Nov. 15th, 2010


[action | open~]

Who: Kotomi and anyone who feels like joining her
Where: Common room
When: Noon-ish, after Dr. Grey's announcement
What: A very somber bookworm tries to figure out what she should do until she meets with one of her friends.

Won't you come join~? )



[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]
Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. Today is day six.

Thankfully, such gloomy weather is finally starting to be put behind us. The rain has subsided to a light drizzle and the clouds are to be blown away by the late afternoon, and the sun will shine brightly once again.

Please give a warm welcome to Alice Elliot, Mitsunari Ishida, Edward Elric and Nico Robin.

Thank you, and please try to enjoy the day.

Oct. 18th, 2010



[ Just like the announcements said, the beach is open for use -- a bit of a grand opening to celebrate includes music, balloons and burgers and sausage straight from the grill. A temporary buffet table is set up with a few picnic benches, to the left of the changing booths. Attendants will help you get your food, will monitor the waters for any signs of trouble and will be happy to get you anything you might need for a fun day in the sun.

Swimwear, life vests, beach toys and towels are supplied for any patient venturing that way by the staff on request, but venturing into the water isn't required. If you do take a dip, you'll notice that after swimming a small distance that the area is enclosed with a high metal fence. The holes in the water-immersed sections are small enough to prevent large fish to enter without restricting some of the smaller species. If swimming isn't your thing, just sit back and relax in the sand, or chat up your fellow patients. Get to get to know the people those voice posts and videos belong to.

This is an open-style post meaning post/reply/spam threads all you like with your characters if they're going to be at the beach today. Feel free to make separate posts for your own purposes as well, this is just a mixer! ]

Oct. 13th, 2010



Who: Fujiko and EVERYONE
Where: Library!
When: Noon-Afternoon
What: Looking for something to do. She's bored.

Low profile is the key! )

Oct. 11th, 2010



[She picks up the communicator, and turns it around in her hands. After a moment, she turns it on, though doesn’t realize so for a few minutes. ] Although it doesn’t seem very complicated to use now…I don’t ever remember having seen something like this before. Maybe they were launched while I was asleep. I’ll have to remember to take notes on these for when I return home.

Oh. I seemed to have enabled the video recorder. [She looks into the camera, blushes and looks away, and then looks back and clears her throat. ]

[ She steadies herself, and speaks as best she can, in a clear and high voice. ] Hello, everyone. My name is Kotomi Ichinose. I don’t know what exactly has happened to me, or any of you, for that matter, but…I-I think I’m new here…but aren’t we all new…?
[She begins to shake, the gravity of her situation impacting her full-force. ]

[She closes her eyes, thinks to herself for a minute, and regains her strength ]

Let me start over. Hello, everyone. My name is Kotomi Ichinose, my hobbies are reading and playing the violin. I am new here. Because of that, it would seem I have no friends yet. I am happy to make all of your acquaintances, and hope we will all become good friends in the future.