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Friends only in this house. [17 Dec 2017|07:02pm]

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contact. [17 Dec 2017|12:36pm]

sought faces: elizabeth olsen, chloe bennet, melissa benoist, gugu mbatha-raw, kat mcnamara, lili reinhart, vanessa morgan, gal gadot, katie mcgrath, daisy lowe, tessa thompson, lorde, daisy ridley, dove cameron, katrina law, bridget regan, naomi scott. open to others.
kinks and interests: fingering, rough sex, cyber sex, daddy kink, family (step or blood related), object insertion, voyeurism, breast woreship, dun-con, more coming soon. no bathroom sports, please.

edit: at this moment, i have enough lines but if you're seriously interested, have something in mind and i might make an exception!
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[17 Dec 2017|02:02am]

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[17 Dec 2017|01:26am]


Totaly memories: 164
Amount Allowed:

Before the Books:

1 1 Dad dies: ward of the state
2 2 manifestations of magic: and Adoption by Justine DuMorne, magic
3 3 Age sixteen: forced to fight for his life against Justin and an Outsider, as Justin tried to enthrall him; runs, stealing Bob
4 4 gets help from Leanansidhe; fights Justin again, thinks Elaine is dead.
5 5 Trial: Tried for magic law violation, given Doom of Damocles,
6 6 Home again: Watched over and taken in by Ebenezar McCoy,
7 7 Harry, yer a wizard: Member of the white council
8 8 Murphy: Meets Karrin in the troll bridge case, PI licensee on his own</s>

Storm Front:
9 1 Encounters magic drug: Third Eye
10 2 Crosses Karrin, hurting their friendship
11 3 Stops the bad guy
12 4 Fun with Susan
13 5 gets Doom of Damocles lifted

Fool Moon:
14 1 Lobo murders, Marcone, what a lovely surprise,
15 2 Chauncy the demon
16 3 Kim Delaney is dead and arrested
17 4 Kidnapped and shot
18 5 Werewolf battle at the police station
19 6 The Alphas
20 7 Final Battle: Karin and Harry Allies against the darkness

Grave Peril:
21 1 Fighting Agatha,
22 2 Susan, nasty spells, losing the sword
23 3 The dark party
24 4 losing Susan
25 5 tormented by Bianca's vampires,
26 6 War begins
27 7 losing Susan for good.

Summer Knight
28 1 The Coming of the Winter queen
29 2 White Council suckage
30 3 Elaine Mallory is alive!
31 4 Summer Mother/Winter mother
32 5 Battle with the Fae - Rise of the Za Lord

Death Masks:
33 1 Susan again
34 2 Wizard on a silly show
35 3 Denarians, 2 Knights of the Cross, and Vatican peoples, oh my
36 4 Duel with a Dark Prince
37 5 Ivy and Kincaid
38 6 Losing Shiro
39 7 Susan Rar
40 8 Coin grabbed

Blood Rites:
41 1 Dodging flaming monkey poo, acquiring a puppy
42 2 Porn job
42 3 Half Brother...
43 4 Calling in Murphy
44 5 Burning hands

Dead Beat:
45 1 Blackmail
46 2 Becomes a warden
47 3 necromancer dancing
48 4 Alphas
49 5 T-rex
50 6 Shadow of Lasciel

Proven Guilty:
51 1 Monster Mash
52 2 Molly, in all her Glory
53 3 Raith issues
54 4 Karrin demotion
55 4 Apprentice and Doom

White Night
56 1 Serial Killer
57 2 Skavis
58 3 Elaine, again
59 4 Ghoul war
60 5 Raith Truce
61 6 Born a Paranet

Small Favor:
62 1 Gruffs
63 2 Mab
64 3 Summer, Fix, and shotguns
65 4 Denarians again
66 5 Uriel maybe?
67 6 Michael wounded.

Turn Coat:
68 1 Protecting Morgan
69 2 Skinwalker
70 3 A traitor in the council
71 4 Grey Council
72 5 Demonreach
73 6 Battle on the isle
74 7 Alphas and Losses
75 8 Answers

76 1 Susan, and what? Baby?
77 2 Office explodes
78 3 apartment fired
79 4 the blue beetle destroyed
80 4 Murphy alliance
81 5 Molly helps
82 6 Council Betrays
83 7 The FBI
84 8 Lea and the Last gift from his mother
85 9 A good man goes to war
86 10 meeting Odin
87 11 Wounded; The Dark Moment
88 12 Making Bad Deals
89 13 war trails
90 14 Darkest hour: Killing Susan
91 15 Giving up Maggie
92 16 Making a Date
93 17 Dying

Ghost Story:
94 1 Waking Up Dead, discovering Lost time
95 2 Deal or no deal
96 3 Dead war
97 4 Questions
98 5 Evil Bob
99 6 Innocense (Fitz)
100 7 The battle against the Corpsetaker
101 8 Learning the truth about Death; Acceptance
102 9 Waking up alive/ Mab/ Demonreach/ Uriel's whisper

Cold Days
103 1 Healing
104 2 Party
105 3 Kill Maeve
106 4 Demonreach's nature
107 5 The purpose of Winter and Summer
108 6 tricks revealed
109 7 Hunt/Santa Claus
110 8 Killing Lily/Killing Maeve
111 9 Santa Claus's secret identity
112 10 Making Demonreach better...

Skin Game:
113 1 headaches
114 2 Queen Mab's job
115 3 Plot is What?
116 4 Enlisting Murphy
117 5 The Heist Crew
118 6 Collecting a sample
119 7 Holy Grail
120 8 Butterspy
121 9 Running Fight
122 10 Carpenter War
123 11 The Shattering
124 12 Uriel, Michael, Amoracchius, Grace
125 13 Recovering at the Carpenters'
126 14 Reconnecting with Maggie
127 15 Heist/Crossing John Marcone
128 16 The Gate of Fire
129 17 The Gate of Ice
130 18 The Gate of Blood
131 19 Artifacts
132 20 Interview with Hades
133 21 Nicodemus and the Grail
134 22 Doublecross/Heist's End
135 23 Hidden Ace
136 24 War in Hell
137 25 Escaping Hell
138 26 Binder's help
139 27 The Jewish Jedi Knight of the Lord
140 28 Loot
141 29 Visiting Karrin
142 30 Talking with Michael

Side Jobs:
143 1 Restoration of Faith
144 2 Vignette
145 3 Something Borrowed
146 4 It’s My Birthday Too
147 5 Heorot
148 6 Day Off
149 7 Backup
150 8 The Warrior
151 9 Last Call
152 10 Love Hurts
153 11 Aftermath

Brief Cases:
154 1 Curses
155 2 AAAA Wizardry
156 3 Even Hand
157 4 B is for Bigfoot
158 5 I Was A Teenage Bigfoot
159 6 Bigfoot on Campus
160 7 Bombshells
161 8 Jury Duty
162 9 Cold Case
163 10 Day One
164 11 A Fistful of Warlocks

List of Items:

silver pentacle
Business card

Phonebook listing

Blasting Rod

Shield Bracelet
Kinetic rings

Cat named Mister
way ruby

Puppy named Mouse
gun #1

gun #2
gun #3

gun #4
new coat

new staff
Dead Man's Talisman

Cane sword
Enchanted rope

Speaking stone
Silver belt buckle

The placard of his name.
The thorn crown

The shroud of Turin
The knife(The spear of destiny)
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[17 Dec 2017|12:40am]


Discord: GorramWolf#0872
EMAIL: gorramwolf@gmail.com
AVAILABILITY: All over the place due to medical issues.


NAME: Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden
JOURNAL: wizardinthebook
PLAYED BY: Paul Blackthorne
FANDOM: Dresden Files
CANON POINT: End of Skin Game

Being a Sorcerer!
Battling bad guys!
Eventually bringing a game-wide cult plot to the OC, possibly more than once!
Magic shenanigans!
Maybe reconnecting with Elaine!
Investigating things that are bad and weird.
Maybe teaching some classes.
Possibly pinch bartending, if needed.

CANON HISTORY: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Dresden#Fictional_biography

IN GAME HISTORY: Born in Orange County to a stage magician and a psychic, Harry was beloved by his parents, but they had made enemies. They were killed, first his mother, then his father, when Harry was a very young age. First, he was taken in by one of those men, a bounty hunter and con man named Justin DuMorne, who was abusive and angry. He was 'rescued' by a US marshall who just happened to know two people dying to adopt a young boy like him.

From age 13 on, Harry grew up a happy kid in Chicago, and a bouncy one, with two loving adoptive parents, who happened to be lawyers, the descendants of a family of lawyers stretching back into the 1500s. His family were members of a law firm that they had helped found long ago, and was supposedly a bastion of good and right. Harry grew up with neighbors and townspeople all telling him how amazing his family was, and how much they had been helped. It was only when he hit age 18 and started on an internship, already well into his lawyerly studies years ahead of his mark, that he began to discover things were not as they seemed.

His family and the law firm they belonged to were actually sharks, owning a portion of the town they lived in, and they were not, by any means, a bastion of good. In fact, when he realized all they did, on a regular basis, it was the opposite that came to mind. Oh, he knew that was over-dramatic and that his family and the firm were far from evil, but sometimes he felt that way. And he decided to be the opposite of them.

Unknown to him, they were, indeed, a bastion of evil. The law firm was the center of a neo-satanic cult who had been responsible for murders, kidnappings, tortures and more, stretching back to their founding. Never caught, never discovered, Harry, unbeknownst to anyone, held a piece of proof of their true selves, a locked tome given him by his real great grandfather. But Harry neither knew this, nor how to open the book.

Entering law school, he exceeded all expectations, he managed to get his law degree years ahead of schedule. And immediately set up shop as the lawyer who took the clients who couldn't afford his family's law firm. He went to court and did his best.

And he was good. Mind you, he wasn't the best, or the brightest, but he was good, passionate, and honest, and he won more than he lost. Several times his family and the firm they were in tried to win him over and they failed, each time. And inevitably, he went against them in court, and had the audacity to win.
Of course, that meant that he ended up with people giving him the side-eye, looking to make the firm happy, and life got a little bumpy. Bumpy as in he took on the wrong case and ended up losing his law degree.

Realizing he needed a new start, he left town and headed for Orange County, where he had been born, and, using some money he had saved, acquired a private investigator's license. He would help people one way or another. For the last ten years, he has fought the good fight, as a bounty hunter, a private investigator, a sometime security guard, and a deputized assistant U.S. marshall on a few cases. Wherever there is a need for help in Orange County, he is there.


It's hard to get used to the weather out here. Sunny one day, snowing buckets the next. It's unpredictable in its oddness. But I'll take it over where I grew up, in Chicago, where the windy city blew snow all over my car every day. And when you drive a jeep, that's a problem.

Still, with a place to set my feet, and a roof over my head, this place can be fun. And I aim to keep it that way. I'm Harry Dresden, a private investigator, and if you need help, give me a call. I'm in the book.
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screened! [16 Dec 2017|02:54pm]
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[16 Dec 2017|04:19pm]

Comments screened.

Currently searching to set up a femme poly group for [info]hadlowoffice. Three to five characters, depending on interest, exact relationship dynamics can be discussed and thinking they would have openness to play with other ladies as wished, but that can be discussed as well.

Open to faces, but would love a cliche grouping, whether it was a grouping from a movie or TV show, MCU, DCTV (including shows not on the CW), or something else we come up with.

Possibly open to some private dirty talk customs as well, but the above line is my main priority right now. Not looking for detailed psls right now.
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[15 Dec 2017|07:18pm]

Mina Hawthorne )
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Comments Screened [15 Dec 2017|06:06pm]

Contact Post
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screened [15 Dec 2017|01:20pm]

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contact. [15 Dec 2017|07:53pm]
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@ [info]thecityofmod [05 Oct 2018|08:17am]


ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴇᴀʀᴛ ᴄᴀɴ ɢᴇᴛ ʀᴇᴀʟʟʏ ᴄᴏʟᴅ ɪғ ᴀʟʟ ʏᴏᴜ’ᴠᴇ ᴋɴᴏᴡɴ ɪs ᴡɪɴᴛᴇʀ  )
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ooc contact [14 Dec 2017|10:05am]
comments are screened
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[12 Dec 2017|10:33pm]

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She constantly surprises me, [info]hadlowoffice [10 Dec 2017|11:57pm]

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Bio/Screened comments [10 Dec 2017|11:57pm]

Mia Julia Wong
Kinsey 4, Bisexual, figuring out this poly thing.

Mia married very young, to a man her family approved of. She went to college and got a degree in art history and restoration. She currently runs her own art gallery, but has recently accepted a post at Hadlow Abbey to check on the artwork in the house, to see what is genuine and what isn't, what is suitable to restore and what can't be.

During her college years, she also had a long term affair with Rebecca Hadlow. Her feelings for Rebecca proved stronger than her marriage, and she wasn't aware of Rebecca's poly life, so she felt she had to choose between Rebecca and her husband, and she was head over heels in love with Rebecca, even if her feelings for her husband were also very strong. She's currently figuring out her own poly feelings, and that may or may not include wondering if her ex-husband might be able to be worked into her life after all. Not to mention figuring out that she's really into women.

Kinks: She's been pretty trained in kink by Rebecca, so shares most of her kinks. Specific things she loves are lingerie, dressing to please a partner, anal play, shibari bondage, general wall sex, toys, multiple partners, reluctance to be with men turned into a kink.

Limits: Non con on any level, most bathroom stuff, body fluids other than come.

Screened comments.
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[10 Dec 2017|06:44pm]
Screened post.
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[info]hadlowoffice Sometimes, I just want to head out to the lake [10 Dec 2017|01:55pm]

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Bio [10 Dec 2017|01:30pm]

Alexander (Alex) Jonathan Hadlow
Co-owner of Hadlow Abbey
Manager and co-owner of Olex restaurant
Dating Oliver Winslowe

Eldest son of an upper-class British family, one of the many branches of Hadlows, Alex grew up attending boarding school and later university. He always enjoyed the organisation of business work, heading for a degree in business management. While at university he became friends with Oliver Winslowe. He had sown his wild oats, but tended to have few serious relationships. He also had become interested - and always up front about - the poly lifestyle after dating a couple of boys in his teens who had had no problem sharing him. While he likes women, he tends to be more serious with men, but that is likely to change if he finds the right woman. He began as friends and working on the idea of a business with Oliver, but over time, they began dating, without knowing it. It was someone else who asked them about it and they figured it out.

Since starting dating Oliver officially, Alex has not pursued poly relationships, beyond occasional hook-ups with women. He has many friends who are poly, and still considers himself to be part of the community. He wants Hadlow Abbey to be a place welcoming to those who are poly.

Kinks: Voyeurism, being watched, anal, rimming, cumplay, oral, barebacking, light bdsm (switch), office sex. Pretty much anything not on the no list is something he will at least talk about or try.

Soft limit: Watersports.

Limits: Body fluids other than come, heavy bdsm, permanently damaging violence.

Sample: Debt-slave/whorehouse [09 Dec 2017|04:27pm]

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