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August 11th, 2010


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Hello, everyone, and welcome!

If you please, respond to this post with the name of your character. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your character, and if you have not filled out the preliminary application, please do so now.

Your Name:
Age: (16+/MATURE WRITERS ONLY, please.)
Best way to contact you? (AIM, e-mail, etc.)
Your zombie killin' song:
NAME of the character you are thinking of creating:
Do you have any background info/ideas about your character, yet?
What do you want to see happen in this game? What are your expectations? Your thoughts?

Let's all meet each other and chat. :) I have been working on the layout (how do you all like it so far? <3) and the official character application, which is very nearly complete.

If you would like to MOD, please indicate such in your introduction.

Please note that I will not be keeping posts such as these. They will eventually be transferred to a separate, out of character community which I intend on creating very soon. This asylum, rats_alley, will be specifically for in character game playing.

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