Nov. 12th, 2010


002 ♠ [Voice]

Oi, Yuu!

Where are ya? I think the two o' us needs ta meet!

[Pause] I also got soba for ya if ya come.

[A brief silence]

Oh yeah, anyone else is free ta talk ta me too. 'm sure the rest o'ya went through therapy as well. 'm free if ya wanna talk about it.

Oct. 11th, 2010


1 ♔ [voice]

So it's all fake? [whether he's aware that the device is on or not is anybody's guess. but it's on. and he's talking. muttering, really.] ..Fake.

That can't be true. All of that-- that. All of it. Just a dream? ..Nothing was real. At all. [he's.. confused. wants it to be real, yet at the same time.. doesn't. because that would be a horrible reality to live in.

but reality is horrible, isn't it?]

...Che. Worst dream I'll ever have.