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December 22nd, 2015

[info]stripes in [info]repose


[Owen D.]

You're not going to be able to avoid me forever, Owen.

[Cris M.]

Hey, Sheriff. Can I ask you a favor?

[Call to Cat C.]

[Landline at the bar. Ring.]

[info]gravedigger in [info]repose

[Sonrisa: Hunter/Cris]

Who: Hunter and Cris
What: Caught in the act.
Where: Sonrisa Arts and Crafts
When: Last night.
Warnings/Rating: There may be swears.

Holidays, always the time for family, so all the commercials and the carols said. )

[info]skinned in [info]repose

Ronan X/Max W

Who: Ronan & Max
What: Workday
Where: The (good) diner
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: PG (probably)

But it wasn’t the end of the world. )

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose

[Hookerville Neighbors, Public]

[As Sunshine F.]

[Eris, Leander, Destiny]
I had a guy who brought Christmas cookies with him and then insisted on watching me as he had me eat way too fucking many. I ate one earlier and haven't died yet, so if you want any, come and get some. There's at least two dozen left, and I'm sure as fuck not going to eat all of them myself.

[Eris S.]
You need anyone working over Christmas? I got nowhere else to be, so I can do it if you need.

Hey asshole who took my laundry out of the dryer two seconds after I put it in there and left to get groceries: Fuck you. There were at least three empty dryers you could've used. But no. I had to carry wet laundry back home because I didn't have any more quarters. Way to be a dickface during the holidays. Merry Fucking Christmas.

[info]sky_so_blue in [info]repose

Bitty Hospital: Bear and Skye

Who: Bear and Skye
What: Reassurances and Sugar Highs
Where: Bitty Hospital
When: Early afternoon
Warnings: N/A

This is why I keep you around. You have the best suggestions for sugar related things. )

[info]inkonstage in [info]repose

Good Diner: Max and Sunshine

Who: Sunshine and Max
What: Breakfast time?
Where: Good Diner
When: Recently?
Warnings/Rating: Oh, probably language (and adult themes due to meta about her profession)

Sunshine had shoved all her laundry into one loaded washing machine and then walked out of the building as the detergent (watered down and rinsed out from a discarded "empty" bottle in the trash) did what it could for stains that were better left unnamed. She didn't venture into town often, rarely even past the rickety metal of her trailer's door, so the clothing in the machine was the type that could be pulled off, pushed aside, reveal what was needed in order to do business. It all fit into that one load, thankfully, as she'd only brought so much money with her, and she still needed to hit the grocery store. And get something to eat right away, before the creepy grey at the edges of her vision made itself into something more.

She could've stayed in the laundromat, surrounded by the warmth and the sweet smell of detergent and fabric softener. But if she did, she knew that she'd fall asleep right there against a machine, lulled by the heat and the rhythm of the dryers, the woosh of water in the washers. It was soporific in the most seductive way, and she knew she couldn't afford to lose time to sleeping there. Laundry, food, and back to her trailer. Same as always.

It was a bit of a walk, so when she pushed through the diner's door, her face was flushed from the wind and the damp chill. Her eyes were sharp, even with the smudge of too much makeup from too many days in a row. She worked her way across the space, planting herself in a booth where she wouldn't have too many people coming up behind her, and waited, pulling her jacket off, but leaving the scarf where it was. She appreciated the cold and the way it gave her an excuse for wearing something around a neck that had gotten a little bruised in the line of duty. It made things easier when she ventured out into the world and didn't have to deal with people's stares. Especially when she was just there to grab something (cheap) to eat and get back out again.

[info]reposeverse in [info]repose

[Post Office 2015: Holiday Present Delivery]

[Beginning December 22nd, the Repose post office is making daily holiday deliveries, per town tradition. Any presents dropped off there are dolled up in holiday regalia - silk bows, colorful wrapping paper, festive gift tags, packing tape spangled with dreidels, twinkling lights and tinsel, candy canes. Gifts are left at the doors of residences and workplaces by postal workers wearing non-government approved santa hats, and they hand out pieces of candy and holiday well-wishes with their packages.

For those who wish to send presents in the spirit of the holiday, but may not know the name of the person they wish to send a gift to, the post office has erected a massive giving tree in their lobby. The star on top is tipped slightly askew, crushed a little against the ceiling due to the height of the tree. The tree is very real, cut from the woods nearby. It fills the post office with the scent of pine, and has been decked out in tiny white lights and massive, colorful glass bulbs. Gifts for anyone may be left underneath, and will make it successfully to their intended recipient, even if no tag is attached.]

[info]erased in [info]repose


[As 'Angel']

i want to see the snow.

i want to feel the cold between my fingers.

[info]perspective in [info]repose


Well, isn't this just adorable.

We've a Christmas tree to leave gifts under. A train ride.

It's so cute I might just explode, I think.

[info]sonrisa in [info]repose


[Fuck it, yeah? On his newly received, very used laptop, and after delivering a tree. As Shane A:]

public fucking notice, yeah? no more fucking Christmas tree delivery.