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Nov. 26th, 2009


The happy Family

Who: The Cleage Clan
When: Day after the baby is born
Why: So that people can get to know the baby
Where: Reesyn Hospital
Rating TBD
Status: Incomplete, and backdated.

Hannah had spent many hours before, and after the contractions had started, attempting to bring the baby into this world, she was finally rewarded, and with her faithful husband at her side as her coach and her lover, she laid in bed with the baby, counting toes. Soon though, the night's events claimed her, and she fell asleep. Hunter, and Lisbeth were there too, hanging out and sleeping in the same room.

Jun. 2nd, 2009


Who: Victor and Maggie
When: Backdated; some time in December, near Christmas. [Shall figure out and edit in.]
Where: Victor’s hotel room, but might be changed to his apartment.
Rating/Warning: Ahhh? PG-13?
Status: Incomplete - Log

Victor had been driving back to the hotel room he was staying at in Reesyn, until he could find a permanent place. He had his cell phone in his hand with Maggie highlighted on it, he had already called her several times but he could never work up the courage to talk to her. Jason already threatened to subjugate Victor in a horrible display of embarrassment by talking to Maggie for him. Victor begged and pleaded and now hopes that Jason didn’t do what he feared.

He through his bag of groceries on the table next to the T.V and began to lie down, he had been helping Jason with Krugen, who he thought was dead but apparently not. He was surprised to find Jason made vamp friends; anyone who knew Jason knew that was an interesting change. He was unaware of what was in his room as he laid on the bed, his back to the window not noticing the first snowfall.

She stood silently, starring into the darkness of the room, even after the door was opened and Victor entered it. The woman smelt the young man before he’d ever gotten to the door. The senses were heightened more than even usual because of her current state. Her eyes were darker, the bright blue had faded and been replaced with a color resembling a dark crimson-nearly black. They caught sight out the window of the snow, and a faint chuckle escaped her lips. The first sound she’d made since she’d settled against the wall, before Victor had returned.


May. 25th, 2009


Who: Lis and Hunter.
Why: It is his birthday and Lis got a couple days pass out of the place, to see him for his birthday.
When: May 24th
Status: Incomplete
Rating: TBD

Lis was dressed in a crisp brown dress, that was all crinoline at the skirt, and sateen at the shoulders and waist, she had a cream colored sweater buttoned over her slender, creamy shoulders, the sweater had brown embroidered flowers on it. Then she had on brown, thick heeled, Mary Jane like shoes, that were satin and buttoned over the foot.

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May. 19th, 2009


Who: Hunter & Hannah
Where: New York & Reesyn
Why: After this the ass face/dickwad figured he really better pick up a phone.
Status: Incomplete
Rating: PG-13, probably, for language.

It was still early, just after his mom had left for work, but before Orrick had gotten up for school. Hunter had just happened to be awake, bored, and so he'd gotten on the computer and gotten the message from his sister. And realized maybe it really was time to stop being a dickhead.

So he found himself slipping onto the fire escape. He pulled up her number, then hit send, and waited for her to answer the phone (never mind the time difference).

May. 12th, 2009


Who: Jackson and Hannah.
Where: The doctor and then the diner
Why: Hannah has a doctors appointment.
Status: Incomplete.

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Apr. 3rd, 2009


Who: Murphy and Kali
Where: The diner, a few weeks after killing his father.
Why: He was deep in thought, depressed, happy, concerned. He was all over the place.
Status: Incomplete.
Rating-Pg-13 for his potty mouth.

Murphy walked into the diner in a haze, he took the seat he was given, then he stared at the menu for what felt like hours, deep in thought. He vaguely noticed the dark haired girl walking around,serving the others around him. That made him think of Lady Vader, which made him smile like a loon for a few moments, but then he was back to being pensive and moody. Deciding on a coffee, black, some fries and a chili cheese burger, he leaned back in his seat and began to people watch. Waiting for the moment that the dark haired cutie would come over and take his order?

Feb. 28th, 2009


Who: Kae and Mike
Where: Mike's apartment
When: Saturday, February 28 - morning

Kaelana hadn't returned to her trailed the previous night after she had left the biker bar when her eight hour shifted had ended. She had been restless, though not quite in the mood to prowl around the town under the cloak of darkness, so she had sought out the one person who could satate the restlessness that welled within in.

When the first rays of sunlight filtered in through the slight crack in the drawn curtains Kae had roused herself. Slipping easily from within the wrap of the strong arm around her, managing quite well not to wake the man, Kaelana found one of Mike's shirts to slip into before padding softly off toward the small kitchen to get breakfast started. Even though it was still early Kae knew she couldn't stay all that much longer. The dark haired she wolf would probably leave shortly after breakfast had been finished.

Feb. 24th, 2009


Who: Joey, OPEN
When: Feb 21, 2009. Saturday. 1PM-ish
Where: Just outside Dark Alley Comics!
Rating/Warning: At least in the PG-15 area I'm sure. Joey's a foul mouth man!

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Feb. 8th, 2009



who Locked jason and liz and some npc's
what after 2 weeks out of town looking for krugen jason meets with an angry liz
where bar then Jasons apratment

rated M



Dec. 14th, 2008


Who: Jackson, Hannah, Lis and Hunter
When: Sunday afternoon
Where: At Hannah and Jackson's trailer.
Rating/Warning: TBD

Jackson was standing on the deck cooking dinner. Hannah had asked Lisbeth and Hunter over for dinner where they could tell them both that they were engaged and that Hannah was pregnant. He was so incredibly happy about both he wanted to shout from the rooftops. He was cooking steak on the grill and had potatoes and veg cooking inside.

Dec. 6th, 2008


Who: Jackson Briggs and OPEN
When: Saturday evening
Where: Shopping Mall
Rating/Warning: TBD

Jackson was shopping for some things for the nursery for Hannah and his baby. He wanted to surprise Hannah by picking up some things. He bought a crib and some other necessary items. He picked up some more baby clothes. He also picked up a few things for Hannah.

Dec. 1st, 2008


Who: Andrea, OPEN
When: Nov 29, 2008. Saturday. 1pm
Where: The Coffee shop/cafe, sitting at one of the outside/sidewalk tables.
Rating/Warning: TBA

The sad thing, really, was that Andrea couldn't even pretend to be too surprised by it. The other girls had been nice enough, and she's always known it was going to happen. They just, didn't click. She was always sort of the odd one out, and she knew she got on their nerves sometimes. Hell, she seemed to get on everyone's nerves sometimes. She couldn't really seem to help that though.

Bundled up in a hoodie, messenger bag slung over her chair, she sat slumped toward the outside table. She had a notebook in front of her, along with a huge cup of hot cocoa, and was scribbling quickly. Her normally fun, bubbly, happy songs, had suddenly taken a slightly darker edge, it seemed, but dammit, she was sad. She went from being in an awesome, kickass, all girl band, to suddenly not being. Sure, now she could sing the songs she wrote, but that didn't do much good since she didn't have a band anymore.

She was so caught up in her thoughts and the notebook in front of her, she didn't even notice someone approaching her table.


Who: Kali, OPEN
When: Dec 1st, 5pm
Where: The diner
Rating/Warning: TBA

It always struck the little brunette how crazy some people got when December finally rolled around. She understood Christmas could be a little stressful, really, but the crazy.. Well it was really crazy sometimes. Or maybe it was more the craziness that started the day after thanksgiving. Good lordy, that'd been scary! She wasn't even shopping and people had run her over (luckily they were on foot at the time).

Luckily for Kali, she wasn't working in an actual store of any kind, so most of the crazy was diverted away from her. Although, there was no lack of holiday cheer within the diner. Oh no, the place was full blown decorated, and no need to worry about politically correct. There wasn't a holiday the owner missed.

Mostly the twinkling lights all over had started to give her a headache 3 hours into her shift. Or maybe that was the Christmas song playing on repeat.

Or maybe the truth was she was just tired and everything was giving her a headache today. Not that she was tired in the lack of sleep sort of way, no, because she'd been getting plenty of that. It was more in the, her friends were busy, Stephen was still Stephen, and the band she managed was still his, and everything was sort of piling on top of her, and she maybe hated Christmas a little bit anymore.

Actually, most holidays weren't really high on her list of likes.

So needless to say, the little brunette was in a bit of a grumpy mood, though she tried her best to hide it with a smile for the customers. Sighing to herself as she took a seat on one of the counters stools. Her customers were all good for the moment, and so she leaned her head against the counter and let her eyes slide close.

Nov. 30th, 2008


Two days before Lis' party

Who: Kae and Mike.
When: Two days before Lis' birthday, he showed up in Reesyn, but only stopped in to see one person. Backdated.
Why: He hadn't seen her in a very long time, he comes with wild flowers.
Rating:TBD and Status: Incomplete.

Mike drove to Reesyn, the contents of his life in the back of his pick up truck and on small hitch. He drove slowly into the trailer park, mindful of not being seen, then he parked a little bit away from her place and walked to her door. Leaning on the doorjamb in a relaxed manner, he knocked, flowers clutched in his hand and his eyes downcast, waiting for her to answer.

Nov. 17th, 2008



For all!

As of this post, everything in this community is a continuation of this game, but is officially a private storyline. At the moment, we're not adding new members. Thank-you for your interest, feel free to leave a comment and if this fact changes, we'll be happy to let you know.

For members!
I've updated the mod journal to reflect the changes within this community. I added Ser as a mod, but if any of the rest of you want to be added, let one of us know and that can be done. I wasn't sure if anyone else would be interested, so I figured I'd just leave it be. If you do ask to be made a mod, I ask that you please DO NOT DELETE the old post within this community. They're not hurting you, and I think it'd be rude to delete everyone's hard work and creativity.

Currently we've got 9 characters and 5 players.

As I don't want to simply run this, since there's so few of us, I think we should discuss how we want to handle things like new characters and inviting new players. We can use the OOC for these discussions, if y'all want, since it's just sitting there.

Nov. 11th, 2008


Who: Jackson Briggs and Hannah Cleage
When: Tuesday evening.
Where: At their trailer.
Rating/Warning: TBD

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Oct. 4th, 2008


Who: Hunter & Hannah ATM!
When: BACKDATE: Sept 24, 2008. 2pm-ish
Where: The Trailer Park
Rating/Warning: TBA

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Sep. 23rd, 2008


Who: Liz Collins; LOCKED to Kali Andrews
When: Monday September 22nd, sometime after Kali gets out of work.
Where: The Hospital, at the vending machine not far from Jason’s room.
Rating/Warning: TBD

It had been a very long day, and Liz hadn’t slept very much. She had a little bit, here n’ there, but nothing really, but her system was use to all nighters. Currently she was at the vending machine getting a bunch of things that weren’t exactly healthy or an actual meal, but, could be considered Liz’s comfort foods. She’d pretty much only been eating that type of food all day. She’d turned around, nearly running into Kali. The blond should have figured that she’d be coming to see her, since Liz had left a message but hadn’t heard from her friend as of yet. She smiled tiredly at her.


Who: Liz Collins, Jason Calderon, and a NPCed Markus
When: Sunday late evening/Monday morning – September 21st/22th, around 10AM
Where: The apartment complex, and then the Hospital
Rating: PG-13 for a little bit of swearing here n’ there.

Liz gets home late, after getting off on the wrong floor, she spots a very badly beaten Jason, and then with her friend’s help gets him to the hospital; where she refuses to leave him wit by himself. )

Sep. 19th, 2008


Dawn of a New Day

Who: Kaelana and open to anyone living in the trailer park
When: Thursday - Morning
Where: Her trailer
Rating: TBD

Kaelana sat on the deck outside her trailer. In front of her on the wood constructed table was a laptop. Beside it to the left was a freshly brewed mug of coffee, her first of the morning. With her first and foremost priority of the previous night upon her return to town being the seeking out some of her pack, Rogue had forgone checking her emails and messages. That was a task she decided to leave for the rising of a new day the following morning. A task she was now immersing herself in.

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