June 2010



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Jun. 14th, 2010


Introductions and Emergencies

Who:  Legacy team
Where:  Computer room
When:  Around 7 A.M.
Rating:  TBD
Status:  Incomplete

He had spent the last three days learning the place.  The grounds, the equipment, the rooms.  He'd checked in with all of staff, security teams, the guest house, the basic day to day work that no one prepares you for.  Menus, stock, food, kitchens, bedding, cleaning shifts.  So much more then just Legacy work and it had him feeling decidedly like a matron of a castle rather then the head of some investigative team.  A few of the team had arrived, each day a new face, and while he'd greeted them and showed them their rooms, they had yet to have an actual meeting of any sort.  He would plan one, that was he had planned on planning one.  Things did not always follow plans in the Legacy, which he well knew.  So with an early morning phone call regarding trouble at the museum, something he was supposed to check into yet this week, he moved up his plans.  He'd called everyone that had arrived to a meeting in one hour.  That was at 6:30. 

With just enough time of his own to quickly shower and get into a dark suit.  He had moved to the secret room, hidden by hologram, it had been upgraded when rebuilt.  The staff that were allowed in had brought coffee, juice, some muffins and fruit.  They were quick, efficient and nearly invisible.  He poured some coffee, black and grabbed a blueberry muffin.  Logging into the system he brought up the information on the late curator for everyone to go over and waited for others to join him.