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Oct. 29th, 2010


( VIDEO ♕ 02 )

[The video feed clicks on, but this time Cornelia isn't staring at the screen to address her audience. No, she is busy clicking a mouse in a bored manner, her hair framing the side of her face. The soft glow of a computer screen reflects in her eyes, the communication device discarded at her side on the table.]

I don't recognize most of these books in the library. Some of my favorite Britannian authors aren't listed in this machine. Just how outdated is this technology? Even the Elevens had nicer computers than this.

[A lethargic sigh and Cornelia's other hand moves to rest her forehead against it. It appears she probably has been at this computer lab for a fair amount of time.]

This so-called therapy takes place tomorrow. Anyone care to share what this therapy is?

Oct. 28th, 2010



My parents wouldn't do that. No matter what it's for, they wouldn't make me receive treatment for anything without letting me decide. They wouldn't...!

So why did they sign these papers? I don't...


001 || Video

[The camera in the small device flickers to life and the closely cropped face held within its eye smiles in triumph. The face holding the smile is male, typical - a little shabby and unshaven, but that's to be expected from one just recovering from an illness, no? The only things truly remarkable about him are the long scar running from the man's hairline to his left eye and the color of that same eye - a very pale brown, almost to the point of being colorless.]

[Satisfied that the device is working as intended, the man paces back from the camera and settles into an unremarkable chair. His body relaxes, but his eyes never leave the camera. Even as he stares, he reaches one hand to his lower chest - an obviously well-ingrained and almost instinctual maneuver - but he frowns when his fingertips brush nothing but plain white material. His fingertips move to tap an uneasy rhythm against his collarbone as he speaks an aside to himself.]

You're right, Zach. Wouldn't have the badge if they were telling us the truth about what happened - but I can't believe it just yet. Things, here, are...something isn't right. It doesn't add up. You feel it, too, don't you?

If there were such a widespread illness, an epidemic, word would be hard to keep quiet - someone would hear and the news reporters would jump on it in a second. The government would be breathing down necks looking for answers and containment - but there's no government presence here. The doctors, nurses, the whole staff - brief and efficient, yes, but nothing government about any of them.

Let's just hope it doesn't end up like that classic 1975 drama film...

[As if just then remembering that he is recording himself, the man pauses in whatever he had been about to recall and instead begins on a new tact.]

FBI Special Agent Francis York Morgan. Please, just call me York. It's what everyone calls me. I understand that we're all in the same boat here and it sounds like the basics have been pretty well covered in everyone's notes to this system. Still, if you think of anything, please don't hesitate to contact me.

...and if anyone has information on either an Emily Wyatt or a Forrest Kaysen, I'll be needing that, as well.

[Seemingly satisfied with his message, York stands from his chair and crosses again to the transmitting device. Picking it up in a hand, he gives it one last considering glance before the camera lens goes dark.]


[01 - ♘ Video]

[As the camera flickered on, all that could be seen is a pair of black sunglasses that covered the eyes and area surrounding them completely before shakily zooming out to reveal a head with combed back hair, and a serious expression upon his lips.]

To whomever receive this message, my name is Gilbert G.P. Guilford and I too have woken up from this so-called illness.

I am vaguely uncertain what these nurses want me to put as my introductory message onto this channel. So pardon me if I say something that could be offensive in some way or another.

[He takes a deep breath.]

I refuse to believe that everything I experienced was a dream. I am Gilbert G.P. Guilford, personal knight to the second princess of Britannia. Not Gilbert G.P. Guilford, invalid who was cast away into this penal colony for the ill and forgotten! I do not believe for one moment that my princess was merely a figment of my imagination!

[He cleared his throat and forced himself to calm down. His loyalty to his distant dream princess was fierce, but there was no need to take out his frustrations on the poor video or those who came across it.]

I apologize for my outburst, possible viewers; regardless if it is warranted in my opinion... I am feeling rather frustrated at my current situation. I think now would be most appropriate to end this transmission with a message for my princess.

Please be safe, your highness.

[The video flickered off with that.]

Oct. 26th, 2010



Who: Xion and ANYONE
Where: A secluded bit of beach
When: Early
What: Loss of memories through forced medicating is only kind of a big deal.

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Who: Zuko and.... OPEN.
Where: Library
When: Early
What: There are enough books that there should be some answer there. So, Zuko's skipping breakfast in favor of research.

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Oct. 25th, 2010



[Fletcher is sitting in the cafeteria, picking at a plate of food. It's not that it's bad; it's just that he hasn't been really hungry since he first woke up here. There doesn't seem to be much point in anything if everything he knows was a lie. Even alchemy, his secret life ambition, is really an old and discredited science.

He knows he has to stop being so down. Somewhere out there, his family is waiting for him to remember everything and come home to them. Somewhere out there, Russel (he hopes) is probably heartbroken at the idea that Fletcher doesn't remember growing up by his side. Moping won't get him anywhere. But he doesn't know how to stop.

So he keeps poking at his breakfast. And he makes one resolution: Today, at least, he's not going to cry.]


[ DAY 03 ]

[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]

Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. Today is day three.

It has come to my attention that several of you are resisting taking your medications, and have even been restrained. Please cooperate with staff. Please trust us. We know what is best for you and would never do something to harm any one of you. Being restrained and administered medications through force is an upsetting ordeal for everyone involved; so for your sake as well as the sake of others, please cooperate. It isn't poison.

On another note, therapy is tomorrow. Please be cooperative for this as well.

Thank you.

Oct. 24th, 2010


[ open | in-person ]

[ The lights are dimmed and there isn't much anyone around-- staff or patients-- and he's finished with his most recent project. Marking the positions of all visible cameras and microphones on a printed out map took nearly two days to complete, and he's certain he couldn't have gotten them all. But it's a start.

So with one thing done as much as possible for now, it's time to go onto the next. With some filched tools from the workshop stowed away in his room, Ribbons enters the computer lab. He takes up a tower, unplugging it from the wall, and walks out with it in hand. He does try to make some effort to conceal it, but not to any extreme; there's no point in trying to hide much of anything when this place is as surveyed as it is. ]

Oct. 22nd, 2010



Who: Fletcher and people
Where: Library
When: Evening
What: Fletcher is looking for books

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Oct. 21st, 2010



Who: Fujiko and everyone who wants to see her boobies <3
Where: The beach
When: Around noon
What: She's just sunbathing, at the moment

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Oct. 19th, 2010


002 ✩ Voice

Only been here one day and already feeling antsy. Maybe thinking I'd last a week was too much. [ joke only to maybe himself here... then in a lower tone: ] So is this day three hundred and fifty-nine or sixty?

So how many are meeting people they 'knew' in their dream? Was it... Was it the same dream?

[ already has the answer for him, but finding out if others are experiencing it too is a good thing! ]


[ text // privated to Lelouch vi Britannia, making no effort to conceal who it is from ]

[ The idea that she's been talking to - helping - one of Euphie's killers is something abhorrent to her. It sickens her, some terrible godawful dread in her stomach that keeps working outward - what if she's helped one of them do it? What if she's just getting them closer to Euphie?

And the idea that both of them have already talked to Euphie, gotten that close to her, gotten anywhere near her...

Rage is an inappropriate word. This is something far, far worse.

But, even so, she still wants to believe in them. She wants to believe that Suzaku meant what he said, that even though he's an Eleven that he really has earned his honorary citizenship and that even though Lelouch has lied to them all that he hasn't gone this far.

So she looks at the timer function on the phone and rapidly composes a text message with Cornelia's original words. She'll give him two minutes to answer - and after that, he is guilty. ]

Lelouch vi Britannia. Suzaku Kururugi. They are dangerous terrorists. It is imperative we work together to not fall to their deceitful manners. Princess Nunnally could be in danger.

Extremely dangerous.
No, they are no longer associated with the Black Knights.

Lelouch vi Britannia murdered the 98th Emperor Charles zi Britannia and assumed control of all of Britannia. He has committed several crimes of terrorism, including taking members of the U.F.N. hostage.

He has appointed Suzaku Kururugi as his personal knight. Use caution when around either.

-Cornelia li Britannia

lelouch vi brittannia



[ text | private ]

[ only lightning and the staff should be able to spot this. ]

Our meeting place. We decided to put off the decision until today; I have preference to outdoors, even with the commotion at the beach.

Oct. 18th, 2010


( VIDEO ♕ 01 )

[This all had to be Schneizel's doing. For one, Lelouch wasn't stupid enough to try to put her in a mental ward with the illusion that everything that had happened was merely a fabrication of her comatose mind. Only one who wished to rewrite a history with her would be ignorant enough to do such a thing. However, Cornelia li Britannia decides the best thing to do is to play along with this foolish game. Cooperation with her enemies was one subject this fighter normally would be unable to stomach, but this was something she must do for answers.]

[Click. Dull colored orbs stare blankly at the video screen. She screws her lips together distastefully as she ponders on how to begin this recording. Being constantly monitored. It was as though she was the Emperor's puppet once again.]

A fiction of the mind. I don't believe in that for a moment.

[Well, she would try her best to get along with her foe. It was only natural of her to show some resistance as the fire burns passionately in her eyes, narrowing her gaze.]

I remain unclear of several things and choose to remain neutral to any ideas presented to me. I am either a devil or an angel, nothing in-between.

[Such nonsense was courtly enough to remind her of her dear brother Clovis. Was he not real? If Clovis wasn't real, then Schneizel wasn't real. If Schneizel wasn't real, then Euphie...]

[A sudden choke forces itself from her throat at the mere thought of an existence without Euphemia. Bringing her thumb up over the buttons, she disconnects the feed, unable to continue with this charade momentarily.]


01 | [Voice]

[There is a brief interlude where the only thing that comes through is the sound of fumbling. Some of us suck at technology, okay? But after a few moments, a soft but clear voice comes through.]

Hello, everyone. My name is Nunnally vi Britannia.

I know our circumstances might seem overwhelming right now. It might be scary to feel like we have lost everything, but I hope that we can help one another during our recovery. No one needs to feel alone.

[There's a small but pregnant pause before she wraps things up.]

It's nice to meet you all, and I wish that we can all become very good friends.


[ action ♟ open ]

Who: Lelouch & whomever
Where: Library
When: Evening.
What: The rare occasion that Lelouch ventures out of his room.

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[ Just like the announcements said, the beach is open for use -- a bit of a grand opening to celebrate includes music, balloons and burgers and sausage straight from the grill. A temporary buffet table is set up with a few picnic benches, to the left of the changing booths. Attendants will help you get your food, will monitor the waters for any signs of trouble and will be happy to get you anything you might need for a fun day in the sun.

Swimwear, life vests, beach toys and towels are supplied for any patient venturing that way by the staff on request, but venturing into the water isn't required. If you do take a dip, you'll notice that after swimming a small distance that the area is enclosed with a high metal fence. The holes in the water-immersed sections are small enough to prevent large fish to enter without restricting some of the smaller species. If swimming isn't your thing, just sit back and relax in the sand, or chat up your fellow patients. Get to get to know the people those voice posts and videos belong to.

This is an open-style post meaning post/reply/spam threads all you like with your characters if they're going to be at the beach today. Feel free to make separate posts for your own purposes as well, this is just a mixer! ]


[ DAY 02 ]

[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]

Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. I am your warden. Today is day two.

As promised, the beach has been opened for all of you to use. The lovely weather has persisted and it is supposed to be even hotter than yesterday. There will be balloons, music, and party food for all to enjoy. Swimwear, lifevests, beach toys and towels are supplied for any patient venturing that way, but if you have eaten a large meal within the past fourty-five minutes, staff will discourage you from going into the water.

On the topic of meals, today's breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert is a specially prepared buffet of many dishes you may find very familiar. If patients are happy with this several of these items may become regularly served.

Thank you, and please enjoy the rest of the day.

[ If your character has a favorite food that is obtainable in the real world, you'll find it in the buffet at the appropriate time, and it'll taste as good as they remember it. The beach is also opened and you're all free to start threads set there.

Also note that characters are free to reply to this post. Depending on your comment you may get a reply from Linda herself, and don't hesitate to chat each other up here. ]

Oct. 17th, 2010



[The screen is filled with an image of a person from nose to neck. His mouth is an expressionless line, and his voice comes out like a bored drawl.]

I'm tired of listening to everyone complain about being here, acting like it's some kind of conspiracy. If you all hadn't noticed, this is a mental hospital. I'd trust the staff over the insane ramblings of the patients who are here to be rehabilitated. Think about that.

It's sad how gullible you all are. I'll try to get out of here as fast as I can just to get away from you pathetic losers. Wake up and smell the disinfectant.

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