Oct. 18th, 2010


[ DAY 02 ]

[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]

Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. I am your warden. Today is day two.

As promised, the beach has been opened for all of you to use. The lovely weather has persisted and it is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday. There will be balloons, music, and party food for all to enjoy. Swimwear, lifevests, beach toys and towels are supplied for any patient venturing that way, but if you have eaten a large meal within the past fourty-five minutes, staff will discourage you from going into the water.

On the topic of meals, today's breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is a specially prepared buffet of many dishes you may find very familiar. If patients are happy with this several of these items may become regularly served.

Thank you, and please enjoy the rest of the day.

[ If your character has a favorite food that is obtainable in the real world, you'll find it in the buffet at the appropriate time, and it'll taste as good as they remember it. The beach is also opened and you're all free to start threads set there.

Also note that characters are free to reply to this post. Depending on your comment you may get a reply from Linda herself, and don't hesitate to chat each other up here. ]

Oct. 11th, 2010


[ DAY 01 ]

[ The soft voice of a woman can be heard over the PDA and read over the network. She sounds friendly and not at all unkind. She sounds genuine. ]

Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. I am your warden.

You've all recently awoken from your deep slumber... you may be confused, angry, sad, or all three. But we, the staff at Yellow Brick Institution, promise-- no, guarantee-- that things will make sense. Not tomorrow, or even the day after that, but with time. We will assist all of you with your conditions and restore your misplaced memories. I will be honest and say that this process may be frightening or overwhelming to many of you, but you are not alone here. Every single patient here is in the same situation as you are. And the staff is here to help. Please cooperate and become an active participant in your own recovery. We will take care of you.

[ She clears her throat and continues on in a lighter tone. ]

Today is a historical day; we have worked tirelessly to awaken patients from their sleep, and have finally found a method that works in practice as well as theory. Today is day one.

Please make yourselves comfortable; the weather is lovely if you are to venture outside and use any of our outdoor facilities. However, our beach is closed for today. Starting tomorrow, it should be up and running for everyone to use. If you would prefer to stay indoors, we recommend you look at our extensive library. If you are lost or require assistance, please alert one of our staff doing their rounds.

Thank you, and please enjoy the rest of the day.