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December 26th, 2008

spencer_reid @ 01:21 am: TITLE: Waking up next to you...
CHARACTERS: Reid and Janie
SUMMARY: Time for Dr. Reid to wake up.
OPEN/CLOSED: Closed to the above
STATUS: Incomplete

'Wake up, Spencer. Your wife needs you.' Diana Reid's voice echoed in Spencer's sleeping mind, clearing the clouds away as his eyes blinked open. It took him a good five minutes to even realize he was actually awake. Several more minutes to register where he was and that it was his wife sleeping soundly tucked against his side. "J-Janie..." His voice was weak and cracked as he spoke.

November 20th, 2008

starry_eyed @ 06:54 pm: TITLE: Say it if it's worth saving me.
CHARACTERS: Janie, Cassidy, Logan, Anthony & Others
SUMMARY: It's a race against the clock to save Spencer Reid...and his wifes sanity.
OPEN/CLOSED: Closed to the above
STATUS: Incomplete


Janie chewed her nails down so far they were starting to bleed. She nervously watched the trees that passed by and wondered if they could drive any faster. Anxiety was hitting her like a brick.

She reached over and squeezed Matt's hand. He had been her rock, her solace through all of this and though she felt sick and weak, she knew he would help her stand, help he look her husband in the eyes and tell him she loved him.

In the front passenger seat, Cassidy spoke up. "There it is," she said as she pointed and Janie sat up in her seat, ready to throw the door open.

September 9th, 2008

jenn_jareau @ 06:36 pm: TITLE: It's about that time...
CHARACTERS: Aaron & Jennifer Hotchner
SUMMARY: The twins are impatient. While the team scrambles to find Spencer, JJ can't wait out any longer...even though she tries.
OPEN/CLOSED: Closed to the above
STATUS: Incomplete


JJ awoke, tossing and turning in extreme discomfort. She was soaking wet and her breathing turned panicked. Just two days prior her stitches were removed, as much as she argued against it, they swore it had to be done as she was at a safe range to deliver her children.

She glanced at the fetal heart rate monitors, the twins heartbeats were normal enough, however she was sitting in a pool of liquid.

She glanced to her side, where Aaron was sleeping, holding her hand. She squeezed his hand hard as a contraction hit her and then shook him a little.

"Aaron! AARON...I can't do this right now. I really can't do this."

September 4th, 2008

babygirl_garcia @ 09:36 pm: TITLE: Take that, Strauss
CHARACTERS: Cassidy James, Logan Stark, Penelope Garcia, Anthony DiMarco
SUMMARY: Logan brings Cassidy to Penelope's to help on the Reid case.
OPEN/CLOSED: Closed to the above
STATUS: Incomplete


Penelope reached into the pizza box and grabbed another piece of cheese stuffed crust pizza. She waved her piece at Anthony, "There is something right there and it's about to bite me on the nose if I don't figure this out!"

She groaned and took a bite of her pizza. "How's it going for you? And when is your tall, hot friend bringing the sister? If she's got info, we need it."

Anthony was into whatever he was doing and Penelope rolled her eyes, "Yo, little Italy, I'm talking to you!"

skye_mcgregor @ 07:02 pm: TITLE: Mother Daughter Bonding Time
CHARACTERS: Skye McGregor, Sara Sidle
SUMMARY: Skye finally approaches her mother, and lets some secrets slip in the process
OPEN/CLOSED: Closed to the above
STATUS: Incomplete


She was chewing at her cuticles, pacing outside the lab, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.

Finally, Sara moved to drink her coffee and Skye slipped in, trying to act like nothing was going on.

"Hey uhm...Sara, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute...like, in your office or something...if that's cool...if you're not busy and...you know can spare me some time and...." she paused, realizing she was rambling.

September 3rd, 2008

cassidy_james @ 10:36 pm: TITLE: Secrets & Lies
CHARACTERS: Cassidy James, Logan Stark
SUMMARY: Undercover, Logan goes to investigate the mystery that is...Cassidy James
OPEN/CLOSED: Closed to the above
STATUS: Incomplete


Cassidy was doing a quickie home session of Yoga. She'd flown in the night before from a Yacht party at her uncle's in Florida. She'd managed to break her brand new Sidekick in the process to and went her entire vacation without one which became some quest to remove herself from technology dependency. It worked fairly well, and Tmobile offered to fix her cell phone so she couldn't complain. However it was relaxing to be away from the internet and phones.

Upon her return she was greeted not by family but the word that her brother had possibly murdered someone. She had left him the spare copy of the keys to her house and was terrified her brother really did do something stupid....and in her house.

She couldn't get ahold of Weston, and had been on the phone most of the morning with some woman from the FBI named Erin Strauss telling her the status of the case. Weston was guilty of murder now, as they determined the remains they'd found were conclusive and proof of some young FBI agents demise.

She was trying to focus on her Yoga when there was a knock on the door. She sighed, reached for the remote and paused before heading to the door with a groan.

"This better be good," she sighed, opening the door to a very tall, very handsome man. Good enough.

"Can I help you?"

ex_emily_pre68 @ 07:38 pm: TITLE: Case Closed
CHARACTERS: EVERYONE who isn't hospitalized or missing that works for Quantico + Grissom & Skye.
SUMMARY: Strauss forces Emily to close the case.
STATUS: Incomplete


"With Aaron Hotchner on a short leave, Jason Gideon comatose....this places you in charge again. Therefore I need you to pull together the team in it's entirety, I understand you've been using the lab resources regularly and am well aware of their involvement in this case. Also, bring up Talia Scariano, and the liasons from Las Vegas."

"What for?" Emily asked, narrowing a brow.

"The Reid case is closed and I will not have any of you digging into it any further. Evidence proves the agent is gone. I don't want to hear anything else regarding this case and will go to many precautions to see to my demands."

"What?" Emily snapped, standing up and slamming her palms against Strauss's desk.

"Agent Prentiss if you'd like to keep your position I suggest you do not take that tone with me, and if you dig further into this case I will see to it you are fired for fraternizing with the forensic labs team leaders."

Emily stepped back, struggling to keep her rage down. She took a deep breath, tears filling her eyes as she spun around and exited Strauss's office in anguish.

"Andrea?" Emily choked when she approached the girl, "I need you to page the lab, the morgue and my team. I need everyone here, if Aaron won't come, have him voice conference, because JJ needs to hear this too. Anyone who has worked on this case needs to be in the meeting room...now."

September 2nd, 2008

evelyn_hotchner @ 06:57 pm: TITLE: Breaking Point
CHARACTERS: Evelyn, an unconscious Gideon, anyone available at the hospital
SUMMARY: Evelyn wonders if they can make it past the breaking point.
STATUS: Incomplete


His outlook; for the moment wasn't looking good. And so now Evelyn sat in the chair at his beside, moving only when she was basically forced to. Haley had come to pick up Jack so that Evelyn could stay with Jason and Aaron could keep an eye on JJ. This wasn't how she dreamed things would be; she was still so confused as to what was even going on. She didn't want to believe Spencer was actually gone.

She sighed, taking Jason's hand in hers and squeezing it. She wanted him to be able to wake up and see his son, but she didn't even think it to be possible anymore.

spencer_reid @ 08:58 pm: TITLE: Prevent This Tragedy.
CHARACTERS: Spencer and Weston
SUMMARY: Spencer is alive, but barely.
STATUS: Incomplete


The sun was bright like a giant bright white light in the sky. Crystal clear blue waves crashed against the white sand. Spencer propped himself up on his elbows as he stretched out on the sand. A smile spread across his face at the sight of Kelsey walking along the water. He kept his eyes on her as walked, and kept walking. She walked right past him. He tried to shout for her but he couldn't find his voice. He tried to get to his feet but he couldn't move his legs. Tears filled his eyes as he realized he was losing her as she vanished into the light.

"Kelsey!" Spencer woke from his fitful sleep. He blinked his eyes a few times trying to focus them. His heart sank as he remembered where he was and why he couldn't move. He licked at his dry lips and reach out as best he could for the cup of water on the nightstand next to the bed.

Barely getting a hold of the cup, Spencer lifted his head and attempted to sip at the water. An unsuccessful attempt. The water spilled all over him cause tears to slip from his eyes. He was starting to lose it. He tried to keep it together, to not give up hope of being saved... but with each passing day it was getting harder and harder.

August 26th, 2008

gil_grissom @ 06:32 pm: TITLE: Reunited
STARRING: Grissom, Sidle + Others.
SUMMARY: He's on the first flight outta Vegas when she calls.

He had been in his office when she called, scouring the pages of case files that were minor but unsolved. Vegas had been unbelievably 'slow' lately, lacking in sideshow freak cases and whodunit mysteries. Or perhaps Gil Grissom found himself caught up in other affairs of the heart. He was currently wrapped up in a Southwestern Willow Flycatcher that dutifully munched on the Tamarisk trees. This one he had named Sergeant Pepper.

His desk phone rang but he didn't bother answering. That was Skye's job anyway. Skye McGregor being the twenty two year old brunette that came to him two weeks ago with a secret juicy enough for gossip columns, but Gil being one who didn't invest in too much gossip, swept her into his office and gave her tasks until he could figure out what exactly to do with her. However when he glanced up, Skye was not alphabetizing as he had requested...she had wandered off to God knew where.

Catherine Willows stuck her head in and informed him he had a call, "You're going to want to take that."

Gil didn't bother groaning in protest, he picked up the receiver.

An hour later he was on the first flight out of Vegas to Virginia with that rather useless Skye McGregor girl in tow. There was one person in the world he would drop everything for, and it was Sara Sidle. Despite everything that had happened between them, he still loved her with every fiber of his being. Though now he realized she had a new life, new loves and a chance at real happiness...that which he did not feel capable of fully providing her.

He put Skye in the window seat, he figured she could look at the world from a different perspective that way but she closed the shade and blasted her iPod. He wondered how severe her ear damage would be in her later years but shrugged it off, it truly wasn't his problem.

The airport was surprisingly dull. Obviously Virginia wasn't one the list of top tourist selections for the week. He waited for the bags with Skye, wondering why on earth she needed to pack that much before securing the rental car and following the directions.

The apartment was still swarming with individuals from varied government offices.

"You're like some kind of crime scene celebrity," Skye muttered, laughing to herself when people whispered at pointed at Grissom.

"Celebrity is merely an image created by those unfulfilled in their own lives," Grissom retorted, slipping his sunglasses off as he entered the building.

The apartment was easy to find, beyond the familiar yellow tape and the rookies shaking their heads; it was a stench he knew far too well.

He slipped in, his eyes going to her first and foremost. It was like he sensed her before his eyes even locked.

He moved forward, speaking softly, "The commute to decent roller coasters is throwing off the appeal of this location."

He felt a slight slip of humor was the best approach.

August 25th, 2008

jason_gideon @ 08:20 pm: TITLE: A Painful Discovery
STARRING: Gideon, Sara, Nick & Meredith followed by the rest of the team
SUMMARY: An emotional phonecall leads Gideon and a small team back to Spencer's apartment...

The team was in scrambles. He watched the group falling apart before his own eyes and he too was a victim to obsession. This case didn't just hit close to home, it entered and violated the closest thing he'd known to a home in years. His son was still missing and he hadn't even stumbled home yet. Evelyn was too busy watching Jack to notice if he never showed up at his own apartment. Getting Aaron from JJ's bedside was a task in it's own without good cause, at this moment they were playing a waiting game on evidence and Weston's sister. However...Jason had good reason to be frantic.

When his phone began to buzz on his desk, he half expected it to be Evelyn. However when he looked to the lit up screen he felt his eyes were betraying him. Spencer's apartment number flashed as the ringtone droned on.

He flipped open the phone and willed himself to speak, "Spencer?!"

August 23rd, 2008

sidlefbi @ 10:55 pm: TITLE: Failure Is Not An Option
STARRING: Sara and Emily
SUMMARY: Sara pours over what little evidence they have in Spencer's case into the wee hours

Sara rubbed at her sore eyes before once again looking over the photos Matt had taken at Reid's apartment. She refused to let herself refer to it as the crime scene. Flashes of the time Nick went missing ran through her mind. Sara tried hard to keep the thoughts of what Spencer might be going through that very moment out of her head. Something that, sadly, she was failing at.

There had to be something she was missing. Something that would give her more insight to where Spencer might be being held. "Something... that's not here and never will be..." She sighed as she pushed the pictures away. "I'm getting nowhere." Taking a deep breath, she got up from her seat and went to review the chemical analysis of the residue in the broken glass.

August 22nd, 2008

babygirl_garcia @ 09:18 pm: TITLE: All the Chai lattes in the world can't find Spencer Reid.
STARRING: Penelope Garcia and...you?
SUMMARY: Penelope hasn't slept in 3 nights and she's not ready to throw in the towel.

Penelope Garcia was tempted to dump her latte on her keyboard in absolute frustration. It wasn't because of an RP session gone awry. It was the lack of just about anything that she could provide to the case. Weston James wasn't in the social networking scene, he had no blogs, and beyond the world of the internet there wasn't much to find on him either.

She had read the same things over and over again. Weston's sisters address was embedded in her brain along with the admittance and records departments number for the hospital Weston resided at for a while in his late teens.

She was tired; beyond the need to curl up into a ball and dream of Derek in black boxer briefs. Beyond a cat nap under her desk. She was so tired that it was like her mind did a full circle and she actually wasn't tired again. That or she was delusional...which, she wouldn't deny if someone asked. Especially after she thought one of the dustbunnies under her desk was magenta.

August 20th, 2008

sa_hotchner @ 10:27 pm: TITLE: Waiting
SUMMARY: Waiting in the hospital waiting room
STATUS: Incomplete

Aaron was pacing back and forth in the hospital waiting room. They had taken JJ off for tests and told him he'd be able to see her when she came back. Two hours later, he was still waiting for her to come back. Sighing in frustration at not knowing anything, he dropped himself into a seat and his head into his hands.

August 17th, 2008

babygirl_garcia @ 07:33 pm: TITLE: Ready or Not, here we come.
STARRING: Those grouping to check out Spencer's old pad
SUMMARY: Some of the team assembles to try and find Spencer Reid

Penelope Garcia was half asleep. To her left in the driver's seat was her boyfriend, Derek Morgan, an intense look of focus on his face. She hardly understood the two phone calls she got, first from Jason Gideon, followed by Aaron Hotchner as they tried to explain that Spencer Reid was missing and to report to the Hotchner household ASAP.

She blew her bangs out of her face and watched the passing headlights of the cars on the opposite side of the road. As she continued to wake up, the realization was hitting her. Spencer was missing!

She sat up and let out a heavy sigh as they pulled up in front of the house, some of the group already coming out of the front door.

"Ashton Kutcher better jump out of the bushes and tell us we've been Punk'd...."

August 14th, 2008

jenn_jareau @ 11:43 am: TITLE: When it all falls apart
CHARACTERS: JJ, Kelsey, Matt, Aaron, cameos by Evelyn and Jason.
SUMMARY: Kelsey comes to JJ with a terrifying realization and the guilt becomes overwhelming.


A knock at the front door caused JJ to jump up, she had JUST managed to fall asleep and was now cursing to herself over the person at the front door in the middle of the night. She managed to wiggle her way off the bed, slipping on a pair of Aaron's boxers and rolling them just under her huge stomach before grabbing an oversized old Aerosmith shirt and pulling it on.

The knocking continued and she groaned as she slowly made her way down the stairs, "I'm coming, hold on a sec!" she yelled.

She peered through the peephole to see Kelsey standing with Matt. "What the..."

Kelsey would never just show up unannounced in the middle of the night if it wasn't urgent.

Opening the door, she quickly noticed how upset Kelsey was, "Pita? What's wrong?"

August 8th, 2008

jenn_jareau @ 09:22 pm: TITLE: Besties bonding over babies.
CHARACTERS: JJ & her Spence
SUMMARY: JJ and Reid get some much needed time to bond.
STATUS: Incomplete


Jennifer Jareau and Spencer Reid were like those two little kids on the elementary school playground that were never apart. Eventually those elementary school kids grew up and began spending time apart, only to find each other again eventually to forge the bond again.

JJ smiled over at Spencer as she parked in the Babies R' Us parking lot.

"So, you're going shopping with me," JJ laughed, "Don't try and talk your way out of this; you know I'm stubborn."

She rubbed her stomach, "And your little godson will be so sad if his Uncle Spence doesn't help pick out his footy pajamas."

It had been just over two weeks since her amazing wedding. She was exhausted; not because the twins or Jack kept her up...because her husband couldn't keep his hands off of her. Aaron explored her body now as though each day it was like he'd never seen every curve and had to relearn them. She was not complaining though; he made her feel beautiful, even if she was hugely pregnant now.

meredith_ @ 09:05 pm: TITLE: Up on the Roof
CHARACTERS: Nick Stokes, Meredith Tate
RATING: PG-13 (for now)
SUMMARY: Nick and Meredith have a romantic rendezvous.
STATUS: Incomplete


The air was crisp and clean and the stars sparkled like diamonds amidst the coal black sky. Meredith paced against the railing; a Sherman's all natural cigarette between her fingertips and a glass of fine wine resting in her other hand. She rarely smoked, just in moments like this where the winds felt right. She loved being up on the roof, kissing Nick against the stars. Her lips always had a tinge of tobacco on them and her tongue tasted of sweet merlot and her breath was warm with love.

In the far distance she could see Quantico; hear random gunshots from agents in training courses, occasionally cars would race by as agents learned every corner of their career's roads in multiple ways.

She didn't want to leave this. She didn't want to leave Nick. The month she'd been in America was amazing. She'd found real, true love; her prince charming. But alas, in three months she'd be on a jet back to Scotland Yard...alone.

She sat herself down in the lawn chair she always sat in, across from the one Nick had worn in, pale green against her pale pink.

When she heard the roof door open, she closed her eyes for a moment and smiled. The familiar pattern of footsteps she knew so well and the soft smell of Stetson cologne had become home to her.

"Hello handsome," she said with a grin, not bothering to turn around just yet. She loved to get a kiss on the top of her head and then look up to that amazing texas boy smile.

July 25th, 2008

ex_emily_pre68 @ 11:20 pm: TITLE: The Favor
CHARACTERS: Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Emily Prentiss
SUMMARY: Emily has a semi strange favor to ask of Nick Stokes.


Of all the odd things Emily Prentiss had been through in her life (and that included a great many things due to her mother's profession) this certainly took the cake.

She made her way down to the lab, that in itself was nothing out of the ordinary. If she wasn't on the field, she spent a good portion of her time down there because that's where Sara was. She never got tired of Sara, nor did she get tired of watching Sara work. However today it wasn't just Sara she needed to see but one of the other members of the trifecta of best friends that included Sara Sidle & Greg Sanders...Nick Stokes. The idea had been discussed between Sara and Emily prior to the Hotchner wedding and then the night before this particular day; the night of the wedding. Emily's magic ability to coerce Sara into just about anything had now led them to the point of children. Tatiana aside, Emily wanted a baby. Somehow Sara agreed.

Now she had to approach Nick about it because well, he was the first choice in a long list of fatherly options.

Emily pushed into the lab, trying to look all official so no one would be suspicious of her motives. She could just image Strauss finding out. It wouldn't be pretty.

"Nick, can I speak with you in Sara's office?" Emily asked the man peering into a microscope. She glanced in the direction of Sara, as if to say 'you too.'

evelyn_hotchner @ 05:16 pm: TITLE: Here comes the bride... [finally]
SUMMARY: JJ & Hotch finally tie the knot...this is the chaos that ensues.

Evelyn watched JJ's mother fuss over her for the hundredth time and adjusted the elastic at the top of her strapless dress as she surveyed the room. She'd volunteered to be the messenger girl between the men and the women.

"You look ah-mazing," Evelyn chirped happily in JJ's direction. "Wait 'til I inform my brother that it IS possible for you to look like even more of a little sexpot than normal," Evie grinned.

JJ smiled, "Seriously? I feel like a cow."

"Hardly," Garcia added in. She kicked the bathroom door. "Anyday now Emily, come on, what are you afraid of?"

"THE RUFFLES," Emily sighed through the door and Tatiana looked up from he magazine and giggled. Talia was pacing back and forth, waiting for her chance to perfect her makeup in the bathroom that Emily was hiding in, terrified to emerge in the feminine nightmare of a bridesmaids dress.

"Hey if I have to wear this crap, so do you!" Garcia added.

JJ shook her head and laughed as her mother adjusted her veil, "Has anyone seen my sister? I'm set to walk down the aisle in fifteen minutes and my maid of honor is missing!"

"No clue, but I'm off to harass my brother...I'll keep an eye out," Evelyn saluted as she slipped out the door and down the church hall to the room the men had taken over.

"So, big bro...your wife? Gorgeous, as in...I'd go gay for her gorgeous!" Evelyn announced with a smile, as Andrew Jareau raised a brow.

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