November 15th, 2010

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[ The PDA crackles to life, and the network has been updated. ]
Welcome, patients. My name is Doctor Linda Grey. Today is day six.

Thankfully, such gloomy weather is finally starting to be put behind us. The rain has subsided to a light drizzle and the clouds are to be blown away by the late afternoon, and the sun will shine brightly once again.

Please give a warm welcome to Alice Elliot, Mitsunari Ishida, Edward Elric and Nico Robin.

Thank you, and please try to enjoy the day.

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[action | open~]

Who: Kotomi and anyone who feels like joining her
Where: Common room
When: Noon-ish, after Dr. Grey's announcement
What: A very somber bookworm tries to figure out what she should do until she meets with one of her friends.

Won't you come join~? )