Nov. 15th, 2010



[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]
Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. Today is day six.

Thankfully, such gloomy weather is finally starting to be put behind us. The rain has subsided to a light drizzle and the clouds are to be blown away by the late afternoon, and the sun will shine brightly once again.

Please give a warm welcome to Alice Elliot, Mitsunari Ishida, Edward Elric and Nico Robin.

Thank you, and please try to enjoy the day.

Nov. 12th, 2010



*Ed’s fiddling with the device (he’s never been much good with machines… or at least not that he remembers) and the video feed is clicking on and off as he does so, without him realizing it. Eventually it stops, and he can be seen staring blankly at the device, fingers idly tapping its side.*

So none of it… even happened…? All of it was a lie…?

*he’s murmuring mostly to himself, brow furrowing in thought, a frown pulling on his lips. Then suddenly his expression hardens in determination*

No. It had to be real. All I have to do is transmu—

*and then he stops again, eyes wide. He can’t finish that sentence, because he realizes that no, he can’t prove it to himself with alchemy. And that makes him bow his head, face hidden behind his bangs*


Nov. 11th, 2010


[ 01 ]

[ Someone, somewhere in the facility is probably in a good mood, but it definitely isn't Mitsunari.

He's spent his time past arrival in and out of a forced sleep-- he doesn't understand how, some vague notions of poisons aside, but the needle in the crook of his arm almost instantly knocked him out the three different times they pinned him back. Not really looking for a fourth time, Mitsunari decided instead to explore this place, and ended up looking through the library. After flipping through the very western place, still dazed from the newness of everything and a bit sluggish from the sedatives, he sits himself down at a table and pulls out the device.

The camera switches on and for a moment all you can see is the top of his head and blurry fingertips. It's completely muted for now but as it smacks into table-- giving you all a very good view of the wood grain!-- it steadily gets louder and louder and louder until it's nearly deafening.

Then suddenly the camera is off and it's just sound. The volume adjusts itself. The microphone is brushed up against and blown into just as loudly as the bangs. Say goodbye to your eardrums.

And suddenly, microphone off, text only: ]

n nmnmjn ,mm mmjjhk mnsdfm ndl,dsnajaksl

[ Then, sometime later, after gathering some more ideas of what exactly this thing is-- probably by a nurse who handily saw him banging the thing against the table-- the voice switches back on, this time at a normal volume. ]

To the woman in charge of this place: I will make you pay for your misdeeds.

Nov. 9th, 2010


[action & open.]

Who: Vanitas and OPEN.
Where: Workshop.
When: Day Five; Afternoon.
What: Vanitas tries to figure out his new world.

Practicing something potentially destructive was a better way to pass the time than sit in his room doing nothing. )

Nov. 7th, 2010



[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]
Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. Today is day five.

You've all just undergone your first therapy session. I, and the rest of the staff here at Yellow Brick, are very happy for you all and hope for future therapies to go as smoothly as this first one. We all appreciate your cooperation. [ you can practically hear her kind smile ] We hope you continue to be so cooperative.

If you look outside today you'll see the storm is fully upon us. It's raining very heavily and the winds are strong; we have thunder and lightning and we predict this will last for a day. Umbrellas will be supplied if you plan on using some of the outdoor facilities such as the dojo; the pools and the beach will be closed but the dojo has a roof for times such as this.

Additionally, please give a warm welcome to our newest addition, Vriska Serket.

Thank you, and please try to enjoy the day.

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[ 0001 // Text ]

Woooooooow! This is pro8a8ly the 8est day I have ever had in the history of ever! It's like I woke up and every terri8le thing I could ever have wanted was just suddenly right there in front of me! I must 8e the happiest little troll in the world right now!

I guess that's not quite true, though. I can think of one thing that would make me happier. Knowing your names! :::;D Who lives in this shitty design for a hive-analogue, and wh8ever could your stupid shitty names 8e-

Oh, w8, I must have miscounted!!!!!!!! Stupid me! There's a few things that would m8ke me even happier than something stupid like n8mes:

1) I
2) Want
3) My
4) Fucking
5) Arm
6) 8ack
7) Right
8) Now you st8pid fucking n8rses!!!!!!!!

[ A pause. ]

~A Concerned Yellow 8rick Denizen~