Oct. 24th, 2010


[ open | in-person ]

[ The lights are dimmed and there isn't much anyone around-- staff or patients-- and he's finished with his most recent project. Marking the positions of all visible cameras and microphones on a printed out map took nearly two days to complete, and he's certain he couldn't have gotten them all. But it's a start.

So with one thing done as much as possible for now, it's time to go onto the next. With some filched tools from the workshop stowed away in his room, Ribbons enters the computer lab. He takes up a tower, unplugging it from the wall, and walks out with it in hand. He does try to make some effort to conceal it, but not to any extreme; there's no point in trying to hide much of anything when this place is as surveyed as it is. ]

Oct. 19th, 2010


[ text | private ]

[ only lightning and the staff should be able to spot this. ]

Our meeting place. We decided to put off the decision until today; I have preference to outdoors, even with the commotion at the beach.

Oct. 12th, 2010


[ text ] 01

A miss Lightning thought up an interesting and useful idea. Allow me to follow your example, miss, and ask my fellow patients:

What is your level of education?

Training? If so, formal or informal, and your approximate skill levels. What is your occupation?

Is there any way in particular that you stand out from your peers? Be it status, skill, or even appearance.

I'll start off. I am Damien Airy, male, and twenty-five years old. I was a student in university before I found myself here-- an art student looking to eventually become a professor.

Please be honest if you decide to answer; it does no one any good to have false information.

[ ooc: Ribbons' replies are all text, even if I forget to title them as such. ]