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November 2007
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Bridget [userpic]
Bleach Friending Meme

(Mod: If this isn't allowed, feel free to delete it.)

I don't know if you've heard or not, but there's new friending meme asylum called [info]friend_me. It's sole purpose is to host friending memes of all fandoms (and non-fandoms). I've posted one for Bleach there. So, if you want more friends interested in Bleach, go here. Go ahead and spread the word to other Bleach fans you know of and think might want more friends.

x-posted to [info]renji_rukia and [info]bleachfic.

[pimpin] Renji's Birthday Challenge '07

Already that time of yr. again. In honor of celebrating Renji's birthday on the 31st, I thought it'd be fun to throw out to the Renji_Rukia comm on LJ a birthday challenge. Any of the members here on IJ are more than welcome to also post their works on this comm. on IJ if you don't have a place over on LJ. You can find out about everything by clicking on the banner.

Clickie clickie!

Feel free to pimp this around!

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akuni [userpic]

Hi, welcome to [info]renji_rukia! Since we couldn't find a Renji/Rukia fan community here on IJ, we decided to make one. First, we want to state that we are in no way affiliated with any other RenRuki communities on other blogging sites.

Please bear with us while we get the comm going. But feel free to start posting your Renji/Rukia fanworks. Rules and guidelines are on the profile page - be sure to check it out first!

Any problems or questions can be directed at us mods:

Have fun! :)

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