November 12th, 2010

[info]lasairstairiui in [info]remodeled

002 ♠ [Voice]

Oi, Yuu!

Where are ya? I think the two o' us needs ta meet!

[Pause] I also got soba for ya if ya come.

[A brief silence]

Oh yeah, anyone else is free ta talk ta me too. 'm sure the rest o'ya went through therapy as well. 'm free if ya wanna talk about it.

[info]fiercegoldeyes in [info]remodeled


*Ed’s fiddling with the device (he’s never been much good with machines… or at least not that he remembers) and the video feed is clicking on and off as he does so, without him realizing it. Eventually it stops, and he can be seen staring blankly at the device, fingers idly tapping its side.*

So none of it… even happened…? All of it was a lie…?

*he’s murmuring mostly to himself, brow furrowing in thought, a frown pulling on his lips. Then suddenly his expression hardens in determination*

No. It had to be real. All I have to do is transmu—

*and then he stops again, eyes wide. He can’t finish that sentence, because he realizes that no, he can’t prove it to himself with alchemy. And that makes him bow his head, face hidden behind his bangs*


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[action & closed.]

Who: Axel and Vanitas.
Where: Cafeteria and hallways.
When: Day Five; around lunchtime.
What: Axel and Vanitas both recognize people at Yellow Brick who remind them of people they aren't.

Vanitas didn't like the boy's existence, not a bit. )