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Game start? [August 5th | 2010]

Hey, I was just wondering what everyone else was thinking about doing.

Is everyone going to wait until we gather more players? :) Or...?

[August 1st | 2010]

I'm excited for this game to get started! :)

Here's some more information about Ginny:

She's played Quidditch for professional teams now for several years, although this is her first year in a starting line up. She's very strong willed and not afraid to speak her mind, or throw a bat bogey hex at you if you irritate her enough. She's currently unsure of herself and her sexuality after ending things with Harry, and since Harry things have been close to scandal proportion. Crazy ex's seem to be her specialty now a days. She's also dealing with the loss of Fred, although she'll try her damnedest not to show it to anyone. She hates showing weakness to people she doesn't trust. Beyond her hidden grief for her lost brother however she's witty, light spirited and sarcastic, making friends easily. She's determined to not let anyone get in the way of her success this season, she faught hard for her starting spot and wont let anyone take it from her.

introduction [August 1st | 2010]

Hey Guys!

So, it is August 1st! Game was suppose to officially open today, however, we still only have a few players in on the game. Interest wasn't immediate as I had hoped. It is the summer, however, so I'm hoping it will gradually increase. If you'd like to wait to post any threads until there is more interaction within the game that's fine. If you want to post a thread and see what happens, that's fine as well.

With that being said, we can definitely start with introducing our characters. At least, while we wait for more characters, we may begin to become familiar with the ones in the game. While you're posting, please keep in mind that this is Book cannon (minus the epilogue), so if you're mentioning school years ensure to maintain the limitations.

Now ... on to the characters.

Cho: Cho's currently starting seeker for her favourite team ever, Tutshill Tornados. She's absolutely loving her career ... well, minus the team rivalries and gossip that circulate around the game. Under normal circumstances she probably would just ignore it, but she isn't entirely happy with the fact that she has to keep her relationship with Marcus quiet to avoid the tabloids. If she has to read one more rumour about who he's sleeping with, she might just hurt someone. Cho's normally a pretty sweet girl. She smiles, she laughs, and despite her obsession with Quidditch, absolutely LOVES shoes. Of course, make her angry and you might have the hell of one of those shoes embedded in your forehead. She does have a little bit of a temper.

Asteria: My little Slytherin here is the Keeper for the Holyhead Harpies. She doesn't mind playing for an all woman's team because it drives her Mother batty. As a socialite, Mrs. Greengrass doesn't particularly think it's fitting for a woman to play professional sports. Of course, she also doesn't think it's appropriate to snog other woman. As far as Asteria is concerned, her Mother can go to hell. She'll snog whoever she damn well pleases. She rather enjoys swinging for both teams. Her looks might drawn you in, but her attitude and sharp tongue will force you back, bleeding as you go. She likes to do her own thing and really doesn't like it when you get in her way.

George: Yes, I know I haven't completely finished posting his information and I apologize. I plan to do so either tonight or Monday evening. I swear I'm working on it. As it stands, however, George is one of the starting beaters for Puddlemere United. After Fred's death, George tried to run the shop on his own but he found that it started to wear down on him, both the hours and the emotions tied into the store. He hasn't sold the shop, or anything, but he has hired a staff to run the store for him. He stops in from time to time, but Weasley Wizard Wheezes serves as a strong reminder of Fred. It's both a blessing and a curse. Of course, that could also be said for his quidditch career. It's quite different when the other beater is Fred, but he's doing the best he can. At least the sport allows him to take out his frustrations.


[July 25th | 2010]


I'm Lisa and I'll be playing your new Katie Bell! I'm quite excited for this game! I've been looking for a Quidditch game for a while! This should be loads of fun!

Katie's here and she'll be teaming up with Puddlemere United. She's just left Tutshill and is looking forward to her new career!

I'm excited to play!

You can read more about Katie here!

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