Oct. 18th, 2010


[ action ♟ open ]

Who: Lelouch & whomever
Where: Library
When: Evening.
What: The rare occasion that Lelouch ventures out of his room.

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Oct. 11th, 2010


[001] ♟ voice

[He'd been staring at the ceiling for a few hours now, motionless. He was thinking and thinking hard, unsure of exactly where he was and, furthermore, why he was here. Yes, he heard the announcement and knew of his location but he just wasn't too sure on why. He felt more empty then angry. He sits up, brushing his fingers through his hair, and reaches lazily over to the communicator which sits upon the table at his bedside. After a moment of observation, he moves a slender finger to turn the device on. There's a short pause before he finally speaks.]

I find this all hard to believe. Waking up? It doesn't even feel like I've been sleeping. The sensations are mixed up, all wrong. [His voice holds obvious frustration. Not being able to understand much of anything bothered him to a certain degree. He grips the device tighter] This doesn't feel like reality. If I've 'awakened', how long has it been since I've been 'alive'?

[He pauses, an obvious dejected sigh filling the silence. He finds himself at a loss for words, his own realization hitting him and hitting him hard. Before signing off, he adds another quiet statement.] My name is Lelouch vi Britannia.