

These effects are in place for half the cycle of the moon (two weeks after timestop ends~)]

[info]foretold in [info]repose

Daniel W

[Immediately after this painfully runs her out of the music store. From her mum's trailer in Hookerville.]

[Locked to Daniel W]
Someone left you a cat. You best return for it, or the bloody thing will starve, and much good may it do you.

[info]kingmath in [info]repose

[Mathias and Dorian Lockwood]

Who: Mathias L. and Dorian L.
Where: The Cat
When: Around five-ish
Rating: PG

Guess who's back in town... )

[info]normal_norman in [info]repose

The Darker Side of Summer Camp

Who: Tatum and Norman
When: Flashback - The Summer Camp Incident
Where: Summer Camp
Warnings: Violence

Inhale. Exhale. )