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Um, hi everybody! This is Ash here and I'll be taking a hiatus. Things are too hectic for me right now with the holidays coming up and all. I'll be gone for a week or two at most. And I apologize to all of those I've threaded with.

See you guys in a week! (or two)



Insanejournal account sale on Friday the 26th! It's for one day only and permanent accounts are going to be $35.


o rite

HI this is Ketsu and I'm bringing in Dalque from Code Geass: Nightmare of Nunnally. She's a former child soldier who is not going to be pleased with all of this.

Introin her tomorrow after day post goes up!


*crawls over to post this*

Ummm, I think I came down with something. I've felt like puking and Yellowbrick Xion is just not talking to me right now. ;; So, um...hiatus for the next week? I don't remember exactly how hiatuses work here, but it's been so long and I wanted to make sure everyone knew I hadn't forgotten Remodeled existed. ;A;


I am going to stop being annoying after this.

First off:

Doesn't look like I'll be getting back on AIM any time soon. Our computer has been having freezing issues as its RAM is being exhausted very easily, most of which comes from AIM for some reason.
I'll still be online for any other type of chatting/plotting/etc, though~ (Contact post made in this journal)


Apologies for dropping Chane (and so quickly), but I was having some issues playing her. I don't think I could play her for much longer without going massively out of character. ¬_¬
But my OCD (damn you!) wants me to have two characters (plus its more fun with two amirite), so please soon say hello to Marisa Kirisame from the Touhou Project series who is looking forward to flirting with all of the boys that don't exist in Gensokyo~

Oi, sorry again about the troubles I've caused. This is so much fun. And I act like a buffoon. ;_;


Hello, everyone!

Fresh meat here~ My name's Stormy, and today I bring with me Nico Robin from that hella long pirate series--imean One Piece. She's a calm, calculating bookworm who can break backs and snoops through everything. And she's the smartest of the Straw Hats, but she says some weird stuff so just... nod your head and wave hello!

Nice to meet you all and I hope we can have a bunch of fun~



waddup, peoples!

after Fletchu accidentally pulled me into your chat during an invite rampage, i have found myself knocking at your game's door! since some of you probably have no idea who i am, i'll tell you. i am Hika, and from here on out, i'll be playing your resident Edward Elric from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga.

he's post-series (GASP), which means he's a little older, a little more mature, and
so if i hear ANY short jokes... YOU GET THE SUSPICIOUS EYES B|

that said, i'm looking forward to playing with everybody~! :3

oh, i forgot. my AIM is hikaranko87, and Ed's permissions post is here. HIKA, OUT~



Oh hey, it's Oli.

After a crappy hiatus with Road, I'm back in the game! With a new character to boot. Alice Elliot from Shadow Hearts because she's gooey goodness and I need someone not-evil to play around here! Anyway, stopping with the babbling, she will be coming in "today" and Road will be coming back "tomorrow" IC. Road relapsed, for the record, but will retain her memories of the first few days in the building. Alice is fresh meat.

Anyhoo, my AIM's OurGravities if anyone wants to talk/plot/chat, and I look forward to gooing on you with my gooey goodgirl. That sounds kinda gross, I should stop talking.



HI, seki here with a second (technically third) character, the triangular Mitsunari Ishida from the Sengoku Basara series! He's from way back when and so will be very confused about all things electronic, and is also based upon a real-life historical figure and shares a name with said figure, so feel free to recognize his name!

AIM is still mad4bananaz, and I'll throw up an intro/permissions/etc tomorrow when I'm less sleepy. LOOKING FORWARD TO PLAYING WITH EVERYONE ETC I should not write intros when this tired

Also of note!!!! Euphie is off of hiatus starting tomorrow ICly.



I'm back from vacation/hiatus!

Anyone want to talk plot? I would appreciate that!



Ethan here, breaking the flow of the past few mod announcements to intro their new character!

Everyone, this is Vriska Serket. Vriska is kind of a big jerk. She's also a very melodramatic thirteen year old (or the troll equivalent thereof). Did I mention that she's a troll? Because she is. Like, she's born on Alternia, the trollplanet, and she has a different physiology and culture and biology and-

You know what, screw it. Doesn't matter that much anyway, since she's waking up completely human! And also missing an arm and an eye, thanks to a bit of an event with an explosion caused by a semi-omnipotent, semi-omniscient being.

As always, I'll be posting with her pretty much as soon as I get accepted into the communities. If you ever want to drop me a line or plot something out, I can be found at Derpy Angel @ AIM or!

See you guys soon. C::::



You guys are probably wondering what's up exactly with therapy so here's a post to clear things up for anyone who is confused.

You can assume your character has gone to their therapy at any time. They will be escorted to the room either gently or by force (if necessary). The moment you enter the room you'll start to feel relaxed and nearly sedated. The fight, if you have any in you, will drain and you will be passive. Details as to what you talk about will be vague and centered around your home world; you might remember talking about the climate, what the people are like, etc. but nothing beyond the mundane.

When you exit the room after your hour-long session, it's up to you if your character still feels relaxed or not, but they won't remember any of their false memories just yet. They might feel especially disoriented, but when they next go to sleep-- be it a nap or for the night-- they will recall a small bit of their memory.

To copypaste something I said earlier about significant vs small: Small is something like remembering a haircut you had and what point of your life you had it at. Or maybe how the tones sounded when you dialed your own home phone, drawing pictures in a certain room of the house, etc. Vague snapshots that are relevant.

Whereas significant is varied from character to character. Basically the idea is something that is significant to your character's (false-memories-'verse) development-- a precious memory. You'd also recall more of an event rather than a snippet, IE the time your best friend confessed to you vs the vague memory that someone confessed to you and it was uncomfortable.

Everything recalled would be vague to a point of course but significant is supposed to be much more vivid.

Additionally, we've decided on the new pace for therapy! It will be every third day from here on. And every third session a significant memory will be regained; these days will be noted.

For this therapy session please leave a comment here with what you'd like to have your character remember and we'll let you know if it's not okay.

Thank you!


mod post - new mod & dropped characters

Hello everyone. This is [info]shiki and I've taken over as the current mod for this game. We've had a lot of things happen the past week and I am really hoping that we can salvage the game due to requests made by the players.

Due to the abruptness of the situation, I am asking all of our current players to reply to this post with whether or not they plan to continue playing or if they are dropping. I would like to tidy up the taken lists as soon as possible. If you would like to continue playing, but need a break, please comment here to be placed on hiatus status (which means your character has relapsed into their coma).

I would also like to remind all players that therapy is this week and it is mandatory. I look forward to seeing the community spring back to life this week with all of the reflections of the new memories gained. If you have any questions regarding therapy, please don't hesitate to ask.

There also were a couple of edits made to the DAY FOUR announcement. Thanks for checking it out.


mod notice - closure

Okay, so here's the deal.

The game is either closed, as this post used to read, or it stands a chance of being revamped. Restarted. This, however, means that we need players to step up for modship as the old two are officially stepping down. The plot will need to be redone, and there is a chance of working it into the plot so far -- or restarting entirely from scratch.

As it stands there is no plot, but I will happily discuss what I know of what it was/ what was briefly planned.

So please reply here if you'd be interested in stepping in or have something to say on how you think things should be handled. I apologize for the abruptness of earlier.



I'm going on vacation, so I'm gonna be gone until around November 10th.

If anyone wants to plot for when I get back, shoot me an e-mail!



Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of remodeled.

My name is Jess, or Nick if you prefer and I am bringing Gilbert G.P. Guilford to the Yellow Brick Institute. I look forward to tagging with everyone and sincerely hope that I can have a pleasant experience with you all. I apologize for this short introduction, but I hope if anyone has any questions or comments that they will bring them forward so that I may answer them post haste.

Thank you and have a pleasant day.

PS: Information about Guilford (or how to contact me outside of this game/permissions post) are found on my journal, or in the following links:



'lo, all! I'm brand new to the game and I thought I'd take a minute to write up a quick introduction!

My name's Milq and I'll be bringing Francis York Morgan from the wonderfully bizarre Deadly Premonition into the game. The basics behind York (call him York - everyone does) are that he's a slightly eccentric FBI agent - further details on him and his backstory can be found here on his journal (or, if you don't mind spoiling pretty much the entire game, a ton of information can be found at this really good fansite) and his permissions are here.

So, I think that's about it! If you ever want to chat or plot (and I'm always up for plotting out just about anything!) please feel free to poke me at HolyOrBroken or, if that won't work, feel free to use the email listed on York's profile. I don't bite and I love conversation, so there's no reason to be shy about contacting me. I really look forward to getting to know and getting to play with you all!



I'm still here! Really! I survived. orz

I kind of wanted to apologize to the people whose threads I dropped -- between midterms and the (very much relevant) stress-related sickness I had during and after, I just didn't have the time to get back to you guys, and I'm sorry. Once I got home in the afternoons for the most part I would just crash out for the entire night and have to get back up and repeat in the morning. I should be able to be around a little more now that I'm not completely fried and running all over the place like a mad thing.

If anyone wants me to pick anything up, please tell me, I am always happy to do so, so don't be shy.



Hello, hello!

Just another mod post, this time to get opinions on Tagging entries in the IC Community. Currently we only tag the poster with the exception of actions post, but some members have mentioned they'd like/ are used to another method which is to allow commenting characters' tags be added to the entry. So we'd like to get some opinions!

If we are to change to the second method, it will be up to you to add your tag to entries you comment on. (But kind members may also do it if they spot the tag is missing!) What we are considering, with this change, is that it become mandatory to add tags to the entries with activity that will be counted for the Activity Checks. In order to keep things organized, you will have to ensure your tags are on entries you make and comment on in order for it to be considered valid.

We'd like your feedback on this! It's not yet set in stone.

Also, your input on Therapy sessions would be great! We're taking into consideration some concerns from the anonmeme, and are thinking of possibly reworking how therapy works. Please go and get your say in!

If you feel like advertising for us, here is where you can get your hands on some helpful coding. We'd really appreciate it!

And finally, reminder of an Activity Check to becoming up in roughly two weeks after next week's scheduled therapy session. (So please hurry and get your say in on potential changes to therapy!) It'll be a standard link-your-passing-threads with short summary, but we also intend on having you guys tell us there what your character remembered for the therapy session.



HI GUYS, a few things I'd like to bring up to everyone!

First of all, I'd like to point you in this direction. That's an advertisement code! Please don't hesitate to help us advertise around and get more players. It's been slow and I think that's also in part to us being a smaller game, so everyone, let's grow!

SECONDLY, therapy is soon. Due to a concern brought up on an anon meme we'd like to ask you guys your opinion on how that goes-- every four weeks may be too long a wait to keep players interested. Losing your memories we're definitely going to keep the way it is, but gaining is what we're unsure of.

Also due to some issues regarding micromanagement-- we can't possibly keep track of everyone in the game-- we're also definitely changing it so things are more clockwork. You'll gain significant memories every third session instead of starting to gain significant ones from the third session outwards. So keep that in mind.

This coming therapy will stay the same as outlined in the FAQ (vague things recalled next week) but for future therapies, which is better:

- Keep it the same. So that means every four weeks you gain a small piece of memory, and every third therapy (that's three months) you start to gain things that are more significant. I can clarify on what small and significant means in this case.

- Change the pace. So every third day is therapy, and you gain more significant memories every second therapy session.

- Keep the pace, step up the significance. So every fourth day is therapy but you remember things that aren't so small right off the hop.

- Something else! Tell us your ideas, we'd love to hear what you think.

Then thirdly, activity check! That's also coming up after therapy. It'll be a standard link-your-passing-threads with short summary, but we also intend on having you guys tell us there what your character remembered for the therapy session.

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