Oct. 19th, 2010


[ text // privated to Lelouch vi Britannia, making no effort to conceal who it is from ]

[ The idea that she's been talking to - helping - one of Euphie's killers is something abhorrent to her. It sickens her, some terrible godawful dread in her stomach that keeps working outward - what if she's helped one of them do it? What if she's just getting them closer to Euphie?

And the idea that both of them have already talked to Euphie, gotten that close to her, gotten anywhere near her...

Rage is an inappropriate word. This is something far, far worse.

But, even so, she still wants to believe in them. She wants to believe that Suzaku meant what he said, that even though he's an Eleven that he really has earned his honorary citizenship and that even though Lelouch has lied to them all that he hasn't gone this far.

So she looks at the timer function on the phone and rapidly composes a text message with Cornelia's original words. She'll give him two minutes to answer - and after that, he is guilty. ]

Lelouch vi Britannia. Suzaku Kururugi. They are dangerous terrorists. It is imperative we work together to not fall to their deceitful manners. Princess Nunnally could be in danger.

Extremely dangerous.
No, they are no longer associated with the Black Knights.

Lelouch vi Britannia murdered the 98th Emperor Charles zi Britannia and assumed control of all of Britannia. He has committed several crimes of terrorism, including taking members of the U.F.N. hostage.

He has appointed Suzaku Kururugi as his personal knight. Use caution when around either.

-Cornelia li Britannia

lelouch vi brittannia


Oct. 18th, 2010



[ Just like the announcements said, the beach is open for use -- a bit of a grand opening to celebrate includes music, balloons and burgers and sausage straight from the grill. A temporary buffet table is set up with a few picnic benches, to the left of the changing booths. Attendants will help you get your food, will monitor the waters for any signs of trouble and will be happy to get you anything you might need for a fun day in the sun.

Swimwear, life vests, beach toys and towels are supplied for any patient venturing that way by the staff on request, but venturing into the water isn't required. If you do take a dip, you'll notice that after swimming a small distance that the area is enclosed with a high metal fence. The holes in the water-immersed sections are small enough to prevent large fish to enter without restricting some of the smaller species. If swimming isn't your thing, just sit back and relax in the sand, or chat up your fellow patients. Get to get to know the people those voice posts and videos belong to.

This is an open-style post meaning post/reply/spam threads all you like with your characters if they're going to be at the beach today. Feel free to make separate posts for your own purposes as well, this is just a mixer! ]

Oct. 12th, 2010


[ video-text // #000001 // open ]

[ The video feed clicks on. An obviously tired, pencil-thin young woman - eighteen at the oldest, probably younger - is fiddling with the device, trying every possible button at speeds far quicker than her obviously-exhausted-state should probably allow. Her green hair is let down, going well past her shoulders (but contained there with a small rubber band).

She notices the feed running. She raises a single eyebrow after three or four seconds - and after a few expertly placed clicks, the feed ends. ]

[ After a few moments, text appears on the screen. ]

Is anyone in this facility familiar with any of the following terms?

-The Holy Empire of Britannia
-Areas 1-18
-The Black Knights

Please respond as soon as possible.

Thank you.