Apr. 4th, 2009


Challenge - Speed Writers Write Off

authors choice - weekend free for all challenge - this challenge is a little bit different. Back-story for the challenge...using these challenge areas


check out the many challenges and plot bunnies, and write as many responses to these as you can over the weekend. I don't care if the responses are drabbles, limericks, ficlets, or the beginning of something longer. Just burn through the challenges that catch your muse and share with us. Single fandom/theme lists & comms, over the weekend, you are encouraged to post in whatever fandom you want. Same thing about the challenges, if something in a specific fandom catches your muse for another fandom, run with it. the idea is to get stories. Just be sure to alert folks in the sub ine if the story is in a different fandom or genre.

Oh and for those back-burnered WIPs...throw those into the mix as well...in other words they count as part of a challenge, even if they aren't part of one. I challenge you to write as many WIP chapters as possible this weekend. Please post the complete to date WIP so we don't have to go searching, or at least a link to the prevous work

There you have it guys. anyone up for it? word...I'm thinking of making this a weekend event so if you don't have time this weekend, use the time over this week to do your bits for next weekend.

This one, go ahead and pass around your own lists and comms, inviting folks to post their offerings to one of the prompts sites

Finally, here's a suggested template for your headers.

Genre: (General/hetero/slash)
Chapter number if WIP:
Portrayed by (opt)
Previous chapters or series at:
General thanks to all of you folks who are requesting short fics and improvs in the various fandoms. You're keeping the words flowing.
Comm/List Written for: (opt)
Permission to archive to WWOMB: (Y/N)
Author's websites:
Disclaimer. does not belong to me. no money made in this