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[16 Mar 2018|09:08pm]

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dress for the job you want, [info]adds! [16 Mar 2018|01:12pm]

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[14 Mar 2018|12:01pm]
looking to play some of the following scenarios:

1) mother and a couple of her sons friends - she has been sleeping with one and without telling her he invites a few friends over to share
2) new girl in town, couple of the football players at a frat party decide to initiate her
3) girl hitchhiking ends up with more than she can bargain for
4) girl at a music festival wants to get VIP and offers herself in exchange to one of the bands
5) wife cheating on her husband with his boss
6) sister cheating with her sister's husband

wants: cheating lines, toys, bondage, rough sex, anal. willing to do non consensual, consensual or dub con

open to others and most kinks welcome, don’t be shy!
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screened [14 Mar 2018|02:51am]

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Happy Parabatai Day [13 Mar 2018|04:55am]

[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | "Friction" - Imagine Dragons ]

A layout made exclusively for my parabatai's use but posted publicly so she doesn't have to juggle accounts when setting up journals. Nothing to see here, unless you're Mandy. In which case, happy birthday!!!

This layout was made with resources from the epicness that is [info]tessisamess, whose CSS guide to S2 Complete Style made erasing all the unwanted layout elements so incredibly easy. I also drew heavy inspiration from the elements in several of her layouts and actually borrowed code from Helium.

Again, this is NOT a public-use layout. It's for use by [info]perkyshadowgirl on her rp journals.

"The Last Picture Show"
S2 Complete Style
live preview via [info]fuzzy_grix

this way for the code )
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[12 Mar 2018|07:16pm]
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[13 Mar 2018|09:52am]
Sorry for the delay.

no kinkshaming, no pictures of people under the age of 18. no outing, no asking for lines that the poster isn't looking for, let people who respond to a line know if you are/are not the OP, no off-topic comments including personal bookmarking on the main post
remember to check old post/comments for contact information!
full rules & mod contact post - comm/gpsl discussions & promotions

The following rules apply to all posts in this journal:

No asking for lines with anyone under the age of 18, whether it is pb, celeb or fandom. Even if the person is almost 18 in RL, wait for when they are. Different places have different legalities, even in portrayal, and it might be a stupid law, but it's how it is.

If linking an image, at least give a heads up if it if NSFW.

It is preferred that image links be through the img src="" tag, rather than the a href="" tag as the second breaks the page when you post it anon. It is okay to just put the plain link in, though that does cause need to copy and paste when anon. But please don't use the a href=" tag - that only causes a mess.

If you're not posting anon, there's no rule against explicit pictures here, so it's up to you which of the two links you prefer to use when you're not anon. Please be considerate of those browsing on mobile when it is a large image, though.

Please use the subject line for controversial kinks. That way those not interested can scroll past, and those into it can find you more easily. Use your own judgement as to controversial.

Asking for lines as or against Donald Trump or any members of his family is banned. Period.

Racist requests are also banned.
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[info]savagegarden IC [12 Mar 2020|02:52pm]

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biography. [12 Mar 2020|02:19pm]


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[12 Mar 2018|10:22am]

It's with deep sadness that I have to close [info]knoxcounty. It's been a wonderful ride, but personal and familial health problems, topped with recent goings-on within the community itself mean that I'm no longer able to maintain and moderate at the level that the community needs. It was my dream to open a community that fostered growth for writers and gave them a place to truly flourish. I hope that Knox has been that, at least for a little while. Thank you all, and take care ❤️

008 - note left beside Camille Delacroix's sleeping head [11 Mar 2018|11:56pm]

Nadia hasn't been in her own room for days. )
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fandom lines [04 Apr 2004|06:14pm]


wanted lines: canon / au  )
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fandom prompts [04 Apr 2004|06:11pm]


inspiration: FANDOM  )
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003 • March 11 [11 Mar 2018|08:07pm]

OhmyGodric, so much estrogen. You cats and your meowing. I just have one thing to say to you all. Read more... )
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SCREENED [11 Mar 2018|04:59pm]

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screened [11 Mar 2018|03:30pm]

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screened [11 Mar 2018|01:58pm]

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tinder profile: m+f [11 Mar 2018|01:22pm]

tinder profile )
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[10 Mar 2018|10:45pm]

Hoping to take on a few lines to distract myself from all the crap that’s going on in my life right now. Thread, Trillian, Google Docs or email would do.

What celeb/PB id like to play against; Tom Hardy, Tom Hiddleston, Garrett Hedlund, Chris Pine, Pratt, Evans or Hemsworth would be lovely. Also up for suggestions. (No Obama’s please).

Who I can play; Margot Robbie, Emilia Clarke, Mia Malkova, Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, etc. up for suggestions.

What kind of lines I’d like; DRAMA! The more drama the better. Period pieces, modern, 1920s, romance, smut, etc
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[10 Mar 2018|09:22pm]
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