Oct. 11th, 2010


.o1 + Video

/ He watches the screen closely, an attempt to get acquainted to the device in his hand. The doctor seems calm, seated in bed and watching the screen. Calm, indeed but there is a certain fatigue in his eyes. /

This is... the first day of awakening, they tell me. Though everything has been much too vivid to be a dream, lucid or otherwise.

/ He turns his attention back to the device. It was clear that he was lost in thought for a moment there. /

Ah. My apologies. I'd... meant to introduce myself to my fellow patients.

My name is Kazutaka Muraki and... this is my first day of awakening. I am afraid I do not have much more to say after that for I am still in the process of sorting out everything -- what is real and what isn't but please. I will be more than happy to speak to you if you desire my company.