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10/4/08 11:09 pm - [info]aviss - Bleach fic: Into the fire

Titulo: Into the fire
Author: [info]aviss
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo, Grimmjow/Ichigo, Grimmjow/Ichigo/Renji
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Romance, angst
Warning: threesome, violence, infidelity.
Summary: With Renji things were simple; Grimmjow was in himself a complication.
Word Count: ~4.500

Into the fire

12/10/07 03:31 pm - [info]ladyj - Fanfic - Bedside Manner

Another little contribution - hope ya'll enjoy.

Title - Bedside Manner
Author - LadyJ (Dareetel)
Beta - Renjifan aka Pinky
Pairing - Renji x Ichigo
Rating - PG-15
Disclaimer - While I wish I did, I don't own Bleach.
Summary - "When will ya get it through yer thick head that ya don’t have to fight this war alone?”

Onto the Words

Please comment if you enjoyed (or not).

12/10/07 12:08 pm - [info]ladyj - Renji/Ichigo Fanfics

Just thought I'd finally drop off my little contribution...

Hope ya'll enjoy

8/20/07 05:56 pm - [info]akuni - Bleach fanart; Renjigo mood theme

A RenIchi mood theme for you, made by [info]moshesque and [info]akuni.

I dug up all the base images, and Mosh turned them into mood icons. :) They're mostly based on manga pages, but there are a few taken from colour spreads or other official art.

Click the pic to go to my LJ for download links and instructions.

RenIchi mood theme promo

Preview the entire mood theme.

Enjoy! :)

8/18/07 12:34 pm - [info]aviss - bleach fic: Seiretei's oldest virgin

Title: Seiretei's oldest virgin
Author: [info]aviss
Recipient: [info]corelle
Pairing: Renji/Ichigo
Genre: Romance, humour, First time
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: First time--like real awkward, painful and uncomfortable first time.
Summary: By the time it crossed Abarai Renji's mind to think about sex for the first time, he was close to his second century.
Spoilers: SS arc, Shinigami high.
Disclaimer: If they were mine… no, Renji wouldn't be a virgin.
Words: around 3.000
Notes: I thought about this piece while writing Not Love, I wanted to make the sex scene really awkward and virgin-like… in the end I decided to leave that scene for a bit of crack. For the Make-up round at [info]bleach_flashfic

Seitetei's oldest virgin
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