Oct. 21st, 2010



Who: Fujiko and everyone who wants to see her boobies <3
Where: The beach
When: Around noon
What: She's just sunbathing, at the moment

Sun is good for your skin, you know? )

Oct. 13th, 2010



Who: Fujiko and EVERYONE
Where: Library!
When: Noon-Afternoon
What: Looking for something to do. She's bored.

Low profile is the key! )

Oct. 11th, 2010


Video [001]

[Fujiko can’t believe any of that. In fact, she’s pretty sure that few people would believe such a tale about such a 'fabricated' disease. Worst than that, now she’s going to stay locked up in that place. Do they really want to keep her there, like in a prison? That she won’t accept.]

At first, I really thought I was in a hospital, because of the gunshot, but this is no regular hospital… [She thinks to herself, looking at the device that was given to her.]

Maybe... Well, here goes nothing. [She fiddles with the keys on the device, and is able to turn on the video function.]

This is Mine Fujiko speaking. [She says, pausing for a moment.] Jigen, you bastard, I know you are out there somewhere, so get on your feet and get me out of this place, right now! [She sounds highly irritated. She isn’t sure if he’s within the vicinity of her ‘communicator’, but she’s sure that he will find a way to break into that place and get her out. He helped her escape prison once, didn’t he?]

I just … Hope he knows I’m here. [She thinks to herself, crossing her arms. She had to hatch a plan to get out of that place, in case he didn’t about her whereabouts.]