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Mar. 4th, 2013


I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a "Domestic Violence" survey? All data collected is completely confidential. Data will be used for school purposes only. I need as many responses for the survey as I can get.

Please click on the link to be taken to the survey.


Click here to take survey

Jun. 9th, 2012


Does anyone know how and if it's possible to have rename token e-mails resent? I bought two and they were never e-mailed to me. I can't find solutions for this anywhere.

Dec. 25th, 2009


Colored Lights or White Lights?

On a Christmas Tree, Which do you Prefer: Colored Lights or White Lights?

Aug. 1st, 2010



What did you think of The Last Airbender movie...?

Apr. 25th, 2010


Icon search

Do any of you know where I can find icons of Berlin (the capital of Germany)?

Thank you

Nov. 21st, 2009


How do you celebrate Thanksgiving?

What do you usually do to Celebrate Thanksgiving Day?

Oct. 31st, 2009



Do you believe that Ghost exist?

Oct. 27th, 2009


If your house was on Fire....

If your house was on fire and you only had time to grab one thing out of your house to save, what would you grab? Why?

Oct. 16th, 2009


drink challenge!

Which is better: powerade or gatorade and why?

Oct. 15th, 2009


If I already have a paid account, and therefore 250 icons, would buying extra userpics for that account bring me up to 350? Or... some other number? I've looked over the FAQs and nothing really applies.

Oct. 13th, 2009



Kentucky Grilled Chicken? or Kentucky Fried Chicken?

And why?

Oct. 8th, 2009


Does anyone know what the copyright is on band names? Is it like book titles used to be and you can only have one band with X name? (Obviously though then, that line becomes blurred when you think about tribute bands, because some of them are similar enough so that the fans know who they're going to see).

Context for this is that I'm writing a story I hope to one day get published and I really like the name I gave the band, the problem is it's very very similar to a real band now (and who I happen to dislike, but that's besides the point and, I guess, gives me all the more reason to change it?)

Oct. 5th, 2009


My roommate and I are making something this evening that involves egg yolks - for those of you who are wondering, we found this recipe for garlic milkshakes and were more curious than we were repulsed.

We're only going to make half of what the recipe calls for, which means we'll be using four egg yolks instead of eight. Still, I don't like the idea of letting four entire egg whites go to waste for the sake of our harebrained scheme curiosity. I wondering what we can do with the egg whites other than make meringue.

Sep. 16th, 2009


Sim City for Iphone

I'm playing Sim City right now, but I don't quite know some things.

What's the difference between a pumping station and a water tower? Is one better to use than the other?

How do you use the water treatment plants and do the water treatment plants give water to the Sims?

Sep. 15th, 2009


Inserting Images

Why won't Insane Journal let me upload a photo from my computer desktop?

Aug. 20th, 2009



Which style food below would you choose and why?
- Fast Food (burgers, fries, shakes)
- Chinese/Japanese
- Italian
- Mexican

Aug. 19th, 2009



Write the first thing that comes to your mind!

What makes you happy?

Jul. 15th, 2009


What's your favorite dessert?

Jul. 13th, 2009


How much time do you spend on InsaneJournal in an average week?

Jul. 8th, 2009


Bud Light Lime or Corona?

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