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screened [19 Aug 2017|03:04pm]

quick scenes & dirty customs
journals only/no aim
limits; scat, blood, animal play

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people who i play, would love a long term line slash or femme prefered but will do het! [19 Aug 2017|06:06am]

female as femme only:
kelly osbourne
ruby rose
kate moennig
miley cyrus
alicia cargile
cam grey
sam ronson
tegan quin
sara quin

men het, but prefer het!
aaron carter
aj mclean
adam lambert (slash only, of course)
adam lazzara
adore delano (slash only)
allan hyde (slash only)
anderson cooper (slash only)
andrew rannells (slash only)
andy biersack
ansel elgort
benji madden
bert mccracken
billie joe armstrong
blue hamilton (slash)
bobby alt
brad bell (slash)
brandon wilde (slash)
brendon urie
syn gates
brooklyn beckham
david beckham
cameron dallas (slash)
brandon lee (slash)
dylan leee (slash)
carmen carrera
chace crawford
chad gilbert
channing tatum (slash)
charlie hunnam
charlie puth (slash)
chord overstreet(slash)
chris brown
chris colfer (slash)
chris gutierrez (slash)
christian siriano (slash)
cole whittle (slash)
colton haynes (slash)
dallon weekes (slash)
dan radcliffe (slash)
daniel johns
danny jones (slash)
dave franco (slash)
james ranco (slash)
dave navarro
davey havok
davey suicide
david boyd
david burtka (slash)
dane dehaan (slash)
hal sparks (slash)
doug booth (slash)
dylan o'brien (slash)
ed westwick
emile hirsch (slash)
ferras (slash)
frank iero
gabe saporta (slash)
travis mccoy (slash)
gale harold (slash)
gavin rossdale
gerard way (slash)
grant gustin (slash)
gregory michael (slash)
hayden christensen
ian somerhalder
indio downey jr (slash)
jack barakat
jake bass (slash)
jake gyllenhaal
james kennedy (vanderpumps)
jared leto
jay gordon
jeordie white
jimmy fallon (slash)
joe jonas
joel madden
john cena
johnny depp
johnny knoxville
jonathan davis
jonathan groff (slash)
jonathan knight (slash)
josh todd
julian casablancas
justin bieber
leonardo dicaprio
luke worrall
mac miller
machine gun kelly
marilyn manson
mat musto (blackbear)
matt sanders
matt skiba
matty healy (slash)
max ryder (slash)
michael mayren (slash)
michael pitt
mikey way (slash)
miles mcmillan (slash)
nick grimshaw (slash)
nikki misery
patrick stump
patrick wolff (slash)
pete wentz
reeve carney
rick genest
ryan phillippe
ryan ross
seb stan (slash)
sharon needles (slash)
sonny moore
stephen moyer (slash only if its with alexander)
taylor hanson
zac hanson
scott moffatt
alexander greenwald
tim skold
john 5
ginger fish
tom delonge
tin schwartz (vanderpumps)
tommy lee
shannon leto
tomo milicevic
tony lovato
trace ayala
trace cyrus
dylan & cole sprouse (slash)
tre cool (slash)
trent reznor
tyler blackburn
tyler joseph (slash)
wiL francis
zacky vengeance
zedd (slash)
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OOC: dd/lb Teen Wolf Ines... [19 Aug 2017|04:51am]

[ Screened post ]
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[19 Aug 2017|12:30pm]
no kinkshaming, no pictures of people under the age of 18. no outing, no asking for lines that the poster isn't looking for, let people who respond to a line know if you are/are not the OP, no off-topic comments including personal bookmarking on the main post
remember to check old post/comments for contact information!
full rules & mod contact post - comm/gpsl discussions & promotions

The following rules apply to all posts in this journal:

No asking for lines with anyone under the age of 18, whether it is pb, celeb or fandom. Even if the person is almost 18 in RL, wait for when they are. Different places have different legalities, even in portrayal, and it might be a stupid law, but it's how it is.

If linking an image, at least give a heads up if it if NSFW.

It is preferred that image links be through the img src="" tag, rather than the a href="" tag as the second breaks the page when you post it anon. It is okay to just put the plain link in, though that does cause need to copy and paste when anon. But please don't use the a href=" tag - that only causes a mess.

If you're not posting anon, there's no rule against explicit pictures here, so it's up to you which of the two links you prefer to use when you're not anon. Please be considerate of those browsing on mobile when it is a large image, though.

Please use the subject line for controversial kinks. That way those not interested can scroll past, and those into it can find you more easily. Use your own judgement as to controversial.

Asking for lines as or against Donald Trump or any members of his family is banned. Period.

Racist requests are also banned.
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[18 Aug 2020|10:36am]

Lines )
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#FantasyFuckFriday [18 Aug 2017|10:04am]

Who's someone you've always secretly desired? I'm not talking about thinking they've a nice bum, or smile. I'm meaning someone who makes your mouth water and your nerve endings sizzle. Someone who makes you hard or wet everytime you even think about them. For the purpose of getting some genuine answers, I'm allowing anonymous replies. Don't be a twat and say something shitty, alright?
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[18 Aug 2017|12:51am]

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[17 Aug 2017|05:19pm]

Comments screened. Leave a custom or ask for one.
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contact [16 Aug 2017|07:14pm]

Read more... )
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contact & lines. [16 Aug 2017|05:41pm]
Read more... )
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Bio [16 Aug 2017|06:14pm]

Read more... )

IC Contact [16 Aug 2017|06:05pm]

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OOC Contact & PSL Info [16 Aug 2017|05:05pm]

Read more... )
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[16 Aug 2017|08:11am]

Fairy Tale Bingo )
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Fire & Blood Update. [16 Aug 2017|02:46am]

Lannister preview! With a larger header. The default is 75% of the screen (as seen in the Targaryen preview), but I'm really feeling the 100% on this one.

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One of those questions that always needs asking, [info]wears [16 Aug 2017|10:27am]

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[16 Aug 2017|10:26am]

Comments screened.
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[info]wears [15 Aug 2017|07:18pm]

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friends only [15 Aug 2017|07:16pm]

straight but possibly willing to experiment, open marriage to elsa, ask for kinks
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[15 Aug 2017|10:17am]
Trying to gauge interest for an A/B/O gpsl. Comment here to be added to the plotting post.
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