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Screened Post. [24 Jun 2017|03:56pm]

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Application for [info]chidatemods [25 Jun 2017|04:07am]


NAME: Julian Richard Crane
AGE: 34
PROFESSION: Owner of Jukebox Vintage Records
HOBBIES: Tracking down obscure vinyl on the other side of the world, running, reading, swimming, dancing, taking care of my dog Xander.
LIKES & DISLIKES: Likes: Someone who knows what they want and how to get it, fire and wine beside Lake Michigan, winning ebay auctions. Dislikes: People who don't go after what they want, non-animal lovers, losing ebay auctions.
LOOKING FOR: Friends, dance partners, more if it were to come along.
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🏍 contact [24 Jun 2017|03:30pm]



I'm looking for SOA based lines. For the record, I'm very new to this fandom and am nearing the end of season 2 so would like something set around the early seasons. I'd appreciate it if you could keep spoilers to yourself. In all of the lines listed, I am willing to play either character and I am open to original settings based around the concept of the show. I'm on GMT, can tag daily and would appreciate writers who are willing to build a story. I'm over twenty-one, enjoy a mix of plot and smut, and would prefer long-term lines. Samples can be given on request.


🏍 Jax Teller/Tara Knowles. I'm interested in a range of ideas between these two in the beginning of their relationship. I'm curious as to what their relationship was like before she left when they were younger, but am also willing to take it AU. Again, I'm only half way through season 2 so please keep this in mind. I would also be open to an original pairing with a similar dynamic.
🏍 Gemma Teller-Morrow/A range of characters. Let me know what pairings you had in mind and we can brainstorm ideas from there.
🏍 An original line based around a relationship between a federal agent and club member. I'm interested in the idea of an agent infiltrating the group.

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[24 Jun 2017|09:06pm]
Comments are screened.

If you are here in reply to my line ad, comment for a custom to discuss.

I will also discuss via email if you prefer. PM or comment as you like with yours or leave somewhere I can PM mine.
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[info]applications [23 Jun 2017|06:42pm]

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[23 Jun 2017|06:36pm]


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[23 Jun 2017|06:54pm]

Some random ideas I'd like to play out. All links NSFW.

No hands --- High school or College party. After a few drinks, your girl boasts about how good she is with her hips/dancing/whatever she wants to claim. She makes a bet with my guy that she can make him cum with no hands and no holes. Winner gets whatever we decide at the time. Can she do it?

Not cheating --- Her boyfriend is out of town/in the army but she wants to remain faithful still. Enter a guy that she finds really attractive and charming, or even an ex-boyfriend. She just wants to 'take the edge off' so they have some fun. It's not really cheating if it doesn't go in, right?

Unbelievable Tease --- He's already fingered her through her panties and made them soaked, and made her throw away a pair of two. So she plans on getting him back and honestly, he's not even mad about it.

The Prom King --- Can be played with someone willing to play multiples or once or someone wanting to play multiple women who take turns with an extremely lucky man. How many times can they make him finish in one night?

Use me, not my sister --- Your girl (older sister) catches wind that my guy is dating her sister. He has a bit of a reputation of being a womanizer and she wants to keep her sibling out of his crosshairs. So, she's willing to let him have his fun if he leaves her alone.

Cum again? --- She becomes a cum slut before his very eyes. She timidly accepts an offer for a facial and after the fact, can't help but enjoy it and want more, even begging that this isn't over. Their relationship can be determined in a custom.

The Study Buddy --- Your girl has the love of her life a few hours away. They talk every single night and say the sweetest things to one another. But her boyfriend doesn't know that she's far from the 'good girl' he left in their hometown. No, she's happy to get pounded by the cutest guy in her class. It's just for fun though, she'd never really leave her man. But she has needs. He'd understand, right?

Bros With Hoes --- It's just about having fun. They don't take it too seriously. Just fuck around, give tips, explore and have a great night when they get together. Doesn't always revolve around sex but really, it usually does. What's more fun then a quick bang with one of the cooler people you know?

It's been a long time... --- This can work two ways: It's been a long time since my guy has had any action. So a premature shot (or more) may happen but he stays hard so not a lot of harm. And some giggly fun can be had about it as he's clearly very in to her. But another, could be as simple as he's had a crush on her for years and he can't hold back when he gets that chance. Will she be flattered, pissed or some other emotion? That will be for you/her to decide!
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SCREENED [23 Jun 2017|12:32am]

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bio [22 Jun 2000|01:45pm]

bio )

[22 Jun 2017|12:38pm]


threads preferred ☇customs negotiable ☇currently vacationing w/ the fam

the dirty details )


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[22 Jun 2017|11:26am]


yesenia ainza - 27 - (downlow) putting the b in lgbt - cuban - bartender @ e - probably hates you - feminist as fuck - student by day, artist by night - worships at the alter if pop culture - broke with expensive taste - prowling for a sugar daddy who plays nice - here for ddlg, light bondage, fwb and no strings - not here for white knights and captain save a hoe

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IC Profile for [info]chidate [21 Jun 2017|09:49pm]

Dating Profile )
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[21 Jun 2017|10:25pm]

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[21 Jun 2017|07:13am]

trigger warning. Sexual abuse and things. )
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Dropbox [21 Jun 2017|01:04pm]

For all your questions, suggestions or concerns.
If you prefer to send a PM instead, please leave a comment here to let know.
All comments are screened for privacy.

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For Erstwhile [20 Jun 2017|10:50pm]

This is to discuss our plot.
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finish the other one first! [20 Jun 2017|12:31pm]

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PREMISE & RULES [19 Jun 2017|11:19pm]


♥ Chi-Date is a fictional dating application game which takes inspiration from several previous similar games. The game's premise comes from the "newest dating app" Chi-Date, an app for residents of Chicago and surrounding areas to use to date, or even just to meet new friends. Characters in the game are users of the Chi-Date app. In addition, Chi-Date also prides itself on being a social experience in our fictional Chicago, and as such is partnered with several local businesses in The Loop district of Downtown Chicago where larger scale social activities take place periodically. More information can be found about that here. ♥

♥ Chi-Date (both the app and this game) are open and encouraging of all real word relationship types, orientations, kinks, etc. We are also open to all ratings of RP, we're sure that this game will be pretty explicit, but we also ask that anything NSFW be placed under a cut, and any potential triggers in a posted scene be clear. ♥

♥ This is an adult game, we expect you to be adults and to abide by all good faith, standard game rules. Don't be mean to each other, don't god mod, respect strikethroughs and any [Private] marked things, don't cross the IC/OOC line. If problems occur, bring them to the mods. We will not tolerate players being abused in any way. ♥

♥ All characters must be 18 or older. All characters must provide a first and last name that can be verified (fictionally, of course) because the Chi-Date ap is conscious of and sensitive to catfishing. ♥

[info]chidate is the community for those who want to post open scenes, or play out their scenes in threads. The mods are a little bit voyeuristic, and we like to read the threads other people are playing out! Scenes and interaction played out in a custom are fine with us, but will not count toward activity requirements. If you want to make a post for the whole community like a survey or a meme and don't want it to be on your own journal, they can be posted here as well. [info]chidateooc is for ooc interaction for players in the game. [info]chidatelines is the open community for players and potential players to look for lines. ♥

♥ Don't take on more characters than you can handle and be active with. If we think that you are doing so, we'll ask that you are consistently active with your other characters before taking on more. ♥

♥ Once a month we will post an activity check which all characters must respond to in order to remain in the game, unless that character is new. To meet the check a character must have two of these things: a post in their journal or a community post in [info]chidate with at least eight comments/replies, a comment thread with someone else in another journal with at least ten comments/replies, or a completed RP thread or posted log in [info]chidate. We've seen games like this one fall apart because of lack of activity and interaction between characters, and we don't want that to happen here, so your active participation is key! ♥
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APPLICATION [19 Jun 2017|11:03pm]



♥ Put the following information into a visible post in the journal you will be using for the game, as if this is the IC profile your character would have on the Chi-Date app. Also include a picture or gif in the post that as if it would be your main profile picture.

Journal names must be IC, related to your character's name. Also include a link to an OOC contact post. Please make your OOC comment post a separate post from your profile for the app, since that profile will be what other characters see IC from you.

After applying, request membership to [info]chidate and [info]chidateooc. Posting for lines at [info]chidatelines is encouraged, but not required. Adds will be done at least twice per week. ♥

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HOLDS & TAKEN [19 Jun 2017|10:59pm]


♥ Comment here to hold a PB. Holds will last three days. One 24 hour extension will be allowed. Challenges will not be accepted. Proxy holds must be confirmed within 24 hours. ♥


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