Mar. 29th, 2009


update post on Prompts R Us

folks, if you're looking for ideas for those stories, I'd like to offer the [info]promptsrus comm. I load several prompts a day under authors choice, more under various fandoms, but those prompts are open to be used as author choice as well, if they inspire alternative muses elsewhere. Fandom prompts are usually a single charcter, and a phrase or a couple words you can use to do your stories around. This allows you to build in any direction and add any characters that might work for you. Author choice are similair, just no character direction. There also some more fleshed out challenges and improvs posted from time to time.

For folks inclined to write mythological or folkloreish works, I'm also posting prompts of these whimsical creatures from time to time, along witha link to a bit of info on them so you can have a jumping off spot to do some research if you need to.

Stories are tagged by fandom, as are the prompts, to make them easy to find.

authors choice, 7 days, adventure inc, airwolf, avatar: the last airbender, batman, becker, burn notice, castle, charmed, chuck, cold case, csi, csi miami, diagnosis murder, dr strange, dr who, ghost whisperer, hercules, legend of the seeker, leverage, lie to me, life on mars, lost, lost world, moonlight, mythology, legends, folklore, ncis, nightmare cafe, primeval, reaper, saving grace, sentinel, star trek enterprise, stargate, supernatural, teen titans, torchwood, trust me, west wing, xfiles, xfiles, xmen

Oh, and I do reward folks who share their work by posting a fresh batch of prompts in that fandom in the next day or so, making sure to include a prompt for the pairing and single charcters spotlighted in the story

Hope to see you there, guys

Mar. 9th, 2009


prompts comm opened

Tonight I opened a prompts (and challenge) site. Its a place to capture the thoughts and challenges that flit around in my mind that I fully intend to share with the writers on wwomb, but generally don't get noted down before I lose 'em. That said, I'm intending to to post several author choice and fandom related prompts there a day. Anyone else want to share a prompt or challenge are encouraged to do so. You can post as many prompts as you like, in fandom, character prompt, pairing prompt, whatever, but each prompt should be a separate post.

Response stories should also be posted on a separate post, not as a comment, and should be behind the promper cuts.

To christen the site, I've posted the WWOMB site Feb & March Prompts lists, and a couple dozen author choice and character prompts for specific fandom as well as a general challenge addressing the upcoming Friday the 13th. Hope to see some of you there. And if you wanted to spread the word around to interested parties...

the Journal is [info]promptsrus