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ladies and gentlemen, the world's most heavily-policed ffa [29 Jul 2017|07:45pm]

all right, haters, ffa time! here's the game.

comment with an unpopular opinion you suspect that only you have. then comment agree/disagree and discover how many opinions redwood has are trash. use that as a chance to start a conversation.

notifs are off, anon is on (but i'm not sure if it's necessary), and i'll be waiting around to shut the shit down at the first time of weird racism, sexism, ableism, or anything else that you wouldn't want your granny to know about.
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[20 Jul 2017|07:52pm]


whether you're in a committed relationship sitting on the couch in your matching pj's, tinder swipin' til your fingers burn or happily single with your bowl of ice cream, we're gonna play a little game. forgot match made in heaven or hell, this is match made in whatever we decide. comment below with any (or all) of the following things: picture(s) of yourself, just your name, a little intro on who you are, a gif that speaks to you, a quote, something stereotypically you, whatever else, and then people are gonna comment you back and make wild assumptions about you and relationships. the type of person you attract, the type of person you usually go for, the type of person they think you should date or could see you being with vs the type of person who it would end in disaster with, how you act in relationships, what your last relationship was like/what your current relationship is like, you could even play matchmaker between the citizens of redwood and mutual friends because why the hell not? anon's on too, let's have fun.
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free for all! [13 Jul 2017|09:56am]

the week after a holiday is rough on everyone. with another two days to go to the weekend, let's let off some steam and socialize with our neighbors here in redwood. have something to get off your chest, hot goss, praise you wanna give but are too shy to do so? anon is enabled but i'm not going to tolerate any funny business, be your best selves. 😎🤙
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free for all: tmi thursday edition 👀 [29 Jun 2017|01:08pm]

in the mood to air some dirty laundry? have a confession that you need to get off your chest? or maybe you just want to get to know some of your fellow redwoodians a little more personally. let's get thru that last slump in the work week with a tmi free for all! ask each other personal questions, ask for advice, ask for customs. and don't worry if you're not in an oversharing mood, you can still comment and participate! just let us know what's up before people start asking for your most embarrassing sex story or who you last thought about while touching yourself. anon is on, but play nice. i have no problem shutting assholes down.
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anon will be enabled but screened first just in case! [28 Jun 2017|12:41pm]

i've declared it a time for a honey roast! comment around, comment about yourself, comment about the person who commented above you! only rule included is what you say must be positive vibes only!

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eid mubarak! welcome to your ffa [25 Jun 2017|08:32pm]


hey, pals. we're coming off of a pretty successful pride week. the town came together with a lot of good will, and that's awesome. now it's time to put that good will and energy out into the world in an equally visible way.

comment this post with something you like about the person who commented above you and something you like about yourself. if you don't know them, go with your gut. tell them how pretty they are or go deep diving on their page. then, hop around and tell the other commenters something you admire about them. be charitable. spread some good will. warm those cold, dead hearts.

anon is on, in case you're ready to tell someone what a crush you have on them, but know that i'm watching it like a hawk and have no patience for nonsense.
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