November 3rd, 2010

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002 - Voice & Video

[The redhead is seen, mouth moving like he's cussing under his breath. His arms seem a bit scratched up, there are bags under his eyes and he looks more than irritated. It's obvious he was restrained before with how he rubs at his raw wrists. It was probably for refusing the medicine. ]

Fucking hell - they still won't give me a cig, or even the damn patch. [He sighs and rubs his upper arm where a bandage covers an injection site]

I hate withdrawals. Hate 'em, hate 'em, hate 'em. The headaches, the bottomless pit my stomach become, the insomnia. If I thought my vision was bad before, it's worse now that my one eye is on the fritz, everything's fuzzy because I can't concentrate, can't sleep.

Whatever meds they tried to give me to make me sleep haven't worked. Been up for nearly 48 hours by now, I think. Still no sign of the Dog. Hell if anyone needed some head shrinking you'd think he'd be the first tossed in a joint like this. That or his bug eyes friend... or those really creepy twins.

[Badou shudders at he memories, rubs his upper arms and gnaws on his raw lower lip. He's obviously troubled by whoever these people he mentioned are, though no one besides Naoto will really understand.]

I can't find my camera neither. Anyone see it? Mighta dropped it when I went out the other day searching the levels with Naoto. That or these creepy nurses took it. If nothing else I'd at least like to blackmail people take photos again.

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Who: Xion and ANYONE
Where: The library
When: After therapy
What: Xion wants to hide but I need her to get CR!, and the library seems secluded enough.

[She is never eating pancakes again. That is an immutable fact that she has even written down so that even if she forgets being horrified by the memory and waking up to pancake smells, she'll know that she once was. Oh god, she doesn't want to forget.

Instead of getting some sort of lunch into her empty stomach, she's huddled in a secluded corner of the library. She would hide on the beach again, she wants to be as far from this place as physically possible, but it's storming and they would probably drag her back inside, kicking and screaming. The same way they dragged her to the hospice to inject her medication after she tried throwing it up. And the same way they dragged her to therapy.

She doesn't understand why she stopped fighting after getting to therapy. The sudden feeling of calm almost scares her more than potential memory loss.]

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Who: Francis York Morgan and OPEN
What: Smoke break and possible socialization
When: Post therapy, possibly around dusk
Where: In one of the designated outside smoking areas, near the gardens

How do you move in a world of fog that's always changing things || Makes me wish that I could be a dog when I see the price that you pay )

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[Naoto's tired from what little she's tried to do here, her eyes have deep dark circles, her shoulders are tense, and there's a bit of strain to her face - she feels like sleeping, giving up.]

[But she won't. She needs to take her mind off things.]

Is anyone interested in a spar?