Apr. 11th, 2009


WWOMBs Speed Writing Write Off Weekend Event

WWOMBs Speed Writing Write Off Weekend Event

The speed writing write off is officially Saturday thru this Monday this week, but folk have various days off so you can unoficially do the speed writing challenge at any time you have a 24 - 48 hour block of time...your personal weekend, as it were.

The challenge is to write as many stories in all fandoms or genres that you can in the specified block of time. the stories can be in the form of poetry, ficlets, drabbles and chapters...whatever you're inspired to write. This is a good time to check off chapters of those impending WIPs or plot bunnies that have been clambering for attention.

If you need more ideas for stries, try using these WWOMB associated challenge areas


PromptsRUs is about a month old, but I'm posting up to 20-30 prompts a day there. It currently has many authors choice prompts and challenges, as well as prompts/challenges for these fandoms....

7 days, adventure inc, airwolf, avatar: the last airbender, batman, becker, buffy, burn notice, castle,
charmed, chuck, cold case, csi, csi miami, damages, diagnosis murder, dr strange, dr who, emergency, ghost whisperer, greek, hercules, hustle, legend of the seeker, leverage, lie to me, life on mars, lost, lost world, mchales navy, moonlight, ncis, nightmare cafe, point pleasant, primeval, reaper, sarah jane adventures, saving grace, sentinel, smallville, spenser for hire, star trek enterprise, stargate, supernatural, teen titans, torchwood, trust me, west wing, xfiles and xmen.

AdoptAPlotBunny has been around for a couple years. Its got even more challenges, in even more fandoms, but the frequency of challenges there isn't the same as the above, sorry bout that.

The WWOMB challenge page has challenges from all my lists, posted by me and the list sibs, and has challenges dating back to '99.

The fandom specific challenges can be adapted to authors choice. so that's the challenge, burn through those pending WIPs and whatever challenges that catch your muse and share with us.

Single fandom/theme lists & comms, over the weekend, you are encouraged to post in whatever fandom you want. Be sure to alert folks in the sub line if the story is in a different fandom or genre when posting a list.

There you have it guys. anyone up for it? word

Oh and Pass the challenge around around to your own lists and comms, inviting folks to post their offerings to one of the prompts sites

Finally, here's a suggested template for your headers.

Genre: (General/hetero/slash)
Chapter number if WIP:
Portrayed by (opt)
Previous chapters or series at:
General thanks to all of you folks who are requesting short fics and improvs in the various fandoms. You're keeping the words flowing.
Comm/List Written for: (opt)
Permission to archive to WWOMB archive: (Y/N)
Author's websites:
Disclaimer. (Insert fandom) does not belong to me. no money made in this

Mar. 1st, 2009


March Prompts

Okay guys its a holidays challenge, These Holidays come to you from Bizarre American Holidays webpage http://library.thinkquest.org/2886/mar.htm The the idea is the write a story or poem (limerick??) round or about the holiday of the day. For the graphics and vid folks, do a graphic or vid that follows the theme of the weird holidays listed below. For the readers and lurkers, just throw out a remark on what you think of the holiday, or tell us how you want to celebrate the day

March 1 is . . . . . National Pig Day and Peanut Butter Lover's Day

March 2 is . . . . . Old Stuff Day

March 3 is . . . . . I Want You To Be Happy Day, Peach Blossom Day and National Anthem Day

March 4 is . . . . . Holy Experiment Day

March 5 is . . . . . Multiple Personalities Day

March 6 is . . . . . National Frozen Food Day

March 7 is . . . . . National Crown Roast Of Pork Day

March 8 is . . . . . Be Nasty Day

March 9 is . . . . . Panic Day

March 10 is . . . . Festival Of Life In The Cracks Day

March 11 is . . . . Johnny Appleseed Day and Worship of Tools Day

March 12 is . . . . Alfred Hitchcock Day

March 13 is . . . . Jewel Day

March 14 is . . . . National Potato Chip Day

March 15 is . . . . Buzzard's Day and Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

March 16 is . . . . Everything You Do Is Right Day

March 17 is . . . . Submarine Day

March 18 is . . . . Supreme Sacrifice Day

March 19 is . . . . Poultry Day

March 20 is . . . . Proposal Day and Festival Of Extraterrestrial Abductions Day

March 21 is . . . . Fragrance Day

March 22 is . . . . National Goof-off Day

March 23 is . . . . National Organize Your Home Office Day and National Chip and Dip Day

March 24 is . . . . National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day

March 25 is . . . . Pecan Day and Waffle Day

March 26 is . . . . Make Up Your Own Holiday Day and Spinach Festival Day

March 27 is . . . . National "Joe" Day
[Do you hate your name? Everyone who hates their name has a right on this day to have everyone they know call them Joe.]

March 28 is . . . . Something On A Stick Day

March 29 is . . . . Festival Of Smoke and Mirrors Day

March 30 is . . . . I Am In Control Day

March 31 is . . . . Bunsen Burner Day and National Clams On The Half Shell Day

Oh and let's not forget "St Patricks' Day" on the 17th. Dig out your wee follk and their muses, guys. I love a good leprechaun story

I'll be throwing out fandom/character challenges to the sngle fandoms lists hopefully sometime this week, maybe over the month. I'll bundle them and send them to the multi-fandom lists in bundles of 10-12 fandoms You can find these challenges as I come up with them on the
news secton of the archive: http://www.squidge.org/peja/cgi-bin/news.php
The AdoptAPlotBunny list: http://lists.squidge.org/wws/info/adoptaplotbunny
The AdoptAPlotBunny LJ: http://community.livejournal.com/adoptaplotbunny

Remember, the challenges are just a jumping off point. No need to be to focused on the holiday, although that could be good too, but I encourage you to use them to brainstorm something vague, or go for the jugular, its all up to you. These challenges will be added to the challenge page http://www.squidge.org/peja/cgi-bin/challenges.php for use at any time