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November 27th, 2009 at 9:22am]

[ mood | Nervous ]

Who: Iden and Sylas
What: Contraceptive shopping
When: Saturday, 21st, September, 2003 - 5pm
Where: Your local lovely sex shop!
Why: Because everyone in the hotel has WAY too much sex.
Rating: PG?
Status: Booting up!

Okay so things were... well... they just kind of were lately. It was obvious things were really hard for some... Well, more like for most of the crew. Kelsey and Emma were having their problems, Kat and Kai had... split, Faith had seemed a bit down as of late, Hex wasn't her normal cheerful self after the catastrophe of Sita's capture and... There were a lot of problems. It was strange and honestly the techno witch felt a bit guilty knowing that things in her life were going so well at this point in time. Sure she was awfully tired because of the magic drain she'd been under going with all the little projects for the hotel and rebuilding rooms and personal research but over all, she was happy.

After the initial chaos that had surrounded her and Sylas things were going smoothly now. They had even been on a couple dates! 'I can't believe she actually likes me too! I know we have quite a bit in common with academics and research and computers and games and geekiness and... yeah...' A dreamy sigh slipped past the youngest watchers lips as eyes drifted off in lala land for a few moments. 'But everything is just going so well, its hard to believe.' Eyes went wide for a moment with the single thought floating through her head. 'Bad Iden! Bad! Don't jinx your self!' A harsh self scolding erupted easily in the witch's mind. The last thing she needed was to give her self false hope or even potentially self defeating attitudes. The doubt of Sylas not liking her was leaving a little more every day and the last thing she needed to do was re-instate that nasty little voice in the back of her head that told her she wasn't cute enough, wasn't smart enough, wasn't nice or loving or caring enough.

It was enough. Sylas was showing her that more and more every day.

It's Iden therefore: *Insert adorable ranting here* )

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November 1st, 2009 at 10:34pm]

Who: Iden & Sylas
What: Working hard!
When: Sunday, September 14th, 2003 - 4pm
Where: Hotel... panrtrey...?
Why: Installing all the right wires.
Rating: PG...? (For potential suggestive themes)
Status: Booting Up.

Sylas had informed Iden that she needed assistance in one of the lower chambers of the house. The pantry specifically, something about the wiring being all wrong. A slight internal sigh had been easily repressed thankfully. Hadn't she done enough repairs, wiring and reconstruction around this place yet? It was beginning to seem like her work really would never be done around this old hotel and it was starting to tempt the techno witch into thinking about asking Daddy to buy them a new place. Maybe if she put the right spin on it, explaining she was working at a boarding school for mistreated youths. Yeah, that would easily get her dad to step in, it wasn't like buying a new building would cost him too much anyways. He could write it off as a business donation too and get some serious tax cuts. There, the perfect angle. Now how to work it into a conversation to make it seem like it was his idea was a different creature of the sorts. Unless she just did the princess daughter act. That could work too.

Either way, the wires down there needed to be fixed now. Not later and who knew when the baby of the watchers would have a chance to even speak with her father again with his business schedule. Adorning her tool belt around her waist Iden had prepared in a simple white t-shirt and a black pair of slacks. She'd end up getting dirty and the easiest thing to do would just be to bleach the shirt and run the pants through a dark load. Facing her door a sigh slipped out finally. Ok, it was really time to head downstairs now and work on things. Taking a deep breath Iden picked up her tool kit and exited the comfort of her own room. Bounding down the stairs the techno witch shortly found her self outside of the pantry and pulled open the door, thoughts swimming a little here and there about all the recent going on's inside the hotel. Boy had a lot happened in the short amount of time she'd been here. It was hard to believe that a couple months had passed since she had first arrived. Stepping inside the room she toggled the light switch to find only half the room seemed to light. Sighing heavily the witch frowned. That had to be a safety hazard of some sort. Putting the tool box down the witch closed her eyes for a moment and took in a deep breath. Recanting the latin chant she had learned small orbs of light sparked to life and floated around the room illuminating the place to a comfortable brightness through out the area. Smiling softly the witch leaned down and picked up the tool box again. The first step would be checking if all the fuses were good and from there, assuming it wasn't the fuses, she'd have to start ripping out sections of wall. Moving over to the fuse box the youngest watcher pulled it open with ease and began sorting through each part, figuring out which set of switches connected to each part of the hotel and localizing which ones she needed specifically.
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July 27th, 2009 at 6:21am]

Who: Kat & Amanda
Rating: PG (can you believe it?!!)

Comfort and pedicures-Directly after the break up with Kai )

July 3rd, 2009 at 12:09am]

Who: Zoe and Amanda
What: Reunited... and it feels so good! :)
When: Friday, 5th, September, 2003
Where: Hotel front steps, Lobby and who knows with these two
Why: Because she misses her Amanda, and could use some help
Rating: PG
Status: Evolving

Zoe had tried to be patient. Amanda probably needed some alone time to cope and calm before facing the concerns of friends and family. Logically she understood this. But three flamin' months?!!! The impish bard didn't have THAT kind of patience.

With an old rucksack over one shoulder and dad's guitar over the other a rust topped head tilted up to take in the imposing structure that had seduced away her bestestest compadre. It didn't look so tough. Jaw sticking out the bag rolled from her straightened back. With a quick swirl of slim shoulders her treasured instrument slid home. Relying on her strongest talents she blatantly challenged the significantly taller opponent with a soft strum before launching into Amanda's siren song.

Open palms slapped a rhythm against the wooden guitar as she shouted,
"I like beer 'cos it is good
I drink beer because I should
If there was a song to sing
I sing it and beer you bring
I drink beer when I am sad
''cause the beer it makes me glad
Now there's nothing left to say
So lets go drink beer

Beer is good
Beer is good"
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June 22nd, 2009 at 11:21pm]

Who: Kelsey and Emma
What: Some….thing?
When: Friday, September 5th, 2003 – 6pm
Where: The Hotel.
Why: I wanna.
Rating: ???
Status: Started.

The baby dark slayer shifted in her spot outside of Emma’s door. Obviously the Empath knew Kel was standing outside the door if she was paying any sort of attention at all. It wouldn’t surprise Kel if any moment Emma would be telling her to come in. A heavy exhale of air was pushed out of the slayers nose as her eyes remained locked on the door in front of her. Things between them had been so rocky lately. Part of Kel wondered how much of this was her fault and how much of this was Emma’s fault. Where they both to blame here for the problems they had been having. ‘URGH. This is going to give me a fucking headache if I stand here much longer.’ With a low groan the tough girl wanted to beat her head into a the door in front of her but that would only make Emma wonder what the fuck was going on.

Placing a hand on the door knob Kel knocked softly before entering the room, just to let Emma know she was there in case the Empath wasn’t paying attention to the energies around her. Slipping in Kel closed the door behind her, leaning back against it for a moment as her eyes graced the floor before lurking up to be greeted with Emma’s form. “Hey.” The word slipped from her mouth with a certain ease that it always did. Shifting Kel reached up rubbing her own shoulder with the hand and eyes dropped to the floor again. It still remained a little sore from the festivities of the night before at work. “I got tonight off.” Eyes crept higher to try to meet Emma eyes. “You uh, wanna, you um know, do something tonight?” A hand waved in the air semi-nervously as she wasn’t sure how Emma was going to respond to the proposed idea since things had been so uncomfortable lately. “We could go out or something, you know." Kel shifted again in the spot she stood. "I got paid earlier this week so money’s not an issue or, uh, you know, anything.” Eyes darted away and then moved up to meet Emma's again looking for an answer.
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June 22nd, 2009 at 11:01pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Who: Iden and Open
What: Around the hotel.
When: Thurs, September 4th, 2003 – 12pm
Where: Iden just walking around the hotel.
Why: Girl needs to stretch her legs!
Rating: G
Status: Started.

The youngest watcher roamed the halls. Her eyes had been strained enough for the day and Iden had decided it was a time for break. Standing had initially caused a low whimper to come from the watchers lips as her muscles screamed at her in rebuttal. How long had it been that she’d been crouched over her work table putting together and taking apart every possibility she could in her head on how to perfect the newest tinker toy she was making for the slayers? Blinking a few times to clear her eyes the clock sitting over to her left revealed that Iden had been at this job for about 6hrs. That’s why now she found her self wondering aimlessly. Part of the witch longed to leave the hotel but at the same time she really didn’t have the energy to do so. With all of her assigned tasks they really had been sucking tons of energy from her. Iden had managed to get a couple nose bleeds this week alone.

Sighing heavily Iden stretched her neck from one side to the other as her head leaned one way then the other. Rolling her shoulders and swinging her arms back and forth a couple times the techno witch debated heading down to the training room but with the throng of slayers about and her own tired body and mind, that seemed like probably one of the worst ideas ever. Instead Iden continued to aimless walk along the halls, taking note in her mind of areas that would later need her carpentry expertise for repair and possible items that could use to be replaced, walls that needed to be painted or perhaps even wall papered. The simple little task allowed the watcher to stretch her muscles and wonder around the hotel while keeping her mind entertained at the check list that was quickly forming as a smile remained on her face.

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June 22nd, 2009 at 10:47pm]

[ mood | Nervous ]

Who: Iden and Sylas
What: An Answer.
When: Monday, September 1st, 2003 – 11pm
Where: Iden in her room and Sylas in her room.
Why: Sylas did ask a question.
Rating: G
Status: Started.

Fingers danced over the keys of the keyboard in front of her nervously without typing a single thing. Just listening to the click her fingers made bouncing off the keys in a strange way helped to ease the techno witch’s nerves. Realistically she’d made her mind several days ago but the day she was going to say something one of their own had been attacked. It just hadn’t seemed acceptable to approach this matter since that moment. Things needed time to settle a little before this gap was breeched. With a deep and strong inhale the youngest watcher steeled herself for what was going to happen next. A definite nod was given to her self and fingers began producing commands as they flew across her keyboard. “You know you can do it, There’s really nothing to it.” Muttered the techno witch to her self.

In a matter of moments enough commands had been entered. Sylas’s computer specifically had been easily identified and the hacking process began. It seemed like literally only a few keystrokes and the security measures placed on the blonde butch bombshell’s security measures had been blown by without the littlest of resistance for such a master hacker as Iden. Setting up the IM emulator just like she had in Syd’s brain was a breeze as well. The program simulated an AOL instant message box so that information and communication could be sent back and forth between the two parties. Finishing up the last piece of the code Iden hit enter and a text box similar looking to AIM popped up for her to enter her message in.

With a deep inhale and slow Exhale Iden readied her self and typed in a short message before worriedly pressing the enter button to send the message to the other woman, which would pop up just like a regular old instant message, only it would bypass any program Sylas had running in order to appear on top of all the other programs.


Techno_Rapture: Hey there Sylas, Iden here. Having fun with your game? I see by the response settings and the programming script running that your doing pretty well in it. :)

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June 22nd, 2009 at 10:22pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Who: Sita and Open
What: Picking up.
When: Saturday, September 6th, 2003 – 3pm
Where: Hotel halls
Why: I don’t need a bloody why you sodding yank.
Rating: ??
Status: On

The day had held its share of ups and downs. Though Hex’s abilities and prowess in her schooling continued to steadily grow the girl still had a long way to go yet. Hex knew that though and admittal of your weaknesses was one of the first steps needed to improve your abilities. If Sita had been stuck with an annoying little twerp like Katherine had been, only god knows what would have happened at this point. “Woulda broken ‘er legs.” Muttered the watcher to her self as she collected the books from the days studies. Sighing eyes roamed carefully over the selection of language books before placing them back on the table. Maybe another girl in the hotel would want to learn something of another culture? Dark pools narrowed for a moment before she sighed again. Yanking a sharpie and post it notes from her carrier bag the hired hand scrawled notes onto each post-it instructing that the books could be used by anyone but they must be left on the table. Flipping open to a random page Sita scrawled her name in Chinese through one of the blank margins in each book so that if any of the girls tried to be a sneaky little thief they’d be caught red-handed with ease.

Flipping the books closed and stuffing the supplies back into her carrier bag the watcher turned before shoulder the bag stiffly. It had been a long day and a headache was starting to throb at her temples. Thankfully the stiffness in her body and the headache were all that were problems at this moment. Maybe a beer would do her good in a nice lounge type bar. Adjusting the bag Sita made her way down one of the many corridors she’d need to navigate in order to get back out to where her car had been parked.

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June 22nd, 2009 at 10:06pm]

[ mood | ecstatic ]

Who: Ash and Open
What: Hot Cocoa!
When: Friday, Setember 5th, 2003 – 9am
Where: Café Ala Mondu
Why: Attack of the hot chocolate fiend!
Rating: ??
Status: Open

The gig last night had been fantastic! They had played a pretty much normal gig. Telling a story through a series of songs which were all covers from other bands but last night… Last night Fortunate Fate had snuck in an original song and the crowd had loved it!!!!! Ash had even turned off his powers for that one song to see if people really liked it or not… AND THEY HAD!!! The springy little demon boy bounce, pranced and frolicked all down the street to the little shop as the high of a successful concert the night before remained streaming with ease through his veins.

Hopping from one foot to another with absolute glee Ash played hop-scotch with the street squares right before entering into the coffee shop. Skipping through the door way into the little café a beaming smile remained on his face from the internal joy the boy felt. An obvious bounce remained in his step as Ash approached the counter and smiled at the familiar face of the barista. She greeted him warmly asking if the bright and shining boy had finally fallen in love and a simple shake of his head dispelled the notion. “Nope! Just an extra amazing concert!” He stated semi-playful and semi matter-of-factly as he leaned against the counter, chin being cupped in the palm of his hand. “I’ll have the normal this morning.” With a smile and a nod the girl set to making up his hot cocoa.

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June 22nd, 2009 at 8:25pm]

[ mood | determined ]

Who: Bianca and Emma
What: Patrol
When: Sunday, August 31st, 2003 9:30pm
Where: Streets of LA
Why: Someone needs to bring justice to these streets.
Rating: ???
Status: Begun.

The air stung her lungs. Tonight was unusually cold for this time of year in LA from what Bianca had learned. Then again, with all the crap going down, how could you be sure of anything anymore. Around this time of year the leaves would be changing color back in NY. A sigh escaped her lips as old reminiscing of her days with Saint walking through Central Park; Leaves cascading to their feet in brilliant shares of orange, yellow and red. Occasionally you’d find an extraordinary specimen with all the color shades of fall. Those had been the best nights to move the walk back home and have the fall chill warmed from your bones with a night of togetherness.

Eyes remained steadily locked on the road with a steely determination. Many things had been going right lately and the detective wasn’t about to let any of it be fucked up if she could help it. Things were getting in too deep to have something fouled up now.

A sudden flash of light off to the side of her vision caused her jaw to tighten and maneuver the vehicle over to the side of the street. Parking with ease Bianca checked the gear she was carrying on her person before sliding from behind the drivers wheel of the unmarked patrol car. Walking calmly in the direction of the flash a 9mm was silently drawn from its holster. If trouble was about to happen Bianca wanted to be on top of it before this trouble even knew what hit it. Wrapping both hands around the grip of the gun Bianca laid her back to the corner of the wall before turning to move down the ally. Slowing her breathing the detective listened carefully to what sort of challenge lay in wait just around the corner for her. Would this be a breeze or something of a much higher caliber? Only the final step would solve that question.

Planting a foot solidly on the ground Bianca pivoted on her foot to move her body to face inside the ally. “Freeze and put your hands in the air!” The gun remained clutched between two hands as arms extended in a ‘V’ shape with a slight bend at the elbows to absorb the recoil she was sure she’d be experiencing shortly from the gun.

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May 20th, 2009 at 3:09am]

Who: Iden and Open.
What: A short dance break from work.
When: Wednesday, August 20th, 2003 – 2pm
Where: The Kitchen
Why: Food helps! Though Music makes you move!
Rating: G? PG tops.
Status: Incomplete

The techno witch had been working on things for hours… and hours… and hours and… well… hours. Time flew by when she was in her projects to the point that she never realized how much had gone by until her body heavily retaliated. This time had been the food desire attack. Reluctantly the watcher had pulled her self away from the work bench and forgetting her earbuds were still in Iden hopped down the steps a smile on her face. Sylas had asked her on a date, all the work she was doing was starting to finally see some leeway, Emma had been united with her parents – all the good certainly had to outweigh the bad, right?

Working had caused the outside world to be ignored, then her own thoughts on the issues at hand caused the witch to completely ignore the music blasting in her ears. Finally hitting the bottom of the steps a familiar bass kicked into her ears and Iden grinned at the favorite song. ‘How did I forget I had music on still?’ The watcher questioned her self passively but decided perhaps just not harping on it was the best medicine after all.

Twisting carefully her body lavishly swayed and dipped to the luscious bass beat of the techno dance song. A silky smooth dance of hips swaying, arms fluttering, legs elegantly maneuvering and body flexing in unconsciously seductive ways the techno witch wasn’t even aware of into in the kitchen. Maneuvering her way into the kitchen the witch shook her ass in a twirl as she landed in front of the fridge with a giggle, dropping down into a kneeling position before running her hand up the fridge and hopping back up to her feet. Another giggle slipped from her lips as the youngest watcher pulled the fridge door open looking for a well deserved lunch.
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May 20th, 2009 at 2:10am]

Who: Kelsey and Open.
What: Practice.
When: Sunday, August 17th, 2003 - 6pm
Where: Back part of the hotel, parking garage.
Why: Kel’s sick of cleaning up the training room.
Rating: ???
Status: Incomplete

There was only so many fucking times the slayer could stand to break shit in the training room and clean it up before it just starting pissing her the fuck off beyond words. Busting into a full speed run the slayer leapt into the air, delivering a flying kick to a concrete support pillar before pushing off and flipping back into a standing position. Twirling around she followed through with a roundhouse kick, knocking a hunk of concrete away from the fixture before ducking an invisible blow and delivering a right jab followed by a crushing left cross. A single mantra repeated through the slayers mind while she continued to deliver blow after blow to the mammoth pillar she pretended to be her enemy. ‘I will fucking wreck you. I will destroy you. I will reduce you to nothing.’ Breathing rates steadily increased as the slayer broke into a sweat with the imagined blows dodged, strikes delivered and blocks displayed in a vicious dance of carnage and brutality.

A strong blow caused more of the pillar to give away and the slayer to cry out in pain and pleasure as her fist split open on the stone, splattering the area she had just attacked with her own blood. Pulling the hand back fingers slowly flexed and unflexed while the tough girl let out a hiss of mixed pain and pleasure. Dark eyes danced with the sight of spilled blood, even if it was her own. Bring the non-injured hand up the slayer dug her own fingers into the wound letting out a whine of desire. When was the last time it had hurt so good? Eyes rolled back in the slayers head as fingers removed from the broken skin with a strong exhalation of air. “Fuck.” The slayer spat out with a edge of desire around the single word. Would Emma ever get that? It was so fucking amazing to feel things like that. Pain being a deep pleasure all of it’s own.

Smearing the blood over her own hands Kel’s eyes carefully began to examine them as a deep sense of wonder and amazement reminded her why she missed her old life so. Back then she could play with any blood she wanted to, fuck up whoever she wanted, run off with friends that had nothing to do with the rest of her life at any time. Now, there was none of that. It was amazing how much blood a little could look like once it was intentionally spread all over your hands. Closing her eyes the slayer groaned. She would have to clean this. If anyone else saw it they would panic. Except Kylie. Kylie got it, that was one thing they shared even if the other woman would never realize it.

Breathing in deeply shoulders relaxed slowly and arms dangled down to Kel’s side. The anger, anxiousness and frustration left her body for the time being, though the slayer was sure this was only a temporary solution. Maybe she could find something to cut up and examine the insides of, just like the old days. That had always been fun.
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April 10th, 2009 at 7:33pm]

[ mood | Pleased to pissed in 18 posts ]

Who: Kelsey and Katherine (Closed)
What: Darker times ahead.
When: Monday, August 9th, 2003 – 11pm
Where: Back ally’s of LA.
Why: Kel’s on the job.
Rating: PG-13 (or higher)
Status: Complete

Growling the slayer had lurched down the ally. It was supposed to be down here. This is where she had been told to go, at this time. Granted she’d run into the object she was to prey on a bit ago, down on another street and the beatings had begun there. However the fucker had managed to stall her for a moment before running down to this ally, where things were supposed to take place originally. Maybe the creature had known this was coming. Tilting her head from one side to the other Kel lit a cig, taking a drag as she held the filter between bloody fingers. Following the beast was easy as the trail of blood it’s broken body left was miraculous, shimmering and shinning in the pale moonlight and flickering street lights of this concrete jungle. LA wasn’t a place where you had to be afraid of lions, tigers and bears, but you sure as fuck did have to be afraid of those who would eat you alive. With a small giggle smoke rolled lavishly over the slayers lips as her mind confirmed that she now, was one of those things to be afraid of in the night. If she could have seven foot, spiked creature with super strength on the run, she was the new thing your parents warned you about. Eyes searched over the corner she knew the mammoth beast would be hiding behind.

Placing the cancer stick back up to her lips another slow drag was taken in with the light above her head flickering on and off with an annoying buzz. Looking up at the night sky offered no form of view like Salem had, well, certain parts of it. Not that the stars mattered really, they were all ready dead. Just like everything else in the world. There was really only two things, those who knew the were dead, and those who didn’t. The demon down that ally, he knew he was dead. That’s why he feared for his life, because his mind wanted to remain in a suspended bliss that he wasn’t dead. Delicate fingers released the paper and tobacco causing it to fall slowly to the ground. Dark brown eyes filled with pain and viciously murderous intentions watched the cigg fall, bouncing on one end, then the other before settling in it’s final resting place on the cold concrete. Using the tip of her shoe the dark slayer ground the ash out before leisurely making her way around the corner. The demon stood, searching the walls for any form of escapes and brown eyes let him continue for a moment longer as the slayer leaned against the wall, watching her victim scramble like a helpless animal trapped in a box. A sick looking smile spread over her face as eyes lit up at the sight of broken bone protruding from one of the creatures arms, which had been the cause for the steady trail of blood that was left.

Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens, brown paper packages tied up with string... )

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April 6th, 2009 at 5:09am]

[ mood | Aggressive. ]

Who: Kelsey and Anyone
What: Ticking like a time bomb.
When: Thursday, August 7th, 2003 - Evening
Where: Hyperion Hotel Training Room.
Why: Slayer like a bomb....
Rating: PG (violence, graphic descriptions)
Status: Complete

Growling deeply eyes narrowed dangerously as the baby slayer rolled her shoulders. Stretching out a single arm by extending it out to one side she dashed in, pounding against the training bag hard, causing the chain to rattle. Feeling the shake of the heavy bag reminded the slayer of what she had accomplished at work just the night before. The feel of the nine iron golf club vibrating as it sunk into the demons skull caused her pulse to race a little. The image of demon brain splatterings across the ally walls along with his tortured and mangled state probably would have been enough to turn most of the current hotel occupants stomachs, but it brought a sick and twisted glee to the tough girl. Pounding on the bag again she ran through some of the moves that had won her the fight just the other night. It had been one hell of a fight and admittedly, Kel was still very mildly sore from it, but she relished the pain at the same time. It was really too bad she had to stop her play time with the demon. All of the fun she could have had with twisting limbs, breaking bones and letting his blood flow onto the ground at her feet.

With a twisted smirk a quick side snap kick was delivered to the heavy bag before she used the momentum of the leg returning towards her to spin around in the opposite direction and back hand the bag on the other side. The spinning back fist seemed to be one of Faith’s favorite moves, that was one thing the tough girl had picked up for sure from their numerous training sessions. It was really fucking frustrating that Faith was only letting her spar with her. Talk about annoying. How the hell was she supposed to get practice if she could only have at it with one person? Admittedly there were the romps out where ever her job landed her now, but not that the others knew about that really. She even said she’d play nice if Faith let her spar with some of the others during the combat class, but Faith had still told her no. Even if Kel didn’t like listening to others, she still realized that she unfortunately was not the top dog on the chain here and because of this she’d better keep in line with the top dogs orders or find her self in the pound.

Tick... tick... tick... Boom. )

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April 6th, 2009 at 4:16am]

Who: Captain America and anyone!
When: Monday, August 4th month, 2003
Where: Hyperion Hotel Lobby
Why: 'Cause I'm fucking bored, and awesome - so obey my commands!
Rating: Raunchy & lots o' fun to be had!

Damn! What the hell was someone supposed to do around here for fun?! There were bars galore in the area but fuck! There was only so much bar hopping she could take. Blondie had been hold up in her lab for-fucking-ever, admittedly ‘Manda the Conquer had stuck her foot in her mouth the last time she had really talked with Blondie, but shit, how fucking long could that woman mope? Oh right. FOREVER. Fucking Sylas just didn’t know when to call that shit good enough did she? There was more to life then one little screw up with a chick. Besides, if Hot stuff had any idea how good in bed Blondie was, and Capatain America here sure knew hot stuff did, then it couldn’t be that long before the girl went back for more, right? Though hot stuff didn’t seem like that kind of chick. Maybe that stick up Sy’s ass needed to be taken out to get her ass in gear, or maybe pushed around a little more… Either way! Hot stuff sure as fuck wasn’t the aggressive type.

Then there was the training room. It was all good fun and what-ever-the-fuck but damn, it got old quick too. With no sexy able bodied women to put their hands all over her, it was pretty boring. Though that one on one with the Brit had been pretty fun, maybe she could talk the kid into another round sometime, making the other girl blush had been fucking priceless. Besides at this point she was starting to run out of free booze from all her adventurers before hand. Seemed like it would be the perfect time to set up a new tab with another member of the household.

Now who could she get she get some booze from? Bounding down the stairs eyes shot in one direct then the other with a grin. “Who wants to play with Captain America!?” The exclamation run clear through the hotel and she giggled. That was sure to get someone’s attention.
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