Oct. 12th, 2010


[voice] ♘ 001

It's hard to believe that everything was just a dream. [Lelouch, Nunnally, Euphie.... Some of the most important people in his life -or what he thought was his life- and they're all supposed to be a dream? And everything he felt. So many important things that he went through and all to find out name of it was true? It's a lot more than hard to believe, but how can he argue against the doctors and nurses whose jobs to handle things like that. 

He's not all upset by the whole thing though. That also means his worst memories were dreams too. He didn't kill his father, he didn't kill Lelouch, and he didn't set off a bomb that killed millions of people. Those were all comforting thoughts that made the tiniest hint of a smile appear on his face.]

[When he speaks again his voice is stern, though not quite angry and he is using a softer, quieter tone. Dream or not his last memory is of killing Lelouch and that's got him a little shaken up.]
It's almost comforting, though. There's a lot that shouldn't have happened in my dream.